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Export sales promotion Honduras 12-16-november 2007 Wybren Bouwes.

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1 Export sales promotion Honduras 12-16-november 2007 Wybren Bouwes

2 (Export) Marketing Mix Product Price PlacePromotion Promotion mix AdvertisingPersonal selling Sales promotionP.R. (Sales) Promotion mix Sales forceTradeConsumer/ promotionpromotioncustomer promotion

3 Export sales promotion will consume time and money, half of which productively 50%

4 1. Identify target group B2B Customers, consumers Distributive trade, intermediates Trade partners (importers, agents, brokers) Suppliers Facilitators (bankers, shippers) Opinion leaders, governments, trade associations Co-exporters, franchisor/-ee, licensing partners Publics Personnel

5 2. Identify target reactions Increase customers awareness and interest Stimulate consumer trial Stimulate repeat ordering Create trust (with suppliers, facilitators) Impress, frighten competition Supply information etc.

6 3. Select promotional instruments * Advertizing (TV, radio, cable, Internet, newspapers, periodicals) * Bell-sell * Direct mail, mailorder * Personal selling (to the trade, the customer) * Public relations, public affairs * Fairs & exhibitions (trade, publics) * Trade missions * Sales promotion campaigns * Price-offs, discounts, bonuses * Premia; in-pack/on-pack gifts * Refunds, couponing * Added product (Now 20% extra) * Self-liquidators * Sweepstakes, contests * Item collections * Stamps for money * Free samples * Free spare parts * Free maintenance * Added guarantees * Celebrity promotions * Club promotions * Incentive holidays * Joint promotions... over 400 known, used!

7 Media-selection: a cost-benefit balance Personal selling: * cost per contact * selectivity * coverage * frequency Advertizing: * cost per contact * selectivity * coverage * frequency

8 Most effective promotional tool: Personal selling 1. Attention 2. Interest 3. Desire 4. Action 5. Satisfaction (and repeat)

9 Most effective promotional tools for exporters: Personal (B2B) selling Trade intermediates promotion E-commerce Fairs Missions Catalogueing, company presentation Sampling Discounts

10 1. B2B, Trade Intermediates Powerful impression; expensive Target: prospects as well as present trade partners Canvassing: interviewing = selling Create trust, personal reliability image Well-planned (in time), systematical Two-way information, no secrets Hot-line reporting

11 2. E-Commerce Wide coverage, cheap; passive Website / domain (name) Easy, fast references for browsing Full information on supplier Main assortment lines + pictures Interactivity: action possible Identity browser, special interest Immediate reaction Follow-up (repeat, complaints)

12 3. Fairs & Missions Display; expensive Target group large, varied, scattered Novelty launch, suppliers identity Selective invitation Demonstration Follow-up Selectivity; time consuming Target includes opinion leaders, govt Concentrated effort, strong impact Orientation, selling Subsidized Fairs Missions

13 4. Company presentation, catalogue Informative, illustrative, not expensive; mailbox pollution Assortment & company presentation USP, management style, capabilities Standards, norms; TQM, control Consistency (house style) Direct-mailing (two-step), E-mailing General sales support/business card

14 When promoting (export) sales: understand that promotion alone does not make a prospect buy use your money wisely relate promotion to your products, services capitalize on your strong points inspire loyalty (and prove you worth) use impact power use frequency over silence!

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