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Cov er Leading Roll Tracking the way in Systems in.

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2 Cov er Leading Roll Tracking the way in Systems in

3 Roll Tracking on Personal Computers Welcome Welcome TRAQ Manager

4 Product Presentation TRAQ Manager Demo Q & A Agenda

5 Privately held Business... 11 years 30 Man years of experience MDDC, Measurex, Majiq Who we are Experience – 60 Systems worldwide USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia Long term presence

6 Providing the paper industry with highly reliable automation products and services Providing extraordinary service that generates total customer satisfaction Supporting our customers in making educated decisions by: being informed and secure in knowing that what they want is what they get when they want it Mission Statement

7 Network Ethernet IEEE 802.3 TCP/IP Native to PC Networks 10-100 base T, Fiber, Coax Fully Industry Standard Wrapmation Technology

8 MS-SQL 2000 –Industry Standard –Powerful and Scaleable –Internet Ready ODBC Can read and write DBF, ODBC, Oracle and others Fault Tolerant with Clustering, RAID, Transaction Logging The Database

9 Wrapmation Technology Clustering, RAID drives, Error Correcting Memory Compaqs pre-failure warrantee Spare system, spare parts, training Centralized Backup Procedures, Documentation, Audits –Industry Standard –Compatible with Cheyenne Disaster Recovery Disaster Recovery

10 The Product Industry Standard –Ensures long product Life –Easy to use and understand –Easy to maintain PC Standard –Software and Hardware Proven Reliable Customized to your needs

11 Enterprise Oriented ABB, Measurex, Majiq High Priced Complicated Smaller & Medium Mill Focused on Roll Tracking Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Homebrew Hybrid Poor definition Lacks Ownership Skunk Works The RTS Market Place High EndMiddle Ware Low End

12 The Functions Order Entry Local Order Entry Remote Order Entry from corporate sales and marketing / ERP Track Orders by Roll, Load, Linear Footage, Weight Focused on JIT (Just in Time) Production Planning Order Status is available to everyone MAJIQTRIM / X-Trim Increase Productivity / Efficiency Create Patterns for Winders 1 2

13 Paper Machine Collect Average Quality Data by Jumbo reel Expansion into Total Quality System Terminals are not necessary at PM 3 The Functions

14 Winder Produce In-process Inventory Allow Pattern Changes Minimize Over / Underruns using accurate and up-to-date information Bundling Multi-roll packages Assigns TAPPI number after Sets are turned up 4

15 The Functions Quality Tracking Module Tracks Quality of Roll to Jumbo Currently supports Average Values Impacts every module on the floor Interfaces Lab, DCS, Gauging Systems Not a Central Quality System - Avoids duplication of systems 5 The Functions

16 Wrapline Puts Product in Inventory Finished Inventory for Shipping In-Process Inventory Gets Scale Weight Prints Labels WYSIWYG Label Design Extensive Label Reprint functions 6

17 The Functions Warehousing / Inventory Handled by Checkers List, Radio Terminals, Load Numbers 7 8 Shipping Ship by Load Laser printing of shipping documents EDI, Automatic Faxing Transfer load data to Accounting

18 Block Shed Prod. Plan Paper Mach WinderWrapperWarehouse Shipping Order Entry Summary of Functions

19 Order Entry and Planning Plant floor Manufacturing Planning, Production and Shipping Minimize over and under runs Accurate Inventory & Shipping Certificate of Quality for shipments

20 A Typical System

21 Meeting Your Needs Fully integrates with Mill Network Windows Platform Fault Tolerance Customized Design No Financial Information – Shipments are transmitted to External System

22 Why Wrapmation? Committed to Total Customer Satisfaction Long Term Presence Custom Crafted System with SCOPE Use of 3rd party packages – Leverage Familiarity Costs

23 Email Diagnostics

24 Detailed Design No obligation to buy System Interviews with IS Production Planner Sales Financials Provides fixed price for System

25 Training the Trainer –Find volunteers –Participate in Detailed design –Cost Effective Training System Administration Hardware Application Programs Tech Staff should be already experienced in PC Depends on experience MSCE desirable, but not mandatory

26 Customer Expectations Floor Operators Staffing Management IS Support / Accountability Establish Ownership of System Volunteer to be trained to Train Overtime Buy in Scope Freeze Participate in Detailed Design Project Manager

27 Support Services 24/7 Proactive Support Use of Modem or the Internet Extended Warranty available MSP (Maintenance Service Program)

28 The Sales Process Issue Purchase Order for Detailed Design Detailed Design Issue Purchase Order for System Training and Development Start up

29 Why a Scope? 456 123 897 What Marketing asked for 1 What Design specified 2 What Management agreed on 3 What Manufacturing built 4 What QA approved 5 How Marketing changed it 6 What Engineering developed 7 What Documentation described 8 What the Customer wanted 9

30 Cost Analysis Why are we so cost competitive?

31 Key Benefits Industry Standard Fault Tolerant Easy to Use Expandable High Connectivity Report Writer Cost Effective

32 Our Strengths Entrepreneurial Economical and Industry Mainstream Technical Competence Long Term Commitment Commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction

33 Whats Next ? Visit a Site Visit Wrapmations Web Site Detailed Design Study TRAQ Manager Demonstration

34 Break

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