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INTRODUCTION About Misan Logistics History of Misan Logistics

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2 INTRODUCTION About Misan Logistics History of Misan Logistics
Logistic services - Seafreight –LCL / FCL - Airfreight - Trucking / Rail / Barge - Customs Service - CFS services/Warehousing - Spare parts logistics - Project Cargo - Handling of Cars, Motorcycles & Boats Staff Where to find us

3 About Misan Logistics MISAN Logistics is a young and professional freight management company and a subsidiary of MISC Integrated Logistics Sdn Bhd (MILS) in Malaysia. MILS is the logistics arm of MISC Berhad. With our network of agents and service providers we are able to assist you in providing custom made logistical solutions for all your transport needs. Our highly skilled staff will ensure a smooth delivery of your goods, keeping your transport cost in hand This will add value to your business and will support your success and profitability in today’s business environment. Besides logistics in general we have built up a lot of experience in project cargo for the Oil & Gas Industry and Ship spares logistics. In this industry it is an absolute must to have a streamlined supply chain to ensure on time delivery of goods to high value projects & assets.

4 History of Misan Logistics
MISAN Logistics started as a forwarding dept of MISC Agencies (Netherlands) in 2005 Main activity was ship spare logistics for MISC Fleet Operations Division In 2006 we participated as partner with MISC Integrated Logistics (MILS) in the logistics for the KIKEH FPSO Project in Europe In 2007 the decision was made to incorporate a separate entity for our forwarding activities to enhance our future growth plans In 2008 MISAN Logistics was officially incorporated as a full subsidiary of MISC Agencies (Netherlands) B.V. In 2010, following the restructuring of the MISC Liner activities in Europe, it was decided for strategical reasons to transfer the shares of the Company to MISC Integrated Logistics Sdn Bhd (MILS), being the logistics arm of MISC Berhad. This exercise was completed as per 1 July 2010.

5 LOGISTIC SERVICES Some of the services we can offer you are:
Our team members are in the Forwarding and Shipping business for a long time and are well acquainted with all aspects and modalities of logistics. Misan Logistics is offering a full range of logistical services and works with a wide range of reputable service providers, including global Shipping lines and Air lines who have professional interest in your cargo and are able to offer competitive rates. Some of the services we can offer you are: Seafreight – FCL/ LCL - Airfreight - Trucking / Rail / Barge - Customs Service - CFS services /Warehousing Spare parts logistics Project Cargo Handling of Cars, Motorcycles & Boats

6 Seafreight –LCL / FCL FCL sea freight
Misan Logistics offers excellent opportunities for FCL door-to door deliveries from around the globe to all continents. With our Asian background we are strongly focusing on the Europe – Asia trade vv. We maintain good relationships with several “global” carriers enabling us to provide competitive rates to our customers. LCL sea freight Also your LCL shipments are in good hands with MISAN Logistics, as we have multiple options to handle your LCL import or export shipments from/to most of the major ports around the world.

7 Airfreight Thanks to our close business relations with some of the largest IATA agents in The Netherlands we can offer global reach and global expertise. Combining this with our local know-how, we can deliver your shipments to any place and at any time, with fast transit times against competitive rates.

8 Trucking / Rail / Barge For inland transport we offer multiple modalities: Trucking: We can offer full or part load trucking throughout Europe. By using reputable truckers, we guarantee fast transit times against competitive rates. Rail: With increasing road congestions, rail is an excellent modality to consider nowadays. Especially for FCL containers to long-distance destinations, such as the German hinterland and other East-European countries, this modality is a perfect alternative for road transportation. Barge: By using excellent inland connections in The Netherlands, we can offer barge transportation into Europe for FCL but also for bulk products with attractive transit times at competitive rates. Our experienced staff at Misan Logistics is always looking for the best modality to ensure fast and efficient transportation.

9 Customs services MISAN Logistics offers a complete service for fast and flexible customs procedures, handling of all your import, export and transit activities. We offer a full range of customs formalities and are connected electronically with the customs office. Below documents are processed electronically: - Import & Export declaration - Transit documents (T1) - Fiscal Representative - EUR-Certificates / Certificates of Origin 

10 CFS services & Warehousing
MISAN Logistics offers professional CFS and Warehousing services at various locations in the Rotterdam and Amsterdam Port area as well as at a couple of other locations in Europe. The majority of these freightstations and warehouses have water- and railconnections and use a wide range of cargo handling equipment At these locations we can organize stripping and stuffing of containers, storage, handling of oversized and heavy cargoes, lashing and securing, distribution, transport, clearance, value-added services and customs facilities. Cargo can be handled and stored outdoors as well as indoors at safe and well maintained yards.

11 Spare parts Logistics For our principal MISC Berhad we have set up a centralized storage & consolidation platform. This platform aims to organize the logistics and temporary storage of ship spares & stores, purchased for their fleet. On-time consolidated shipments are being executed from this facility to ensure efficient and cost effective delivery directly on board their vessels at worldwide locations or to our other warehouse facility in Singapore. Our first class and safe warehouse is strategically situated in the port area of Rotterdam and is well equipped to handle various types of cargo or provide value added services. From these locations we are able to act quickly and organize transportation of your goods to its final destination at any time.

12 Project cargo Besides logistics in general MISAN Logistics has built up capabilities and experience in project handling for the Oil & Gas Industry. Via our principals MISC Berhad and Petronas we are regularly involved in their Offshore and energy-related projects in and around Asia. Misan Logistics is involved in forwarding material from Europe and USA to these project sites. It concerns a wide variety of shipments, from the smallest airfreight consignment to chartering a complete vessel. Together with our reputable service providers we can handle this type of shipments safely and smoothly.  MISAN Logistics provides the specialised expertise such as logistics capabilities, precise timing, wide geographical knowledge and global connections to co-ordinate project cargo movements from origin to destination and we would like to offer these services to you as well.

13 Handling of cars / motor cycles / boats
MISAN Logistics can transport your cars, motor bikes, classic/vintage vehicles and boats to and from any place in the world, by full container transportation, consolidated transport or Ro/Ro. Misan Logistics provides a full range of services, both to the (classic) car dealer, or private collector.

14 STAFF Presently our Forwarding staff consists of 7 experienced persons who are all educated in various areas of shipping, transport and logistics and have longtime experience in these business areas. Giel Feddes – Supervisor (0) Hubrecht Ouwerkerk (0) Maurice van der Houwen (0) Klaas van Geffen (0) 6 – John van der Poel (0) Vincent van Gestel (0) Renardo Jap A Joe (0)

15 Where to find us The office of MISAN Logistics B.V. is conveniently located near the Port of Rotterdam. Visiting address: MISAN Logistics B.V. Rivium 1e Straat LE Capelle aan den IJssel The Netherlands Postal address: MISAN Logistics B.V. P.O. Box KB  Rotterdam The Netherlands Contact details: Tel: +31 (0) Fax: +31 (0)

16 Thank you

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