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WWL ALS GROUP WHO WE ARE, WHAT WE DO Annual Agency Meeting 2013 ENRICO MUNARO Istanbul 23 rd october 2013.

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1 WWL ALS GROUP WHO WE ARE, WHAT WE DO Annual Agency Meeting 2013 ENRICO MUNARO Istanbul 23 rd october 2013


3 Expand the service scope by offering market-leading expertise in inland distribution, handling and logistics for out-of-gauge cargo Offer services beyond WWL existing port-to-port service in the break bulk segment Enhance WWL cargo-handling and quality expertise in relation to out-of-gauge rolling equipment and break-bulk cargo WWL ALS can actually become the common denominator offering a complete Door to Door service for Out of Gauge Abnormal Loads Break Bulk Cargo. 3 Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics acquires majority stake in Abnormal Load Services Deep sea trades Transhipment services Regional trades Process management Visibility and reporting Supplier management Receiving and delivery Cargo handling services Storage Loading and discharge Port services Freight forwarding Terminal technical services PDI Accessories fittings Repairs - Panel and Paint - Mechanical Storage management Receipt & dispatch - Plant - Port & Railhead - Distribution centre Refurbishment Mainly based on procurement model Multimodal transportation management - Road - Rail -Barge -Short Sea SCM Terminal ServicesTechnical ServicesInland Distribution Ocean Transportation

4 Agenda WWL ALS Product Description Future collaboration ALS Way forward and expectations on how we can work together Questions 4

5 WWL ALS is a niche market transporter specialising in break bulk, heavy lift, out-of-gauge cargo, abnormal loads, oversized items and supply chain solutions. WWL ALS is a market leader, providing a one stop shop/ single sourcing solution. Solutions covering air, road, rail and sea freight; from spare parts, part load / groupage, LCL/FCL to full vessel charters; services including jacking / skating; lifting & installation; picking & packing; in house services. WWL ALS Istanbul October 2013 5

6 6 Company founded 1979 Over 30 years, ALS has offered clients global logistics solutions through a network of agents Non asset based 90+ professional staff (was 200 in 2007) 2000+ Customers 80/20 rule applies. 55 Million Turnover (was 100m in 2007) ALS mission is to provide clients with dependable, consistent knowledge – based solutions, that deliver projects safely and on time with customer service second to none. WWL ALS makes Light Work of Heavy Projects Istanbul October 2013 WWL mission is to deliver innovative and sustainable global shipping and logistics solutions for manufacturers of cars, trucks, heavy equipment and specialized cargo

7 WWL ALS Service capabilities Istanbul October 2013 7

8 Where we are in EU Birtley (UK) Employees: 3 On Site at Komatsu factory Hull (UK) Employees: 25 Finished vehicle distribution, Project logistics Hannover (DE) Employees: 1 On site at Komatsu factory Hemmingen (DE) Employees: 3 Out Of Gauge transports and Project logistics Este (IT) Employees: 4 On site at Komatsu depo Moerdijk (NL) Employees: 7 Out Of Gauge transports and Project logistics Ittervoort (NL) Employees: 10 4PL planning and dispatch for H&H customers Vilvoorde (BE) Employees: 18 On site at Komatsu Europe Parts + Warehousing Antwerp (BE) Employees: 3 Container transport FCL, LCL, Import, Export Geel (BE) Employees: 3 On Site at Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe (HHIE) 91 Employees across Europe including on–site with Komatsu and Hyundai HHIE 8 Noventa (IT) Employees: 6 Spare Parts, Out Of Gauge transports Own Offices in R.S.A. JNB Romania, Finland

9 WWL ALS Organization Chart Meet the Team UK Andrew Civil Branch Manager David Richmond Director Richard Platts Senior Manager Projects & Shipping Belgium Dirk Van Dyck Branch Manager Geel Wouter Jacquemyn Manager Belgium & Branch Manager Vilvoorde Germany Andre Garlisch Branch Manager Hannover & Hemmingen Italy Enrico Munaro Branch Manager Noventa Vicentina & Este 9 Netherlands René Van de Vin Managing Director Ittervoort Ronald Verkaik Branch Manager Moerdijk Erik Van de Vin Branch Manager Ittervoort R.S.A Simon Kew B.D.Manager Johannesburg R.S.A.

10 WWL ALS: Your cargo in safe hands HIGH & HEAVY Finished Vehicle Distribution Construction Equipment Supply Chain Management Spare Parts Logistics Re-packaging Storage / PDI Projects & Break Bulk Full and Part Chartering Renewable Energy Shipments Turnkey Projects Bespoke Solutions Worldwide Transport Management Heavy Loads Transportation Container Movements – FCL / LCL In – Gauge / Standard Transportation Air Freight OUR 3 MAIN Working Divisions 10

11 Greater risk and complexity of out-of-gauge cargo Balance between steady equipment flows and one-off shipments Unique local requirements Sector-specific handling and project needs Responsiveness to adjust to all needs Specialist expertise Ability to meet specialised needs for out-of-gauge cargo is key WWL ALS in Details

12 Project H&H B/B Focused service for Project Logistics, High & Heavy & Break Bulk sectors WWL ALS in Details

13 WWL ALS Examples of Our Skills : 13

14 WWL ALS Inland Activities 14

15 WWL ALS Inland Activities 15

16 Do You Need WWL ALS Assistance ? We Can help You Enrico Munaro Istanbul, 23rd october 2013

17 Knocked Down Mining Unit PC5500 Germany to Door Site in Africa Mine 76 mts. Long Telescopic Arm Shipped UK to New Zealand 158T Cable Drums in 9,8 mts. Reels for NKT Cables for the Hyme Statoil Project DK to NO Knocked Down Crawler Crane (275 tons capacity) NL to Brasil Liebherr Crane 70T. UK to Egypt: Job booked from WWL Agent in Egypt. Detailed Case Studies in Possible Cooperation

18 18 What are the Areas where WWL ALS can be of Help ? –All Areas where WWL Tonnage is not the first choice in terms of Service provided to the Client Lets all remember that forcing the Cargo into WWL Tonnage even when this is not the optimum solution (Undirect Call – Wrong Rotation) often means to loose the opportunity with the Client for both Entities WWL & WWL ALS, as Client goes for the efficient solution. Next Slide will show the concept of this approach. Where do we see the greatest potential? –All High and Heavy we can offer & Sell Full Package Door to POD, with the Agents offering eventually also the Door part to the Receivers. This means we offer based on all options / Sea Freight Services available in the market. But not only !! –All H&H or B/B via Liner Services or if it is too big for Liner serv., Part Charter/Full Charter Vessels We Work Worldwide. Where there is an opportunity, we Develop it –We recently opened an office in Johannesburg to co-ordinate a large project which implicate Door/ Door deliveries for Large Dumptrucks from US Plant and Large Mining units from Germany to the Mines in the heart of Africa Lets Recap? Agency Meeting 2013

19 Unlimited flexibility though neutral fourth-party logistics (4PL) solutions WWL ALS in detail

20 Questions ? Agency Meeting 2013

21 Thank You

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