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Fons Technology International

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1 Fons Technology International
Mogens Føns Managing Director M. Sc. Mech Eng. Representative: ALIACEM s.r.o. PREROV Managing Director Milan Pasteka M. Sc. Mech Eng.

2 Fons Delta Cooler ”Brilliant solutions spring from the will to
go beyond the limits of what you imagine is technically possible”

3 Workshop Assembled W8xL12xF10 3500 tpd

4 Modular design

5 Economic Benefits The flexible construction in modules minimizes the time spent on erecting and engineering the Fons Delta Cooler, and it can fitt into exsisting casing.

6 Shuttle Floor Transport system

7 Shuttle Floor

8 Shuttle Floor Horizontal clinker transport => no Red River Flowing Adjustable stroke length for each lane => Increase heat recuperation High transport efficiency => Low speed

9 Benefits Dead pocket of clinker to protect the grate line
Inexpensive wear parts

10 Linear Motion

11 Is there a choice? Creating a compact, wear resistant, non sensitive, 100,00% linear motion!

12 Four Joints Mechanism

13 Four Joints Mechanism

14 Spherical plane bearings
Steel/Steel (greased)

15 Is Four Joints Mechanism seen before?
Benefits Sealable High reliablity Inexpensive spare parts Easy maintenance Cost effective installation Is Four Joints Mechanism seen before?

16 More than one century

17 Heat Recuperation

18 Stepped Air Flow Function
Is there a choice? STAFF Stepped Air Flow Function

19 STAFF Spring loaded Valve with adjustable orifice

20 STAFF High clinker resistance Lower clinker resistance
Lowests clinker resistance No STAFF resistance 50% STAFF resistance 100% STAFF resistance

21 STAFF Flow possible above 100% resistance – with out fixed orifice opening. For upside condition of kiln. Adjust air-flow setting with out spare parts and in operation by just reposition orifice.

22 STAFF Constant flow disregarding pressure loss in clinker layer

23 Economic Benefits Having a STAFF (but not on the payroll) serving you 24-7, giving you automatic optimal heat recuperation Lower compartment pressure => saving eletricity One STAFF for every Grate Plate (400x400 mm)

24 Hydraulic Station Load Sensing (LS) pump system with stand-by pump

25 Seals between lanes Dead pocket of clinker
No through fall of clinker No conveying system below the cooler Wear parts with no critical dimensions – wear welding easy

26 Grate Plates (400x400 mm) No through fall of clinker No heat and no wear at grate plates => Not to be changed.

27 Under Grate Compartments

28 Double Door Sluice




32 One Unit Workshop / Site

33 Fixed inlet Moveable grate line Askale 15 days flame off / flame on!

34 kindly visit the full scale cooler in front of the hotel.
Fons Delta Cooler Thank you for your time, kindly visit the full scale cooler in front of the hotel.

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