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FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Pit Administration Supervisor Regional.

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1 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Pit Administration Supervisor Regional

2 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Summary Responsibilities & Expectations Schedule Tasks Overview At the Event Helpful Hints Conclusion Whats Next?

3 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Responsibilities & Expectations Setup, management, and breakdown of the Pit. Review Pit Admin Guide, event layout, and pit map. Train your Pit Admin Volunteer crew. Provide service and supplies consistent with other events. Organize materials, prepare packets for teams and register teams. Provide information to teams/guests in a friendly, helpful manner.

4 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers More Responsibilities Attend morning staff meetings each day. Check with the Lead Safety Glasses volunteer each day to ensure the process is going smoothly. Work with the Pit Announcer to make sure s/he is comfortable with duties/schedule. Make sure the Spare Parts volunteers know their duties and procedures to follow. Handle lost and found items. Try to find owners. Find out information on the Team Social ahead of time because teams will ask.

5 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Schedule Review the Pit Administration Supervisors Guide daily schedule pages, which provide a general task list for each day. The descriptions of the tasks are described elsewhere in the guide.

6 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Tasks Overview Preparation: Usually Wednesday Train and supervise Pit Staff Prepare for Registration Meet the Event Manager & Volunteer Coordinator. Confirm proper Pit Setup. Learn locations of Event office, bathrooms, machine shop, drayage company, and EMT.

7 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers First Day, Usually Thursday: Collect Member and Mentor Roster and Consent and Release forms Register teams Notify Field Tech Advisor when all teams are registered so they can prepare the Match Lists for distribution on practice day. NEW: Upon receipt, hand out the Match Lists, 2 per team. Ask teams to approach the table and using a Team List, check them off as they receive their lists. Tasks Overview (Cont.)

8 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Tasks Overview (Cont.) Second Day, Usually Friday: Distribute Match Lists before the Pit opens IF they were not ready for distribution yesterday. Final Day, Usually Saturday: Return Chairmans Award Submissions Hand out Bronze Medallions Work with Safety Advisors to count Team Safety Tokens and hand out Safety Award Pins. Break down the Pit and re-pack cart. Give Pit Safety Glasses Inventory Form to the Event Manager to fax to FIRST.

9 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers At the Event The FIRST Impression Pit personnel must be cheerful and knowledgeable. Remain calm and clear headed. Teams will follow your lead. Everyone in the Pit is a customer. Treat each with respect and courtesy. A wrong answer is worse than no answer. Find out the right answer and get back to the team/guest.

10 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Helpful Hints Organize your materials each morning. Learn how to use your radio before the Pit opens. Delegate duties to other Pit volunteers. Supply a chair for each volunteer. Make sure to schedule lunch times and breaks so that there is always someone at the Pit Administration Station. If the Pit becomes congested, ask the volunteer coordinator for someone to work traffic flow.

11 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Setting up the Pit On preparation day, usually Wednesday, get a pit map from the Event Manager, and ensure that all teams have a numbered pit station. Ensure that all team robots have arrived in their station. Remove all judge stickers from team poles. Unpack your crate in the proper area and arrange the tables and chairs. Ensure the Spare Parts and Inspection Carts are placed in their proper locations.

12 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Training Train your Pit volunteers on orientation evening. Go over the registration packets as you prepare them for the first event day morning. Explain the consent forms and their importance. Be sure to point out the collection indicator on the label. Refer to the Guide for key training points and many NEW items for 2008. Use the daily schedule pages when training.

13 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Assess Your Crew Find out who will be working which days. Decide what positions will best suit them, then ask if he/she will take on that task. Ensure they have the right attitude to work with the public. Ask the Volunteer Coordinator to reassign someone who does not have high quality customer service skills and temperament. Select a lead person as backup for occasions you may need to leave the pit.

14 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Training, Cont. Make sure the Pit Announcer connects with the Lead Queuer to ensure teams get called to the field. Establish an announcing schedule to eliminate mic noise that teams tune out. Make sure the Spare Parts Attendants know their duties and ensure they have their instructions for their job. Connect them with the FIRST Technical Advisor (FTA) or the Lead Robot Inspector.

15 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Radio Contact The Pit Supervisor must remain on the radio throughout each day. Obtain and return your radio at the event office each day so they can recharge overnight. The Event Manager will provide usable channels for various uses. Write them down. If you leave the Pit, designate a competent assistant to manage radio contact.

16 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Registration Overview WHEN – By Noon on the first event day. WHO – Adult team contact or representative only! HOW – An adult contact hands in the Roster and Consent and Release forms (at the teams INITIAL event only). Contacts print their names, cell #, hotel, and sign on the Registration List. Then they receive the envelope containing the Team List, Safety Tokens, Scholarship Tri- fold, Operator badges, and Practice Schedule. WHY – Confirm teams presence, provide info to teams, collect mandatory Roster and Consent Forms, and confirm each team has safety glasses.

17 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Registration Preparation Insert Team Lists, Pit maps, Safety Tokens, Scholarship Tri-fold, and Practice Schedules into team packets. Make sure you have a packet for each team on the list. Arrange Operator and Safety badges for distribution. Have program books ready to distribute with the registration packets. (5 per team) Go over process again with your crew.

18 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Registration Process Collect the Consent and Release Forms AND THE TEAM ROSTER from the adult contact: – Ensure that the team numbers are on them – Staple them together, team-numbered roster on top. –When things slow down, compare the forms with the roster to ensure everyone has a completed form. NOTE: If this is a teams initial event, all attending team members and mentors MUST have a signed Consent Form. No roster and consent forms, no badges!

19 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Registration Process (Cont.) Before you provide the packet, the team contact must print and sign his/her name on the Registration List. The team contact must sign again regarding the safety glasses caveat and show they have at least four pairs of safety glasses. Explain the badges and paperwork to the team contact. Make sure that they also get their badges and programs.

20 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Consent and Release Forms Teams cannot register until they provide one for each person present at the teams initial event. Parent/legal guardian signature is mandatory for anyone under 18 years of age. Make sure they are filled out completely and staple them together, roster on top. Contact the Event Manager if the team has no forms. When Registration is complete, arrange the pile of forms in in numerical order and put them in your event bin, in the rolling crate, for return to FIRST.

21 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Badges The adult contact must sign for the teams envelope and badges. Operator Badges: There are 4, one with a dot is the mentor badge. The mentor cannot operate the robot or score points. These badges enable the wearer to be on the playing field. Safety Captain Badge: There is one for each Team Safety Captain, given out at the teams initial event. The Team Safety Captain is asked to attend the Safety Meeting, usually on practice day, at 10 a.m.

22 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Robot Crates First Event Day: Three team members from each team, one must be an adult, can enter the Pit 15 minutes early to unpack crates. They must all bring and wear safety glasses! Teams should notify drayage to have their crate removed to storage. If kept in pit station, it must fit within their pit station boundaries. Remind teams that if there is a problem with crate weight or damage, they must notify drayage before they open their crate(s).

23 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Robot Crates (Cont.) Last Event Day: Have teams tell the drayage company when they are ready for their empty crate. Teams cannot take their robot/crate home after competition unless they have written proof that they met the deadline of 2/13 and the criteria for exemption. (Manual, Section 4). Otherwise, they MUST ship through the drayage service. Teams must bring their preprinted shipping document provided with their kits. The provided document numbers are recorded and teams cannot substitute them. NO EXCEPTIONS!

24 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Site Safety & Restrictions The Site / Team Restrictions section in the Guide outline some of the FIRST and venue agreements. Help ensure compliance. PIT: Children twelve and under must be accompanied by someone 18 years or older at all times. Ensure that everyone in the Pit is wearing safety glasses at all times. This includes all teams, visitors, volunteers, judges, staff and YOU. Team members must not wear open-toed shoes or Crocs in the Pit. Stress that there is no running in the venue.

25 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers UL Safety Awareness Recognitions Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and FIRST have joined together to spotlight safety. Each event will have a team of Safety Advisors encouraging teams to have best safety practices. They will meet with Safety Captains on the first morning to explain the program to improve work habits and event behavior regarding safety. The Process: Each team starts with 10 tokens in its packet. They earn more tokens from the Safety Advisors and other teams and turn them in on Saturday around noon. Help the Lead Safety Advisor tally the tokens and record.

26 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers UL Safety Awareness Recognitions The Awards: In addition to the UL Industrial Safety Award, 3 teams with the most safety credits (tokens) will receive a Safety Award Pin. Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony and the pins will be given out in the Pit. The Lead Safety Advisor will post the Star of the Day near the Pit Administration table.

27 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Incident Reporting Always follow the procedure in your Pit Administration Supervisors Guide. Contact the EMT/Nurse by radio to report a problem, respond to the incident, complete an Incident Report and document witness info. For non-medical incidents, such as harassment or threats, notify the Volunteer Coordinator and fill out the Non- Medical Incident report. Contact the Lead Safety Advisor to document any safety problems. Give the Incident Report to the Event Manager to fax to FIRST, and keep a copy in the file box.

28 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Robot Inspection The Inspectors will have their own rolling cart for the equipment in the Pit area. On orientation night, place it in the Inspection area. They will generate the Inspection Forms on site. They may ask for assistance, but they should have all the necessary equipment for the process. Make sure the Lead Inspector notifies the Field Tech Advisor when all teams have passed inspection.

29 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Match Lists Inform scorekeeper when all teams have registered so he/she can compile the match list and team alliances. Ask scorekeeper or Event Manager for three copies per team plus 50 extra for judges, guests, queuers, announcers, and Pit. If you have to make the copies, keep receipt for FIRST reimbursement. NEW: Distribute them on practice day afternoon. Tape copies to the Pit Administration tables for team viewing.

30 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Regional Chairmans Award This is the highest FIRST award and it is an extreme honor to win. You will receive the interview schedule on Friday morning. Make it accessible to teams view and tape it to the table. You will be responsible for returning all entries to teams by noon on the last day. Show enthusiasm for teams who participate; it encourages them.

31 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Medallions Teams receive a box of 25 bronze participation medallions at their initial event. If teams win other medallions at the event, they do not receive them. The main contact should pick up the medallions and sign for them on the Medallion List from your Pit Supervisor Packet. Write the Team number on the boxes and hand them out. Put the completed list in the file box – to FIRST. NOTE: Teams that didnt get them at their previous event need to get them from FIRST after the season. Do not give them a box from your inventory.

32 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Wrapping Up Begin breaking down the Pit during the Award Ceremony on the last day. Never leave the Pit unattended for security and safety reasons. Dont volunteer to guard or store team valuables. Collect clipboards, safety glasses, and other loaned items and return to crate. Make notes of supplies that the next supervisor might need and notify Ops,Hdqtrs.Team Support.

33 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Pit Breakdown Pack the crate neatly to make it easy for the next person to unpack and set up. Remove judge stickers from team poles. Lost Items forms go in the file box. Place found items in your event registration bin. Pack the remaining office supplies in the crate. Roll filled crates to the area designated by the Event Manager.

34 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Complaints and Issues Address complaints with a smile and helpful attitude and try to reach a resolution. Document any issue you think can be solved for future events. Remind teams that questions about judging and points must be addressed with the referee before leaving the field. Get answers for all valid complaints. Remind teams / crew of Gracious Professionalism.

35 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Gracious Professionalism is Key At FIRST, Gracious Professionalism has become an expectation. We expect it from our students, from the Mentors and Coaches, from all FIRST Volunteers and from FIRST Staff. It is part of the ethos of FIRST. In the long run, gracious professionalism is part of pursuing a meaningful life. If one becomes a professional, and uses knowledge in a gracious manner, everyone wins. One can add to society and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you have acted with integrity and sensitivity. Thats good stuff! – Dr.Woodie Flowers, FIRST National Advisor

36 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Gracious Professionalism is Key Encouraging high-quality work + Emphasizing the value of others + Respecting individuals and the community EVERYONE WINS!

37 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Lead Volunteer Communication With your team of volunteers: –As a Lead Volunteer you are a LEADER. –Lead Volunteers must communicate with the Volunteer Coordinator(s) to get names and begin communicating with their team as soon as possible via e mail etc. –As a team leader, you must communicate with your volunteers to create a sense of a team and teamwork. –By doing so, questions can be answered in advance, comfort levels increased, and miscellaneous information gotten out of the way. –There should be no surprises when you get together with your volunteer team at the event.

38 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Lead Volunteer Communication With the other lead volunteers at your event: –Take the opportunity to meet with other lead volunteers and discuss your expectations. –Discuss overlapping areas of responsibility and decide on how issues in these areas should be handled. –Clarify each others roles BEFORE a problem arises. –Make sure everyone understands the non-medical incident report.

39 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Thank You For volunteering to be the Pit Admin Supervisor. Events could not happen without dedicated, energetic people like you. If you have any questions after completing this training, contact Marian at 513-634-9534 or Operations, Team Support at 800-871-8326, press 0.

40 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers Whats Next? Now that you have reviewed the key materials to succeed in your position be sure to: –Test your knowledge with our online quiz. –Review any other materials provided. –Understand the post-event survey. –Plan to participate in your pre- and post-event training calls. These calls help volunteers at all regional events be successful!

41 FIRST Training Resource – Volunteers FIRST would like to thank the Association for Laboratory Automation for their gracious support.

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