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Company Presentation 2005.

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1 Company Presentation 2005

2 Palfinger Group. Manufacturer of lifting, loading and handling solutions at the interfaces of the transport chain. World market leader in knuckle boom cranes and hookloaders.  World market No. 2 in transportable forklifts and in the timber and recycling cranes sector. Leading in high-tech railway-systems solutions.

3 Solutions for seamless transport logistics.
Palfinger Group. Solutions for seamless transport logistics.

4 From family business to Global Player.
History. Establishment of a repair and mechanic‘s workshop. Construction of the first crane. Specialisation on hydraulic truck cranes. Export share over 90% for the first time. IPO (Initial public offering). Product portfolio diversification and further internationalisation From family business to Global Player.

5 Internationalisation
Palfinger Strategy. Palfinger stands for innovative lifting, loading and handling solutions at the interfaces of the transport chain. This way we are making our customers worldwide more successful. Innovation Diversification Internationalisation FOCUS

6 Innovation. Recognised product innovations as a result of intensive Research and Development work. (e.g. Power Link Plus, Paltronic, Interlock System, Return oil utilisation). Innovation awards 2000, 2003 and 2004 Optimal user convenience, safety and economy through the deployment of modern technologies. Customer-oriented structures and processes (e.g. RAP Rapid Process Manufacturing).

7 Internationalisation.
Worldwide dealer and service network with 160 general importers delivering 125 countries around the globe. 1,500 sales and service points. Export share over 95%. Production in Europe and South America Assembly in Europe, North America and South America New matrix organisation GPS (Global Palfinger Structure) Going East strategy (sourcing and production).

8 Internationalisation.
Global sales, service and distribution network. World wide 160 general importers and 7 sales subsidiaries Importers (selection) Palfinger sales subsidiaries

9 Internationalization.
Production and assembly locations. A A A A BG BG BR CAN D F I SLO USA

10 Bergheim/Salzburg (Austria)
Production and assembly locations. Bergheim/Salzburg (Austria) Lengau (Austria) Palfinger AG and Palfinger Europe GmbH Staff of 223 Headquarters Innovation center (R&D) Service and Democenter since 2004 Palfinger Produktionstechnik GmbH Staff of 429 Assembly of truck-loading cranes with a lifting capacity of 11 – 32 meter tons Production of hydraulic cylinders for prototypes and batch series Production of structural steel components Central Purchasing KTL dip painting facility

11 Elsbethen/Salzburg (Austria)
Production and assembly locations. Köstendorf (Austria) Elsbethen/Salzburg (Austria) Palfinger Europe GmbH Staff of 149 Assembly of heavy-duty cranes made according to customer specifications with a lifting capacity of 32 to 150 meter tons RAILWAY applications, Bridge inspection units, CRAYLER transportable forklifts, MOBILER container handling systems Epsilon Kran GmbH and Stepa Farmkran GmbH Staff of 38 Development, construction and marketing of timber-loading, scrap and recycling cranes and farm and forestry cranes (up to 6 meter tons)

12 Cadelbosco di Sopra (Italy)
Production and assembly locations. Caussade (France) Cadelbosco di Sopra (Italy) Guima Palfinger S.A.S. Staff of 347 Development and production of PALIFT and GUIMA hookloaders and containers Services (installation, maintenance & repair) Palfinger Gru Idrauliche S.r.l. Staff of 59 Production of truck-loading cranes with a lifting capacity of 4 – 10 meter tons

13 Cherven Brijag (Bulgaria)
Production and assembly locations. Cherven Brijag (Bulgaria) Tenevo (Bulgaria) Palfinger Produktionstechnik Bulgaria EOOD, complex 'Beta' Staff of 320 Manufacturing of welded components Production of crane booms and other parts for the assembly plants Production of extension cylinders Palfinger Produktionstechnik Bulgaria EOOD, Tenevo plant Staff of 233 Production of cylinders and hydraulic components

14 Production and assembly locations.
Maribor (Slovenia) Löbau (Germany) Palfinger proizvodnja d.o.o. Staff of 320 Metal processing and machining Structural engineering and mechanical processing Coating and pre-assembly of crane and tail-lift components Assembly of PALGATE tail-lifts Bison Palfinger GmbH Staff of 131 Development and assembly of truck-mounted aerial work platforms up to 61 meters

15 Niagara Falls (Canada)
Production and assembly locations. Tiffin, Ohio (USA) Niagara Falls (Canada) PALFINGER USA, Inc. Staff of 57 Distribution and service point in the USA Palfinger Inc. Staff of 50 Headquarters North America and Canada Spare parts, service and sales promotion center for North America Crane assembly

16 Welwyn Garden City (GB)
Production and assembly locations. Caxias do Sul (Brazil) Welwyn Garden City (GB) Madal Palfinger S.A. Staff of 389 Production and distribution of Palfinger products for the South American market Own products such as telescopic cranes, reach stackers or container handling systems Ratcliff Palfinger Ltd. Staff of 220 Ratcliff Palfinger designs and produces lifts for the commercial and passenger markets

17 Diversification. 1964 Truck Cranes
1988 Epsilon timber and recycling cranes 1990 Stepa farm cranes 1992 Railway-system solutions 1996 Palift hookloaders 1999 Crayler transportable forklifts 2000 Mobiler container transfer systems 2001 Palgate tail-lifts 2002 Telescopic cranes and Reach Stackers 2003 Bison (Access) aerial work platforms 2005 Ratcliff tail lifts and passenger lifts

18 Business Sectors. Crane Technology Knuckle boom cranes
Telescopic cranes Agricultural and forestry cranes Hydraulic systems Railway-systems solutions Transportable forklift Container transfer systems Tail-lifts Container changing systems Lifting platforms Services

19 Global presence in all relevant markets.
Crane Technology. Global presence in all relevant markets.

20 Crane Technology. Knuckle boom cranes 0.5 - 150 meter tons
„Performance“ crane series. Functional design with modern Palfinger technology. Modular design facilitates efficient spare parts supply. „Advantage“ crane series. Economy as main goal Multi-functionality combined with great lifting power and low crane weight. „Compact“ crane series. Ideal for simple lifting applications. Enormous flexibility and unique geometry .

21 Crane Technology. Telescopic cranes.
Production in Brasil/ Facility in Caxias do Sul. Cranes from 23–60 tons at 3 meter reach. Application in container moving and heavy load work (e.g. oil industry). Assembly on standard-chassis of Brazilian manufacturers.

22 Crane Technology. Agriculture and Forestry. EPSILON.
Timber cranes for heavy mechanical and dynamic duty. Tailor-made boom systems for short and long timber. Used also for recycling and scrap handling. STEPA. No. 1 on the European farm crane market. Special crane designs as overhead-revolving, bridge or mobile cranes. Industrial use in the recycling sector.

23 Innovative and efficient products.
Hydraulic Systems. Innovative and efficient products.

24 Hydraulic Systems. Crayler transportable forklift with various equipment and performance features. Mobiler container transfer system for rail to road transhipment without third-party infrastructure. Railway train equipment covers the high-tech sector of hydraulic lifting units. Palift container changing systems with international standards. Ahead by virtue of system competence. Bison lifting platforms with low weight and high safety standards. Palgate and Ratcliff tail lifts for easy loading and unloading.

25 Becoming the Service Champion with new services.
Service as a means to customer relationship building and as a significant revenue and profit contributor to the group Pre-Sales Service. Demonstration of products. Training of customers and sales staff. After-Sales Service. Customer service. Warranty processing. Spare part sales. Full service. Becoming the Service Champion with new services.

26 Services. Service- and Democenter. Opened in June 2004.
Training facilities for 150 people. Combine theory with practice. In 2004 alone 1,400 people were trained.

27 Services. Central Parts Supply.
Palfinger-components with long product life. Over 30,000 parts continuously in stock. 24 hours delivery world-wide. More than 1,000 delivered articles a day.

28 Hubert Palfinger and the Management Board.
Wolfgang Anzengruber CEO Herbert Ortner CMO Eduard Schreiner CFO Wolfgang Pilz CMO Hubert Palfinger

29 Organisation. * Including Africa, Asia and Australia

30 Facts & Figures 2004. Sales volume 21,884 systems
Sales revenue million EUR EBIT 41.5 million EUR Equity ratio > 50%

31 Facts & Figures 2002. Facts & Figures. EUR ´000 Revenue Employees

32 3,300 advance the success of Palfinger.
Employees. 3,300 advance the success of Palfinger.

33 Thank you very much for your attention.

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