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3G eRMA User Guide - 2004/08/02 -. 3G eRMA Homepage Login Block - E-mail Address Format Search Block - RMA No - Serial Number - Product Name - Customer.

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1 3G eRMA User Guide - 2004/08/02 -

2 3G eRMA Homepage Login Block - E-mail Address Format Search Block - RMA No - Serial Number - Product Name - Customer RMA No World wide Repair Center Contact Information Login-1

3 Successfully Login 3G eRMA Logout eRMA eRMA Workspace Block ( staff only ) - Preview: determine Workflow before receiving - Receive: receive operations - Prioritize: arrange the priority of RMA cases for repairing - Repair: repair operations - Ship: ship operations - Logistics: spare parts/swap pool/outsourcing operations - Analysis: repair analysis operations Login User eRMA Service Block - Request RMA No WayI: step by step, item by item WayII: import data from Excel to eRMA - Review my RMA Request On-Line - Get Statistics/Raw Data about my RMA cases - Change My User Profile Responsible Repair Center Spare Parts Block ( staff only ) - Spare Parts Application - Stock Management & Transaction ( Stock-In/Stock-Out ) Login-2

4 Guide Tab Request RMA No RMA Request Process Indicator RMA Request Process Tabs - group relevant data in individual tab for good reading RMA Request Process Flowchart ( for user reference ) RMA Goods Flowchart ( for user reference ) RMA Request-1

5 Customer Tab Switch to Customer tab Customer Bill-To Info Pick correct company info from the list Copy Info from Bill-To to Ship-To Customer Ship-To Info - Company Name / Contact Person / Company Address are required - all fields are editable, allow to modify data directly RMA Request-2

6 Customer Tab ( Pick Button ) Select searching field Input keywords Press [Submit] button Check searching result Remark: The company Info is from AxSC MFG RMA Request-3

7 Product Tab ( Product Info ) EPA0366158 Switch to Product tab Input Serial Number Press [Search] button If get nothing from Barcode System, please manually select correct product name from the list via Pick button Get product info from Barcode System RMA Request-4

8 Product Tab ( Problem Info ) Provide relevant info about symptom & environment - Customer RMA No: defined by user, build the linkage between RMA No & Customer RMA No - RMA Type: select proper type for return goods (*note1) - Repair Center: staff only, determine responsible repair center (*note2) - Original RMA No: build the linkage to the previous RMA No Problem Description Way I: free-format typing directly Way II: select proper items from the list through Pick Problem Way III: Mix Way I & Way II Add to the Defect List *note1: RMA Type Items - Repair - Credit - X-Ship - Rework *note2: Repair Center Items - AASC - ACI - ACSC - AESC - AKMC - ATSC RMA Request-5

9 Product Tab ( Modify ) Defect List - Etd Fix Fee: ave. of past service fee for same product - Etd Ret. Date: ave. of past transportation time + 5 working days the above 2 items are reference only, depends on real situation Delete Item Modify Item Press [Finish] button to complete RMA Request Modify data then update to Defect List RMA Request-6

10 RMA Receipt Print RMA Receipt and send it back with goods RMA Receipt RMA Request-7

11 Import for RMA Request Download the pattern of Excel and follow the format to complete it RMA Request Set the path to the Excel for file upload Determine if reviewing the defect list before RMA Request completion Press [Transfer] button to complete the data transfer RMA Request-8

12 Format for Excel Import RMA Request-9

13 My RMA Request-1 RMA Order No List Set the searching condition to narrow down the outcome My RMA Request Searching Result, list record of RMA Order No Click RMA Order No and break down to its RMA No Remark: Click Check to bring out the original RMA Receipt

14 RMA No List Set the searching condition to narrow down the outcome Searching Result, list record of RMA No Click RMA No to see detailed info My RMA Request-2

15 RMA Detailed Info Switch to different tab to get different data Summary info about the RMA case Show the current status with flowchart, including date & handler Remark: Different workflow has different tabs, the visibility of tabs depends on user access right My RMA Request-3

16 Repair Report Format Repair Report Advantech Taiwan Service Center Fl.2, No.108-3, Ming-Chuan Road Shing-Tien City, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C. Tel: 886-2-2218-4567 Fax: 886-2-2218-7549 Repair Report of R4800001-1 Customer Info Bill-To Account:Repair Fee: Ship-To Account:Ship-To TEL: Ship-To Attention:Ship-To Fax: Ship-To Address: Product Info Product:Customer RMA No: Serial No:Warranty: Repair Info Problem Description: Duplicated Before Fixing Another Problem Found Repair Result: Repair Action: Repair Remark: 1. Another Problem Description ( manual ) 2. Replacement Information ( auto ) Date: Stage: Handler: Functionality Check: Rework Info: * Rework is performed ………. eRMA Web: Inspection Check:

17 Statistics Report My Statistics-1 employee all employee all employee all

18 Statistics Report My Statistics-2

19 RMA Subscription My Subscription-1

20 RMA Subscription My Subscription-2

21 User Profile Change User Profile where user is from changeable user access right company info eRMA login name default responsible repair center Allowed to ship goods to authorized repair center(s) with responsible RMA representative

22 Workspace-1 Summary – Request ( RC ) Group and summarize RMA info Set searching condition to narrow down the result Searching result based on searching condition Remark1: > For RMS/RTS just show cases which belong to individual RMS/RTS > For Manager can see all cases and summarize data based on specific Repair Center/Staff Remark2: - Request not received, on the way - Receive not assign RTS, waiting repair - Repair repairing - Analysis analyzing - Ship waiting shipping

23 Summary – Request ( RMS ) Workspace-2 Under Construction

24 Summary – Receive ( RC ) Workspace-3 Under Construction

25 Summary – Receive ( RMS ) Workspace-4 Under Construction

26 Summary – Repair ( RC ) Workspace-5 Under Construction

27 Summary – Repair ( RMS/RTS ) Workspace-6 Under Construction

28 Summary – Analysis ( RC ) Workspace-7 Under Construction

29 Summary – Analysis ( RMS ) Workspace-8 Under Construction

30 Summary – Ship ( RC ) Workspace-9 Under Construction

31 Summary – Ship ( RMS ) Workspace-10 Under Construction

32 Workspace - Preview Workspace-11 Set searching condition Check searching result Select affected items Pick correct workflow Set Responsible Repair Center & Drop Shipment Request if Back- Delivery workflow is selected Preview Remark

33 DOA Agreement This (These) product(s) is (are) claimed as Defect On Arrival. We ask Advantech to replace it (them) and send us the new replacement(s) free of charge immediately. We hereto obligate to undertaking the terms and conditions stated as follows: A.We ensure that the product(s) set forth above is (are) Defect on Arrival within three months from Advantech shipping date. It is (They are) not damaged causing by shipping or failures result from accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, mishandling, misapplication, modification, improper operation, improper repair, or rework. We haven altered or changed any components or circuit and haven reworded this (these) product(s). B.We ensure that the product(s) set forth above will be sent back to Advantech Co., Ltd. in Taiwan within five (5) days from the date and year first above written and the product(s) set forth above will be well package to avoid damage in return shipment. Otherwise, we agree to purchase the replacement(s) and pay the bill to Advantech Co. Ltd. immediately. C.We agree that Advantech Co., Ltd. reserves the right to examine the product(s) set forth above. If we are in breach of the preceding Sections A and B. We shall be liable to pay the charge occurred and pay the price of the replacement(s). IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have caused this Agreement to be duly signed and executed on the date and year first above written. I accept the agreement

34 Workspace - Receive Workspace-12 Set searching condition Check searching result Select affected items Pick correct items Upload files if necessary

35 Workspace – Prioritize ( RMS ) Workspace-13

36 Workspace – Prioritize ( RMS Admin ) Workspace-14

37 Workspace – Prioritize ( RTS Admin ) Workspace-15

38 Workspace – Repair ( RMS/RTS ) Workspace-16 Set searching condition Check searching result Click RMA No to enter Repair Stage

39 Workspace-17 Switch to different tabs to get different information Preview block Repair block Check block Conclusion block Workspace – Repair ( Edit ) : 4 Blocks

40 Workspace-18 Workspace – Repair : Preview & Repair Repair History RMA No would be shown if ever returned for repair ECO Reminder link to PLM and check if there is any ECO related to the product ( BOM is brought out automatically ) Picture Attachment upload the relevant pictures or files for further reference Action Code ( 1 st field ) you can either input action code directly or pick up proper item from the list Location ( 2 nd field ) input the specific and correct location of replaced component on PCB ( for system level product, please input key parts for further searching in PLM or pick up proper item from the list ) Remark ( 3 rd field ) leave message for reference, just like ECO No for rework issue List Record Action Code + Location + Part Number + Remark Part Number would be determined according to Product Name and Location under PLM

41 Workspace-19 Workspace – Repair : Parts Application Parts Application click the button to link to the below web page ( Parts Application ) Parts Information bring out the basic information of the part and check the status of RMA stock, then determine the qty Application List it is allowed to apply multiple items in one application sheet Ps. The system would leave the message about parts application in Comment

42 Workspace – Repair : Check Workspace-20 Functionality Check double click on certain item then it would be added into the right list if certain test item is not included in the left list, you can add it by manual Inspection Check same with Functionality Check

43 Workspace – Repair : Conclusion Workspace-21 Repair Result select the proper repair status based on real situation Repair Comment leave message for reference if necessary Repair by auto generated, it is necessary to input the working hour Failure Code determine the defect cause after fixing and pick up the proper item from the list this information will be useful for advanced analysis for relevant department Responsible select correct item based on real situation ( Design must be Rework with ECO No ) 2 nd Repair determined by RTS Leader 1 st detector: system ( within 3 months ), 2 nd detector: RTS Leader ( same problem, then select Reason Code ) Repair Cost Labor Cost + Material Cost, calculated by the system, for internal reference Supplier Remark maintained by the supplier, for out-sourcing products

44 Workspace - Ship Workspace-22 Set searching condition Check searching result Save shipping information for all selected items at a time Input relevant information for individual case

45 Workspace – Logistics : Parts Workspace-23 Parts Application | Product Swap | Outsourcing Products Set searching condition Handle the case and make the transaction Check searching result

46 Workspace – Logistics : Handling Workspace-24

47 Workspace – Logistics : Product Workspace-25

48 Workspace – Logistics : PFS Workspace-26

49 Workspace - Analysis Workspace-27

50 Workspace – Analysis ( Edit ) Workspace-28

51 Workspace - Workspace-10



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