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Software deliveries and maintenance Case: GSM networks

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1 Software deliveries and maintenance Case: GSM networks
By Mika Lukkarinen and Nina Klingenberg, Mobile Networks Supply and Support - Unit, ERICSSON

2 Contents of the presentation
Software development process Supply process Ericsson global supply and support organization Support and maintenance processes Questions

3 Application Systems (AS)
Global Application System (GAS) Core products - Standard functionality Functional blocks Market Application System (MAS) Core products Signaling products Parameter setting - Per operator or country Market adaption / generic products BTS, BSC MSC SW running at the customer site Core products Signalling products Parameter setting Exchange data - Per site

4 New major release of the SW is introduced...
Approximately once per year for each network element The new SW release includes the following: SW IMPROVEMENTS SW package: R8 NEW FEATURES BASED ON CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS NEW FEATURES SPECIFIED BY THE GSM STANDARDISATION BODY

5 Different types of SW deliveries
New software release (SW development process) “pilot customer” mass distribution after General Availability (GA) Network expansion SW exists and no verification needed Network configuration changes with exchange data New network/customer

6 Software development process
by Risto Kivioja: Integration & Verification Requirements Network modeling Node modeling I&V preparation SW design Basic Test SW products ? by Kenneth Manner: PRA Verification Pre-study/Feasibility time Execution Design time Verification time ?

7 Software development process (pilot customer case)
RFA MS8 Design project Design Function test GA Industrialization project System test GAS verification First Office Application Market release project Industrialization System test: Negative test, load test, capacity test, … MAS verification: if not generic product like RBS. Signalling products, soittoäänet, … FOA: Customer Acceptance Network rollout ?

8 Software development process - Industrialization
System test negative test, load test, capacity test, … Global Application System (GAS) verification to verify functionality on a network level First Office Application (FOA) “pilot customer” the first live implementation of the SW certain tests in a live network General Availability (GA) SW ready for mass production and deliveries

9 SW delivery flow (mass distribution case)
Marketing activities Marketing & sales Contract Order of SW SW delivery activities Verified Global Application System (GAS) MAS build-up Functional change MAS Verification Customer acceptance Network rollout Network expansions Central SW store New exchanges

10 Function change method
1) Separate the EX- and SB-sides 2) Load the SW on SB-side 3) Transfer data from EX- to SB-side (data conversion) 4) Change B-side executive 5) Test the new SW 6) Run the sides parallel Central Processor 1) A-side EX B-side SB 2) Old SW New SW Päivitys case: Esimerkki AXE:sta mutta periaate soveltuu yleisemminkin. 20:00 Valmistelut, SW lataaminen/kopiointi, health checks, back-up’s,… 00:00 Aloitetaan varsinainen päivitys, halkaistaan kone, ladataan SW, … 01:00-04:00 Data conversion 04:00 Switch -> large restart 04:00-05:00 Tests -> kone rinnan 06:00 Back-up 3) Data Data

11 Global supply and support organization
Product Design Centers all around the world Product units (PU) (1 per node) AS Supply Offices (4) Field Support Centers (several) Customers (1-2 per FSC) BSS/OSS APZ/IO BTS CSS ASO VAS ... Cust. X Cust. Y FSC PSS

12 AS Supply Offices (ASO)
Jorvas: Northern and Eastern Europe incl. CIS Madrid: Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa Dallas: The Americas Melbourne: Asia-Pacific

13 ASO product portfolio Circuit switching products - MSC/VLR, HLR, ...
Packet switching products - GPRS Base Station System - BSC, BTS Network management - OSS, ... Intelligent networks - Prepaid, VPN, … Other products - SOG, BGW, VoIP, … 3G network elements - UMTS, ... The product portfolio covers GSM network products and also the next evolution phases following GSM

14 MAINTENANCE of the SW - SUPPORT of the customer!
Maintenance of SW: preventive: correction handling corrective: trouble report handling Support of the operator: Support services: help desk, emergency support, consultation, spare part service The support chain 1st , 2nd and 3rd line support - follow the sun... A support case: Y2k ...

15 What is SW maintenance? The quality assurance activities (e.g. inspections of code and documentation, testing …) during the development phase aim at removing the faults as early as possible, latest before introducing the SW in a live network After delivery to the customer the SW maintenance is both PREVENTIVE and CORRECTIVE The goal of SW maintenance is to: to minimize "preventive maintenance" and to reduce "corrective maintenance”, by systematic analysis of the SW in use to keep the SW as UPDATED as possible during the SW's lifecycle

16 Customer Ericsson Analysis of TR Solution to fault = correction
PREVENTIVE maintenance The goal of preventive maintenance is to secure that a solution to a problem of one customer is delivered to all customers with the same SW, and thereby prevent the appearance of that fault anywhere else. This is the generic flow of correction handling: Customer Ericsson Analysis of TR Solution to fault = correction Correction package Trouble Report To ALL customers!

17 Customer Ericsson Analysis of TR Trouble Report Quick solution =
CORRECTIVE maintenance The goal of corrective maintenance is to quickly find a solution to the problem reported by the customer - the solution or correction should be maintainable. This is the generic flow of trouble report handling: Customer Ericsson Analysis of TR Trouble Report Quick solution = Emergency Correction Final solution = Approved Correction Correction package

18 Support of the operator
The operator usually receives support in Operation & Maintenance issues according to the Service Contract made with the network supplier. The level of service varies depending on the content of the contract. Here are some examples of typical support services: Help desk takes care of all incoming questions from the customer usually maintained at the 1st line support organisation registers all contacts (phone calls, mail, etc.) and follows that the questions are being answered in a timely manner Emergency support usually 24h support in emergency situations, such as complete exchange failure etc. Trouble report handling reporting procedures for trouble reports following agreed answering times statistics of TRs Spare part service in case of HW fault the operator can get a replacing spare part without the need for own stock of spare parts

19 ASO The maintenance and support chain for GSM SW 1st line support: ...
Customers Field Support Centers Product units & design CSS PPS PSS BSS BTS Cust. Y Cust. X ... FSC ASO AS Supply Offices 1st line support: Customer Support Competence 3rd line support: Core Product Competence 2nd line support: SW Supply & System Support Competence

20 The support follows the sun ...
The Follow the sun-concept enables the utilization of all 2nd line support organisations around the world. The support doesn’t have to stop when office hours are over at one hub, since the support cases can be handed over to the following hub where day time is starting! Madrid Jorvas Melbourne Dallas GMT

21 0 0 2 0 0 0 The Millennium issue - the Problem Year with 2 digits
The basic problem is… Year with 2 digits instead of 4 0 0

22 28 1 1 9 1 1 29 29 Millennium Issue – Critical Dates
Leap year Not a leap year Roll-over 00/01 2004 February 29 2001 March 1 2001 January 1 Sunday 2000 February 29 Thursday 2000 January 1 Monday 1999 September 9 Tuesday Leap year 1999 February 28 Saturday 1999 January 1 Thursday Roll-over 99/00 “9999” Sunday passed Today only 32 days left until the millennium shift… Friday passed

23 The Millennium issue - the Support
The Millennium Program is one of our highest priorities within Ericsson. The Ericsson millennium program was established at corporate level already in 1997 Extensive program has been conducted throughout the organization and monitor the progress from top executive level Ericsson reported no disturbances in our systems or products related to the date shift to 9 September 1999 (9-9-99)

24 Abbreviations AS Application System
ASO Application system Supply Office FOA First Office Application FSC Field Support Center FSO Field Support Office GA General Availability GAS Global Application System MAS Market Application System PU Product Unit

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