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Source Driver Status CMS Week November 2007 P. Debbins University of Iowa.

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1 Source Driver Status CMS Week November 2007 P. Debbins University of Iowa

2 MTCC Air Drivers 1 each HB and HE driver were installed for MTCC. Drivers demonstrated the ability to function in the 4T field. Several outstanding engineering issues and more experience using drivers in the field required continued refinement for final design of full set of permanent drivers, which have been realized, and the required compliment of permanent drivers have been delivered to cern.

3 Air Driver Inventory HE: 6 permanent drivers required, 6 delivered over summer 2007 1 spare driver at Iowa, all components manufactured, awaiting assembly. HB: 4 permanent driver required, 4 delivered during fall 2007 1 spare driver at Iowa, components manufactured, awaiting assembly. Assembly of spare air drivers will take place after delivery of 4 permanent electric drivers required for HF, scheduled for delivery Feb. 1, 2008

4 Air driver final refinements Source wire reels changed from nylon to PET. PET dimensionally stable long term, machines to greater precision, meets cern fire standards Wire indexing mechanism redesigned ground-up Wire exit groove module developed to fix difficult wire loading, and friction and wear of earlier aluminum groove Reel locking pin installed to eliminate possibility of wire movement when drivers are in storage. HB driver valve assembly moved under main plate due to availability of space – drastically improved overall layout.

5 Continued Refinements Pneumatic circuit altered to prevent back-drive of indexer motor in certain conditions. Pneumatic and Electrical connections to drivers installed on solid bulkhead.

6 HB valves, wire exit groove, air indexer heads

7 HB Drivers ready to ship

8 HE Reel Assemly

9 After a hard day fighting back, 3 HE indexers take a break

10 Electric Drivers In addition to the modifications implemented to the original Icarus series used for HCAL fingerprinting, final electric drivers will have PET reels, exit groove modules, reel locking pins, and larger lead garages. Iowa machine shop has begun producing these components and a partial inventory of original modifications exist at Iowa. Current plans are to produce a total of 12 drivers, although 14 originals exist. 4 permanent drivers are required for HF, and these will be assembled before work begins on the remaining 8. The indexer plates for the HF drivers were delivered to cern summer 2006 to enable installation of source wire conduit tubing. Delivery of the 4 HF drivers expected Feb1, 2008. Work then commences to produce the spare air drivers and remaining 8 electric, with expected delivery data June 1.

11 Documentation and Parts inventory A complete CAD library exists for all modifications, and most original components, which needs to be organized and assembled Air drivers have a complete library, some electric driver parts are undocumented. Careful notes were taken during assembly and setup adjustments and these also need to be compiled into a manual, to facilitate long-term maintainability of drivers at cern. Spare parts need to be assembled into an organized inventory and delivered to cern. All maintenance/repair of drivers will take place at cern and components need to be on site.

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