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Proprietary & Confidential Bridging the bandwidth gap…

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1 Proprietary & Confidential Bridging the bandwidth gap…

2 Great Western Communications Proprietary & Confidential 1

3 Introduction Great Western Communications, LLC has purchased a point to point microwave network that stretches from the Great Plains through the Rocky Mountains to Seattle. It also acquired the Rights to Use a route runs from Houston to near Chicago and Chicago to Amarillo. The combined routes traverse nearly 200 sites. The owned assets have evolved under several ownerships since the core group was founded by Western Tele Communications Inc. in the 1970s. Both recent owners have each been through Chapter 11 and the latest owner, XC Networks, Ltd acquired these assets that are non core to their operations which GWC has acquired for a value significantly under their current replacement cost and much less than the liquidation and resale value of the tangible assets. GWC provides service to over 40 telecommunications industry customers ranging from local ISPs to the largest telecom companies in the industry (Verizon, Alltel, Nextel, Global Crossing). GWC outsources several operations functions to affiliates of its owners (NOC services, administration, sales, and management) and streamlines operations through the extensive experience of its management team. The company is owned by telecommunications affiliates of its three shareholders who collectively own local and regional telecom assets well in excess of $150MM in value consisting of telephone exchanges, cellular telephone, and multi-state fiber optic transmission routes, cable television systems, and other assets. Proprietary & Confidential 2

4 Strategic Assets Transport Assets: Great Western owns steel towers, associated antennas, radios, and buildings at 64 sites and leases tower space on another 28 towers it doesnt own. Use & Services Agreement: The company also has use a Right to Use at approximately 100 sites on a route between Illinois and Texas along a underground pipeline route owned by Kinder Morgan. Government licenses: Owns FCC licenses for the above 192 sites and has FAA filings in place for each tower it owns. Metro Fiber: Owns IRUs on multiple strands of metro fiber in Portland, Salt Lake City and Denver. Colo space: In carrier hotels in Denver, Seattle, and Portland. Support Assets: Ownership of multiple vehicles, tools, snow cats, and spare parts adequate to the business. POP Assets: Owns add / drop electronics at more than 40 sites. Proprietary & Confidential 3

5 Customers 2008 Revenue Categories: Microwave transport 80% Collocation services 8% Bandwidth 7% Power & Other 5% 2008 Customer Profiles: 15% provide 60% of revenue 10% provide 10% of revenue 75% provide 30% of revenue Proprietary & Confidential Great Western provides wholesale telecommunications transport services in the greater Western sections of the United States to over 40 telecommunications carriers such as cable TV companies, cellular, WiMax, WiFi, ISPs and the like. 4

6 GWC Towers Proprietary & Confidential 5

7 Ownership and Management PinPoint Holdings, Inc: Three affiliates of PinPoint collectivity own 45% of Great Western. PinPoint is a Nebraska based company with interests in a local telephone exchange, regional fiber optic transitions routes, cellular telephone, data centers, competitive local telephone, communications towers, and engineering consulting. Its affiliates provide the day to day operations and management of Great Western and have two seats on the Board of Directors. Tri-Com, LLC: Tri-Com owns 25% of Great Western and is owned by two local Illinois telephone companies, each of which trace their origins over 100 years as leading innovators of voice, video, and internet services to rural customers. Tri-Com owns 25% of Great Western, has one seat on the board of directors and its affiliates provide billing and administrative services to Great Western. Anderson Pacific Corporation: APC is a 30 year old Chicago based, telecom finance and development company with current and past ownership and management responsibilities in fiber optic transmission routes, cellular telephone, cable television, local telephone, tower infrastructure, and other telecommunication assets. Its partners own 30% and have two seats on the Board of Directors of Great Western and provide strategic direction, acquisition, divestiture, and finance services to Great Western. 6 Proprietary & Confidential

8 FiberLink, LLC The Companys owners own and operate another synergistic company to Great Western, FiberLink, LLC, a state of the art fiber optic transmission highway between downtown Chicago and downtown Denver and from Chicago to New Orleans. The routes contain 2,000 route miles with plant consisting of 100,000 fiber miles. FiberLink has 25 major telecommunication industry users including an international internet content company, national and regional fiber optic transmission companies, large state universities, major enterprise companies, regional cellular carriers and others. Great Western utilizes many of the local back office infrastructure assets and procedures already in place for FiberLink including the National Operations Center, accounting, engineering, tech support, and the like. Plans are underway to interconnect the fiber routes and microwave paths to provide enhanced capabilities to both companies and expand the range of services each can provide its customers. Proprietary & Confidential 7

9 Contact Information Development Office: 875 N Michigan Avenue Suite 3100 Chicago, IL 60611 312.602.5488 Administrative Office: 611 Patterson Street P.O. Box 490 Cambridge, NE 69022 308.697.7678 Accounting Office: 6825 Pine Street Suite 348 Omaha, NE 68106 402.590.1414 NOC Location: 100 North 12th Street Suite 501 Lincoln, NE 68508 402.438.6211 Proprietary & Confidential 8

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