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The Foton FT824 Tractor

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1 The Foton FT824 Tractor

2 Tried and Tested components
Perkins 1004 Engine LUK German clutch Dana Italian Front axle 4WD All tried and tested and in use in Africa. Spare parts easily available countrywide.

3 Spares Parts are available! have imported all 195 spare parts lines suggested by Foton China. Genuine Foton spare parts are cheaper than for most makes of tractors. DHL express from China available if parts are not in stock locally. Most engine, clutch and front axle parts already available elsewhere in Kenya already, at competitive prices.


5 Lovol Perkins 1004 Engine Turbocharged 82Hp Lovol Perkins 1004 engine.
Made in Lovol in China, with Perkins technology. Tested and extremely reliable, with spares already available all over Kenya. Full 82Hp power output even at high altitude. Superior fuel economy to non-turbo engines. Environmentally friendly lower carbon emissions and smaller carbon “footprint”.

6 Compressor for Air Brakes
Power steering pump 100 lt all metal fuel tank

7 Alternator – heavy duty
Turbocharger Hydraulic Pump Starter motor

8 Clutch World famous German brand LUK clutch
Independent PTO clutch for greater flexibility, safety and ease of operation. Tested and reliable. Spares readily available.


10 Gearbox and Differential
8 Forward + 8 Reverse gears. Easy gear lever layout: Fwd/Rev; Main gearbox 1,2,3,4; Hi/Lo ratio transfer box. Four pin differential for extra strength and reliability, important for transport work. Differential lock for extra traction. Alternative 16 – 8 shuttle gearbox

11 Four Wheel Drive or 2WD 4WD Front axle made by Dana.
Technologically advanced Italian design. Built strong for Africa, tested worldwide. Good turning circle. Front drive shaft inside protective sleeve. Alternatively Model 820 with 2WD only.

12 Easy access self supporting bonnet
Extra big radiator for better cooling Front ballast weights come as standard Dana front axle

13 Hydraulics Separate power steering pump from main hydraulic pump. Safer and more reliable. Cat II 3 Point Linkage with draft and position control for ploughing. Tractor weights front and rear standard. Two 2-way hydraulic valves for tipping trailers and other trailed equipment. All components very easily accessible for service, even with cab in place.

14 Air Braking Optional but recommended.
Trailer braking a legal requirement for all trailers used on public roads. Engine driven compressor and air receiver. Quick coupling for trailers. Can also be used to blow out your radiator, clean your air filter, and pump up tires away from any workshop!

15 Air Brakes - big air reservoir
Two 2-way hydraulic valves Quick coupling for air brakes Oil immersed sealed brakes for long life Dual heavy duty lift rams easily accessible. 540 / 1000 rpm PTO shaft

16 Cab Easy access with flat floor and well laid out controls for safety and comfort. Air conditioning optional. Safe working environment. Quiet, protected from chemical sprays, and roll-over accidents. Less stress leads to proven improvements in worker efficiency and better equipment care lead to lower running costs. Very good all round visibility and big mirrors and good lights placed high on the cab improve safety. Improved labour relations: be a market leader!

17 Air conditioning - optional
Good lights front & rear Large Rear view mirrors Heavy duty wiper Excellent all round visibility Easy access to cab from both sides

18 Fwd / Rev gear 1,2,3,4 gears Throttle control PTO Clutch Fully Adjustable seat PTO 540/100 selector Handbrake 2 WD / 4 WD lever Hi / Lo range gear lever (Hidden) Convenient Flat Floor with Easy access Diff lock pedal


20 Purchase Price Foton Europard FT824, Perkins Engine, 4WD, Dana front axle, German LUK dual stage clutch, 540/1000rpm PTO, shuttle shift gearbox, complete with air conditioned cab, air brakes, front and rear ballast weights, tow hitch. All above items are included in the price! Price Kshs 1.98 million

21 Lower Hourly running costs
Assume that your tractor does 10,000 hours over 8 years, or 1250 hours annually, at 14% interest rates. If it costs 3m the fixed cost per hour of the capital and interest repayment is 447/= If it costs 2m the fixed cost per hour of the capital and interest repayment is 298/=


23 Repayment of Capital invested
Assume that interest rates are 14% and you plan to repay both the capital and interest over 3 years. If your tractor costs 3 million, you will repay 1,280,000 for each of 3 years. If your tractor costs 2 million you will repay 853,333/40 for each of 3 years. You save 426,666/60 per year!

24 Foton Europard FT824 with fully laden 6 row pneumatic precision planter

25 Buy new not reconditioned
New tractor has a much longer working life. New tractor has fewer breakdowns & less downtime. New tractor has more efficient engine design, saving fuel costs. New tractor has lower spares and repairs costs. New tractor has less demand on workshop resources. New tractor has better resale value.

26 Foton Europard FT824 repays your investment fast …
and keeps repaying it over and over again !

27 Foton Europard - versatile and cost effective for every farm application

28 The Foton Range Foton tractors range from 25Hp to more than 250Hp in power. Many accessories are available for Foton tractors such as implements, mowers, bailers, buckets, back hoes and much else. Foton Lovol manufacture many other machines such as earth moving equipment, please enquire for details.

29 Contact us … Foton Sales , or office numbers Visit our website us Our head office is at Gogar Farm, Rongai, near Nakuru. Entrance next to Rongai Police station. For a demonstration come and see Foton tractors in action for yourself!

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