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Only Skill and Determination can produce A Masterpiece

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1 Only Skill and Determination can produce A Masterpiece
Abdul Ghafoor Niazdin Marine Engineering Co. Only Skill and Determination can produce A Masterpiece

2 Particulars Introduction Scope of Work Certifications
Quality Assurance SHEQ Our Values AGME Team AGME Clients Locations Trade License

3 History Eskimos founded in 1973, one of the leading names in heating, air conditioning & refrigeration systems. AGNA wholly owned subsidiary in UAE, commenced it’s operations in 1981 AGME focused on Marine with our innovative streak with further technical expertise and entrepreneurial wisdom. Over the years, we have built our reputation on exceeding our customer’s aspirations and expectations. Every component of our services is focused on quality, proficiency, safety and documentation.

4 Mission Our mission is to provide the most cost effective and innovative solutions that exceed our customer’s needs. We will achieve this goal by providing services over and above the normal level of performance. We are dedicated to performing work safely, on time, and within budget. Our clients benefit from our experience, advanced technology and incomparable core values.

5 Vision We intend to take on bigger and more complex projects in both domestic and global markets so as to become the first choice for Marine & Industrial Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Solutions. Our goal is to provide both customers and the public a comfortable and safe environment, and to do so at a fair price.

6 AGME’s Pride AGME prides itself with being able to competently implement cutting edge solutions by using the most modern technologies available in the industry.

7 Marine Engineering Air-Conditioning Refrigeration
AGME creates comfortable environment, regardless of the climate. Exceptional Indoor Air Quality Refrigeration AGME preserves the food supply for its quality and freshness through our refrigeration solutions.

8 What We do… Air-Conditioning Refrigeration
Refrigerant Conversion / Retrofitting All Types of Compressor Overhauling All Types of Compressor Supply Installation Fabrication Dehumidification Parts Supply Service & Maintenance

AIR CONDITIONING Retrofitting /Conversion Compressor (New/ Overhauled) Oil Separator Condenser (Air cooled, water cooled) Liquid Receivers Expansion Valves Evaporator Coils / Steam Heaters Solenoid Valves Control Panel / Starter Box Safety Cutouts REFRIGERATION Retrofitting / Conversion DEHUMIDIFICATION For Radar Room & Captain's Bridge / Wheel House Dehumidifiers COMPLETE RANGE OF COMPRESSOR'S SPARE PARTS / OVERHAULING

10 Our Team Capabilities Identification of core problem Consultation
Supply Design to installation Commissioning Erection.

11 AGNA can help you... Optimize your air conditioning and refrigeration system for Maximum efficiency Get your air conditioning and refrigeration system to conform to required HVAC standards Re-engineer it for reduced noise and improved air quality Supply and install Air conditioning, Dehumidification and Refrigeration systems - including parts supply

12 Engine Repairs Diesel Engines Fuel Injection Pump and Injectors
Handle wide range of spares of Caterpillar, Perkins, Cummins and Detroit Engines for Marine, Industrial, Vehicular and Generator applications Fuel Injection Pump and Injectors Testing and calibration of all kinds of Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps and Injectors (Caterpillar, Bosch, Delphi, Yanmar, Nigata, Deutz etc ). Well equipped with the latest advanced test rigs. Certified and trained technicians who are fully conversant with procedures to service and calibrate.

13 Well trained and experts technicians.
Turbochargers Servicing and Repairs of all kind of turbochargers. Assembly of bearing units and dynamic balancing. Governors Servicing of all kinds of Mechanical Hydraulic Governors and Actuators from Woodward 3116, 3161, Fuji, Europe, Diesel kiki, PGA, PG PGL etc. Complete testing equipment to ensure the quality and satisfaction of customers. Well trained and experts technicians.

14 Parts Supply AGME offers marine and industrial Air conditioning and refrigeration parts and equipment at surprisingly low prices and short delivery timelines. We definitely have all that is required in terms of resources to provide our customers with the best mix of high levels of local inventory, exceptional customer service and effective technical support.

15 AGME caters to: Tankers (Oil, Gas & Chemicals) Container Carriers
Bulk Carriers Oil Rigs LNGs Vehicle Carriers Heavy Lift Vessels Supply Boats Tug Boats Bunkers Etc


17 Quality Assurance Our Quality of services are recognized by DP world. We are one of the approved contractors to carry out jobs in the DP World and other affiliated docks. Our service technicians are trained to work under highly qualified, longer practical experienced engineers, on all types of mechanical equipment, controls and are also certified to remove refrigerant per the latest Federal Regulations.


19 Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) Policy
At AGME, we do not want to harm people and the environment. To achieve this vision, we AGME Engineering are committed to the following: Safety, health, care for the environment and quality are a pre-requisite to any business we undertake We all take a personal responsibility for SHEQ Managers at all levels demonstrate visible leadership We apply this policy in our day to day behavior and decisions SHEQ is 100% of our behavior, 100% of the time

20 We strive to be leading in SHEQ to meet the following objectives:
Zero incidents Zero harm to communities in which we do business Safe, secure and healthy working conditions for all our people and all that we work for Supplying safe, compliant and environmentally responsible services and products Prevention of pollution to the environment Responsible use of natural resources Research, development and promotion of technologies, products and services those are sustainable with regard to SHEQ Satisfy customer needs and expectations

21 We will Comply with all applicable legal, regulatory, internal and industry requirements Pro-actively identify, eliminate or minimize potential sources of harm or risk arising from all our activities Continuously improve our performance to achieve our objectives Share our knowledge and experience in safety, health and care for the environment Show our accountability for our performance by regularly measuring, reviewing and reporting Require our contractors and partners to manage in line with this policy Expect our clients and suppliers to cooperate actively in achieving our objectives Provide training, standards, equipment and support to ensure compliance with this policy Maintain open communication with our local communities and stakeholders This policy is a key part of AGME overall strategy and is reviewed on a regular basis by the executive management.

22 Our Values Our company's philosophy is strongly reflected in our core values; and having stood the test of time, our inclination towards end-to-end transparency and sound governance remain our top priorities.

23 The Core Values are: Customer Satisfaction Commitment Integrity
Quality Innovation Adaptability & Flexibility Employee Development Continuous Learning

24 Our Team The employees of AGME are moral, community conscious people. They enjoy being a part of the Company, and work with enthusiasm and integrity to ensure the company's growth and profitability. AGME believes people make the Company and, thus, provides opportunities for career and wage advancement to employees, as well as provides other personal and professional assistance.

25 AGME understands Marine Industry needs
Thus, our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as per emergency, to attend to any problems that may arise.

26 Our Major Clients in UAE
International Tankers Management (ITM) National Iranian Tankers Company (NITC) Fleet Ship Management Fairdeal Tankers United Arab Shipping Company (UASC) Emirates Trading Agency (ETA) Ship Division (Pioneer Ship Management) Hyundai Heavy Industry (HHI) MAG Shipping

27 Our Locations Head Office address Al-Ghusais III, Al Nahda 1.
Warehouse Number 11 Amman Street, Dubai United Arab Emirates P.O. Box 6084. Telephone No Fax No Fujairah (Branch) Near Fujairah Port Ajman (Branch) Dua Airconditioning Co. Mina Road, Ajman. P.O. Box 30482, Ajman Telephone No


29 Contact Us: Dubai, UAE (Head Office) Tel: 00971-4-2588020
Fax: Mob: Web:

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