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CWS/CMS Application Server Refresh Project Kickoff May 1, 2008.

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1 CWS/CMS Application Server Refresh Project Kickoff May 1, 2008

2 Project Overview The Application Server Refresh Project consists of two phases: Phase I: (Completed) Review of the server architecture of each county regarding server requirements. Procurement of servers. (Completed) Phase II: (Draft-May thru December 2008) Decommission all existing county application servers and replace them with new Dell 2900/2950 servers. Please note: This is not a one for one replacement of existing servers due to: Coexistent counties, if not done so already, will take over responsibilities that project servers once provided; and New server hardware is more powerful than current production hardware.

3 Scope of the Server Refresh Project Start Date: May 1, 2008 (Pilot) End Date: December 31, 2008 (full project completed) Server Refresh Project consist of: Install new application servers in the counties. Decommission old application servers. Provide project management, customer service, and assistance to counties

4 Scheduled Date for Pilot Counties COUNTYStart DateEnd Date Colusa5/19/085/20/08 Yuba5/22/085/23/08 Sacramento5/27/085/30/08 Butte6/02/086/04/08 Santa Clara6/05/086/09/08 Imperial6/09/086/10/08 Napa6/10/086/11/08 San Diego6/11/086/13/08 Madera6/12/086/13/08

5 Install Application Servers in All Counties Includes building, configuration, and installation of new servers. During migration, services will be unavailable to users (approximately 4 hours). For dedicated counties, workstations may need to be restarted several times during the migration and/or the day after migration (additional instructions, impact documentation, and FAQs will be provided) For dedicated counties, workstations and laptops must be left onsite and powered on the night prior to migration. Manually mapped shares and printers will have to be remapped manually. Users may experience a delay in the initial authentication to the new domain. Users must allow all login scripts to run. Users should first contact on-site support staff should they have migration issues. If support staff is no longer on-site, the users should open Help Desk tickets. Users should not try to fix problems themselves but go through the normal process (Boulder Help Desk).

6 Decommission Old Application Servers Some servers early in rollout process will be diverted for spare parts for hardware maintenance. Servers will need to be disposed; Project Office will work with counties. Decommission may not occur immediately following the installation of the new servers if there are problems or users need a longer period of time to migrate. Please Note: The state has initiated the procurement for the servers so all new sites that were known are included. However, if a county opens a new site now that requires a new server, they may use one of the old surplus servers until the county can purchase a new one. We do not have any spare servers at this time but may have a few at the end of the rollout. Those servers will be made available on a first come basis.

7 County Readiness / Reminders Please contact Dare-a Spiegle or Darlessia Worthen ASAP if your shipping address or contact information has changed. Look at all internal projects that may pertain to migration date and inform Project Office ASAP. These include network changes, new sites, etc… If the level of MAC activity is a problem for server refresh, the project may impose a MAC freeze except for serious emergency changes. Dedicated to Co-existent counties: Process must be completed ASAP (San Francisco and Placer). Counties cannot change from Dedicated to Co-existent until Server Refresh is complete. Counties that are in progress of changing from Token Ring to Ethernet must be completed ASAP (Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo). Co-existent counties must move off of Project-managed services such as: Print Services Domain Membership Software Distribution Anti-virus Counties that need to move completely off prior to server refresh services include: Alameda – in process Los Angeles – in process Merced – to be completed by June 2008 San Mateo – in process Orange County – in process

8 Server Refresh Project Communication Link to Server Refresh page: Bulletins Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) System Support Consultants SSCs)

9 Server Refresh Project Team Dare-a Spiegle – Project Lead (916) 263-1108 Darlessia Worthen – SSC Communication Lead (916) 263-0331 Amy Hurt – IBM Technical Support Manager IBM Field Technicians Southern CA: Don Madigan and Bill McCracken Northern CA: Peter Grenier and New Contractor TBD Boulder Team (Help Desk) (800) 428-8268

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