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2012. 10 CS User Manual Service WEB System. 1.Process overview 2.Procedure 2.1 Beginning 2.2 New service order(case) 2.3 Purchasing of spare parts 2.4.

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1 2012. 10 CS User Manual Service WEB System

2 1.Process overview 2.Procedure 2.1 Beginning 2.2 New service order(case) 2.3 Purchasing of spare parts 2.4 Entry of the result 2.5 Service order(case) list 2.6 Other functions INDEX

3 Process Map – Customer Service 2 ConsumerCall CenterService CenterService Part Process ChainCustomer ServiceProcessCS01. Service RequestNote CS01-04 Visit/ Inspection Plan Entry [WEB] CS04. Return& Exchange CS02 Spare Part Delivery CS01-01 Service Request Entry CS01-08 Entry the Inspection Result [WEB] CS01-09 Spare Part Request Return Request? Y N Inspection Result CS03. Service result/ Warranty Cost Service Call CS01-02 Check the New request [WEB] Service Request list CS01-03 Making Visit Plan Making Visit Plan CS01-07 Visit & Inspection Receipt Service Sheet [WEB] CS01-06 Print out Service Sheet End Biz trip cost $ ? CS01-05 Confirm cost N Y Confirm Reject CS01-11 Part request confirm CS01-10 Confirm repair With self part ( Self part > 500 $) [SAP] [ZCSR0310] [WEB]

4 Process Map – Customer Service 3 Service CenterService PartAccount Part Process ChainCustomer ServiceProcessCS03. Service Result/warranty costNote CS02 Spare Part Delivery CS01 Service Request CS03-01 Service Result Entry Dispatch of Defective part & Evidence doc. CS03-02 Repair Part Check [ZCSR0160] [WEB] CS03-03 Cost Confirmation [ZCSR0170] CS03-05 Confirmed list Check Dispatch Invoice [WEB] Repair CS03-04 Park Invoice Entry [ZCSR0200] CS03-06 Print out Account Doc. [ZFIR0190] Document Receipt FI03 Accounts Payable

5 2. Procedure 4 1) Beginning of the service web system. The web address of the new service system is You can see the below screen and for entrance it needs ID and PASSWORD. (ID and PASSWORD may be distributed by DAEWOO call center) 2.1 Beginning After entering User ID and Passwordm, click the Login button. If the error message for User ID or Password appears, contact DWE service manager to issue a new ID or to modify your password. With login, the screen is displayed as shown in Fig.2.1.2 at next page. [Fig.2.1.1]

6 2. Procedure 5 2.1 Beginning 1. The screen shows the status of service order by its progress. Maximum 4 service orders can be shown up for each status. When you want to see all service orders for a certain status, by clicking the More… text located at the end of each status line. Or by clicking the number of the service order, you can go into the details screen of service order. Meaning of each status are as follows. C1(Service request) : means that the service order was first registered. C2 (Planned for visit) : means that the service center contacted the client and made an appointment for visiting. (If a customer visit the company for repair, the inspection schedule was planned.) C3 (In repair) : means that the service center inspected the defective goods and registered the IRIS CODE(symptom, condition, section, defect). Once IRIS CODE was entered, it is assumed that repairs begin. C4 (Part requested) : means that the spare parts were requested by service center for repair. C5 (Part partially received) : means that the service center received the parts with partial quantity. C6 (Part fully received) : means that the service center received the parts with full quantity. [Fig.2.1.2] 1 2 3 4 2) Main screen of the service system

7 2. Procedure 6 2.1 Beginning C7 (Repair completed) : means that the repair was completed and the service center registered the result with repair cost. C8 (Collected) : means that DAEWOO has reviewed the repair result and confirmed the warranty cost. The service center can issue the invoice for these service order. C9 (Invoice posted) : means that Daewoo electronics had registered the invoice from the service center. In this state, when Daewoo Electronics confirms the payment for repair, the state changes to C9. From this status, the list disappears on the first screen.(fig.2 ) 2. Notice The latest notice from Daewoo Electronics is displayed. When you click on the corresponding line, the details will show up. 3. Q&A The latest list on the board that questions and answers freely go back and forth among service center, call center, Daewoo Electronics will be displayed. When you click on the corresponding line, the details will show up. 4. Technical document The list on the board which were registered with the service manual for each model will be displayed. When you click on the corresponding line, the details will show up and you can download the manual file.

8 2. Procedure 7 1) New Case ( service order ). For new service order, use the menu Case => New case. 2.2 New service order [Fig.2.2.1]

9 2. Procedure 8 [ PRODUCT INFORMATION ] As the previous figure 2.2.1 shows, you can see the product information. - Familia : mandatory option. (REF, W/M, MWO … ) - F.Estimada termino : Basically the date after 10 days from today will be suggested. It can be modified. - Tipo.Servicio : Carry in( The consumer visited the service center with his defective product) In Home( The product is in the consumers home) Stock Repair ( Daewoo wants to repair the goods located on the store – the buyer of DAEWOO ) - Tipo : Repair ( The consumer wants his product to be repaired ) Return/Refund ( The consumer want to return his product or to get a refund ) - Defecto Informado : will describe the symptom of defect => Normal description by consumer. - Trabajo Solicitado : will describe the result of phone council, next activities required, other description for repair - modelo : for entry of model code the search button can be used such as the below figure. 2.2 New service order -Prod.Group should be selected for searching of model list. -The list shows warranty period, repairable flag

10 2. Procedure 9 If the service center should be assigned, you can search it using ASC searching button such as the below figure. 2.2 New service order

11 2. Procedure 10 [ CONSUMER INFORMATION ] As the below figure 2.2.2 shows, you can see the consumer information. 2.2 New service order [Fig.2.2.2] -When you input personal information such as Phone / Cellular / Last Name / First Name, if there are similar or same consumer data you can see the list of them.(Fig.2.2.3) [Fig.2.2.3] -It shows the list of similar consumer list and their case count which were made before. -You can check the detail information by clicking the count.(Figure 2.2.4)

12 2. Procedure 11 You can find the past case list of a certain consumer on another screen, also can go through the detail information of the past case like the below screen sequence. 2.2 New service order [Fig.2.2.4] Using this function, -You can find the exact consumer information -The case is a duplicate or not -You can know the repair history of a certain consumer

13 2. Procedure 12 [ PURCHASE INFORMATION ] As the below figure 2.2.5 shows, you can see the purchase information. 2.2 New service order When you enter the purchase date as fig.2.2.6, the system automatically determine whether the product is within the warranty period or not. In the case of warranty flag = No, if you change the flag value to Yes, you must enter the reason for the change on the field Warranty reason. [Fig.2.2.5] [Fig.2.2.6]

14 2. Procedure 13 Wen you input serial number, the system check whether the same serial number was processed in the past. If the same serial number exist you can see the case count for each consumer and can go through the detail information by clicking the count. 2.2 New service order

15 2. Procedure 14 After all information being filled up, you can save the document(service order), then the service number will be generated automatically. 2.2 New service order The status is initially C1 and if you want to modify the case detail information using the button EDIT.

16 2. Procedure 15 2) Visit plan entry Service center should make an appointment with the consumer and enter it using the plan function 2.2 New service order Especially biz.trip cost should be confirmed by DAEWOO service manager.

17 2. Procedure 16 3) Inspection After visiting of consumer, service center should enter the inspection code on the web using the button Data tecnicos 2.2 New service order Especially the service center should approve self-consumption part cost if the cost is more than 500 MXN.

18 2. Procedure 17 4) Closing of the service order. If the problem was solved through phone council or a simple test, you can close the case immediately according to the below sequence. After closing, the case number will be disappeared on the task list of the home page. And this service order will have its status FM 2.2 New service order

19 2. Procedure 18 1) Spare Part Purchase Order There are two types of part order. One is for warranty case, you can make this order based on a case.(Fig.2.3.1) In this case, the invoice amount of the spare parts will be deducted when the repair cost(labor cost) be paid to the service center after repair. 2.3 Purchasing of spare parts The other one is for out of warranty case, you can make this order using menu function. In this case there are no connection between case and part order. The service center has to pay for this part purchase order regardless of there repair service. (Fig.2.3.2) [Fig.2.3.1] [Fig.2.3.2]

20 2. Procedure 19 2) Part order detail The part order is composed of several information area such as the below figure. 2.3 Purchasing of spare parts 2 1 3 4

21 2. Procedure 20 1.Header information - Case number : will be filled up with case number automatically. In the case of out of warranty(Fig.2.3.2), WEB ID will be used. - Part order No : will be numbered automatically after saving. - Entry date : will be filled up automatically. - Req.Dlv.Date : is a mandatory field to be chosen by user. 2. Bill to information - If this part order is made by the service agent or is made based on the case, => Most of the information will be filled up automatically according to the address data of ASC except note. - If this part order is for out of warranty(Fig.2.3.2) and made by the call center, => You have to choose the customer code for bill to information. If the type of the customer is regular ASC, then the address information will be determined automatically. If the type of the customer is a general consumer then you will choose one time customer code( code DEAM_CS) and all information must be entered by manual. 3. Ship to information - You can use the button COPY FROM Bill To, it will copy all address information from bill to page to ship to page. 2.3 Purchasing of spare parts

22 2. Procedure 21 4. Item information - You can choose part code using the button part search button - In the part code list you can choose part code what you want. - Stock availability can be found ( yes or no) - After marking the check box on the left side of the part code, you can click the button Add part then the part code will be added on the main screen. - Order quantity can be modified and if you dont want to a certain part code, deletion flag can be used. - The total invoice amount for these parts will be calculated and displayed automatically. - Until the delivery.Doc number appears you can delete part order at anytime using the deletion flag.(after 1 or 2 days after from saving the part order, DAEWOO will make delivery document then you cannot delete it) 2.3 Purchasing of spare parts

23 2. Procedure 22 - You can find the list of the part order using the menu > part order > order list function. 2.3 Purchasing of spare parts 3) Part order list - You can modify the part purchase order by clicking the sales order number ( from a service center viewpoint this is a purchase order, whereas DAEWOO viewpoint this is a sales order). If the delivery number exist already, you can only add part code not delete it because the shipping process already started). When the shipping process started, you can find the shipping tracking number on the list.

24 2. Procedure 23 - When the part shipment was made the service center should confirm the receipt of the part, otherwise the repair result couldnt be made also. 2.3 Purchasing of spare parts 4) Delivery confirm

25 2. Procedure 24 1) Entry of the result After repair, next step is the entry of the result and this can be done using the button Result on the case detail screen. You can find the list of case on the initial screen of the web system. The status of the case are C1 or C2 or C3 or C6. The case can be chosen on the initial screen and by clicking the case number the detail screen can show up. Then you can click the result button. 2.4 Entry of the result

26 2. Procedure 25 The types of result are two, one is the result for repair and the other is the result for return request. ( if you tried to fix the defect good but it failed and the consumer want to refund then you should to choose Return/Refund option as a result type.) 2.4 Entry of the result 1 2 3 4 5 1.Cost information - Repair code and labor cost will be determined automatically and the service center cant change it. 2. IRIS Code - includes condition, symptom, section, defect code 3. Closing comment - The detail note for the repair should be described. 4. Used part code list - These are the same as the part list which were required by the part purchase order. 5. Deletion function - If the cost are not yet confirmed by DAEWOO (status of the case C8) it can be canceled by the button Clear

27 2. Procedure 26 1) Service order (Case) list There are two ways to execute the service order list (case list). One way is to use initial screen, you can see the report by clicking the more text on the initial screen. In this case the report will show only the service order list having the particular status which you chose. 2.5 Service order list

28 2. Procedure 27 The other way to execute the service order list is to use menu function menu > case > case list. In this case the report shows nothing and you have to specify the conditions for searching. 2.5 Service order list - Status : There are 9 kinds of status ( The description for each status is in the chapter 1. Beginning). You can choose each status which you want to search. - Case number : If you know the case number or the range of the case number, you can input them directly. - Registered : means the entry date of the case. - Serial : means the serial number of the product in the case. - Warranty Flag : Yes is the warranty case, No is the out of warranty case. - Closed : No means the cases having their status from C1 ~ C9, Closed means the cases having their status FM The status FM means that they were closed by force with various reason – for example a certain case were duplicated, a certain case were solved with simple phone council, a certain case were canceled by the consumer) - Owner : If you are a service center user this option does not show up, you can see only your own case list. If you are a call center user you can use this option to search case list. - Pending : By some reason your case can be kept with pending status ( for example if there are some argument for the labor cost then a case can be put into pending status by DAEWOO for more inspection). This option decides the pending case will show up or not.

29 2. Procedure 28 2.6 Other functions 1) Search BOM Step1. You can find model code list using search button with a certain product group code. Step2. If you choose a certain model on the list, the part code list will be displayed on the right area of the screen. Step3. If there are image files you can see the figure of the part (By this you can get a exact part code you need ) 1 2 3

30 2. Procedure 29 2.6 Other functions 2) Invoice confirmed list The confirmation status for the labor cost which were registered by the service center(please refer to the chapter 2.4 entry of the result) can be displayed here. You can find the total labor cost to be invoiced to DAEWOO with the option Cost confirmed. There are 4 steps in the labor cost payment process. 1. Entry of the result by ASC (status C7 - repair completed) 2. DAEWOO confirms the labor cost ( status C8 – cost confirmed) 3. ASC issues an invoice to DAEWOO ( manual activity ) 4. DAEWOO pays the labor cost to ASC ( status C9 – invoice verified)

31 End of Documentation Thank You!

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