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USAID program, 1997-2002 Smaller Healthier Families.

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1 USAID program, 1997-2002 Smaller Healthier Families

2 2. National level support 1. Partnership 3. Community level support The three pillars….

3 …..must be balanced 1. Partnership 2. National level support 3. Community level support


5 Partnership GAIN ICC IEC Task force RH Task force DDM

6 National level support Policy/Norms and Standards Strategic approaches System strengthening Improved quality of services

7 Improved Norms and Standards and Policies

8 Complementary Feeding of sick children Breastfeeding Anemia Iodine Vitamin A Womens Nutrition Essential Nutrition (small doable actions)

9 4 Method FP Training Program (small doable actions) Five day formal training: 4 methods: orals, injectibles, barriers and LAM Counseling and IEC materials Logistics and HMIS tools 2 clinic-based half days Start-up kit

10 Health System Strengthening Cold-chain spare-parts IEC materials Drug/contraceptive logistics

11 Pre-service training in medical and nursing schools Sustainable training strategy Increased cost- effectiveness

12 Community level Community empowerment mobilization and education Community based distribution and Social Marketing Link between community and health centers

13 Empowering Measuring change Celebrating success Champion Communities

14 Promote Positive Behaviors Large numbers of community volunteers Community animators from existing organizations Short skill-based training with the family-friendly health card as focus. S MALL D O-ABLE A CTION Why? Who? How?

15 the foundation of the past decade Supporting communities to improve reproductive and child health practices Ownership and a supportive environment at a national level Strengthening systems and use of data Consensus and consistency of messages Institutionalization of quality through pre- service training norms and standards

16 2. National level support 1. Partnership 3. Community level support The way forward

17 Continuing and strengthening partnership Continuing and expanding work at the National level Expanding community involvement Champion communes and social marketing

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