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MAYA Automobiles Private Limited Welcomes You Customer Clinic On Vehicle Operations & Maintenance.

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1 MAYA Automobiles Private Limited Welcomes You Customer Clinic On Vehicle Operations & Maintenance

2 Presentation Coverage Presentation Coverage Maintenance & Care Service Schedule Tyre Pressure Specs Dos & Donts - Driving Fuel Efficiency Speed Chart Important to Know Your Safety When You are away Service Centre And Vehicle Care Breakdown Assistance

3 Daily Maintenance All manufacturing defects Replace burnt out Fuses & Bulbs Make sure all lamp Lenses are clean Operation of Handbrake Operation of Horn Maintenance and Care

4 Weekly Maintenance Engine oil level Brake oil level Windscreen washer fluid level Tyre Pressure & condition Operate Air conditioning for Minimum 5 minutes a week Maintenance and Care

5 Once in 15 days inspection Coolant level Battery electrolyte level Assemblies, pipes, hoses & reservoirs for leaks Power steering fluid level Maintenance and Care

6 Mitsubishi Service Schedules Free Services (Only Labour Free) 1 st Service: 1 months or 1000 kms * 2 nd Service: 6 months or 10,000 kms * 3 rd Service: 12Months or 20,000Kms* Paid Services Lancer Diesel : Every 3 months or 5000 kms * Other Models : Every 6 months or 10,000 kms * * whichever occurs earlier * whichever occurs earlier Note:Always get your vehicle serviced from Authorized Dealers only. We know your car better

7 Mitsubishi Warranty Two years or 40000 KM * - For Lancer Diesel & Petrol, Cedia and Outlander - For Lancer Diesel & Petrol, Cedia and Outlander One Year or 20000KM* For Pajero & Montero * whichever occurs earlier from the Date of Sale. * whichever occurs earlier from the Date of Sale. What is covered? All manufacturing defects Proprietary items like Tyres, Battery etc are covered by supplier warranty ( Pl. check Owners manual )

8 We recommend Tyre rotation while performing regular service Tyre Pressure specification Model Model Tyre Size FrontRear Lancer Petrol / Lancer Diesel 175 / 80 R 13 2.12.1 Cedia 195 / 60 R 15 2.12.1 Pajero 265 / 70 R 15 1.82.4 Montero 265 / 65 R17 2.02.2 Outlander 215 / 70 R 16 2.22.2 Check Pressure when Cold tyre

9 Dos Switch off the ignition and all the electrical equipment before changing a fuse or relay Check warning lights indication during engine running/driving Engage Reverse Gear only if the vehicle is stationary & after waiting for 3 sec in neutral Keep luggage low and close to the rear seat back rest

10 Dos Use approved Fuel Additives only Use approved Wash fluid concentrate for improving wiping efficiency Replace wiper blades before monsoon Get your vehicle serviced by Authorized dealer at regular interval Use Genuine Spare parts only

11 Donts Hold steering locked at extreme end position for more than 5 sec Run vehicle if engine oil, coolant, power steering or brake fluid is below minimum level Run on flat tyres Replace fuses with wires or higher rating fuses than allowed Overfill fuel Run out of fuel, especially diesel due to air entry into fuel system (Keep atleast ¼ tank filled in diesel)

12 Donts Unnecessarily crank engine for long period Allow engine to run with a disconnected spark plug terminals Rest your foot on the clutch pedal while driving Shift into neutral while decelerating or in down hill drive (use Engine braking) Push start of vehicle Switch off ignition while driving Use incorrect Oils and brake fluid Use spurious parts

13 How to get the best fuel average How to get the best fuel average Always use unleaded fuel from reputed Bunks Select good filling station and use same dispenser Do not shake the vehicle while refueling Measure the fuel mileage full tank to full tank with the following equation with the following equation Kms run Kms run Quantity of fuel filled Fuel Average =

14 How to get the best fuel average How to get the best fuel average Use the accelerator gently Shift into 4 th & 5 th gears as soon as possible Change gear at right time to maintain moderate engine speed Use full throttle for as little time as possible Anticipate traffic conditions ahead Avoid sudden acceleration and sudden braking

15 How to get the best fuel average How to get the best fuel average Avoid using high engine speed Avoid idling the vehicle for extended period Check and adjust tyre pressure regularly. Avoid heavy traffic conditions Do not rest your foot on the clutch pedal while driving Get your vehicle serviced from authorized dealer, sophisticated equipments are available to check Engine Management system through MUT-3

16 Speed Chart For better Fuel Economy change gears within recommended speed

17 Important to Know ! Fuel and Temperature gauges are only indicative All points to be checked in the engine compartment are marked in yellow In case of Break down use Hazard lights & keep Safety triangle on the boot

18 For Your Safety Depress clutch before starting the Engine Fasten your seat belts Keep First aid kit in the car Remove the ignition key when leaving children alone in the car Activate child lock when children are seated Adjust head restraints to the head level Adjust your seat while vehicle is stationary Use turn signals appropriately

19 For Your Safety Do not keep any loose items in driver foot area (shoes, bottles, etc) Adjust all three mirrors prior to starting your car Never remove the coolant tank filler cap when the engine is hot Do not work underneath your vehicle when it is raised with a Jack Do not shut off Engine when vehicle is in motion Do not drive the vehicle under influence of alcohol Follow traffic rules Use HM genuine parts

20 When you are away Wash the vehicle thoroughly, remove all deposits from the underbody including wheel arches Check/top-up engine, transaxle and brake oil levels Add fuel additives in the fuel tank with sufficient quantity of fuel Release the hand brake and choke the wheels (use blocks) Increase the Tyre pressure by 0.4 bar than normal

21 When you are away Cover wiper blade with polythene bags or remove & store inside the vehicle If blades are removed, the arms must be wrapped to avoid damage to the windshield screen Protect fabrics against fade by masking the inside of windows with paper

22 Dealers Service centre - Advantages The Service station is equipped as per global standards. Diagnostic equipment like MUT- 3 are available Trained and Certified technicians.

23 Refrigerant Management System. Computerized Wheel Balancing and alignment. Head light beam aligner Dealers Service centre - Advantages

24 Modern paint booth with baking facility. Auto Colour mixing system. Dealers Service centre - Advantages

25 Fuel additive. Engine and transmission oil additives Diesel & petrol decarb additives Interior and exterior polish Under chassis anti rust treatment Value Added Products

26 24/7 continuous accurate monitoring Combination of GPS, GSM and GPRS technologies Automated real- time notification capability Compact size and easy installation Improve safety and security of vehicles Allow complete transparency in operations. Warning alerts on low backup battery or low external power Alarm journey start/end, over speed, panic, AC, GEO-Fence and immobilizing. Vehicle Tracking System

27 Comprehensive Service, Body Shop and Spares under one roof Working hours from 09.00 am to 18.00 pm Sundays Holiday Pick & Drop facility as value added service To make appointments call - 044- 24422933/9791143333 Dealers Service centre - Advantages

28 Breakdown Assistance 24Hrs Help Line Cell No: 98400 45605 Cell No: 98400 45605 MITSUBISHI Roadside Assistance Toll Free: 1800- 102- 2955 ON Cost : 01244012955 ON Cost : 01244012955

29 For Assistance – You are welcome to call us For Assistance – You are welcome to call us Service Manager: Cell No. 90030 34047 Customer Care: Cell No. 90030 34035 Cell No. 90030 34035 Dealer Assistance Dealer Assistance

30 Happy Motoring !

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