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Evolution of Antipumping relay

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1 Evolution of Antipumping relay
SF, LF, Evolis 24kV, EvolisHP

2 Anti pumping Relay Description: Antipumping relay:
The anti-pumping relay is built into the mechanism of circuit breakers to ensure that the opening order has priority. This function prohibits re-closing of CB in case of fault tripping. In other words it prevents the possibility of maintaining a permanent closing order inorder to avoid « pumping » of the CB Antipumping relay:

3 What’s new? Replacement of Electromechanical antipumping relay by Electronic version due to obsolete component. Capable of handling multi-voltages, from 24V to 380V Input: DC/AC, Output: DC only. Associated closing release coil YF to have DC ratings only New Electrical diagram: Change in assembling closing coil with relay Please see attached file for the updated diagrams.

4 Ex. of updated Electrical Diagram

5 Change in the offer structure
Configured full product: No impact in Elonet configuration. Additional bridge options of internal electrical connection is not possible anymore. Only standard bridge remains unchanged. Additional leaflet with new electrical diagram is attached with user manual systematically Spare part: Ref MV will be replacing old references for RI mechanism in SF, LF, Evolis 24 and Evolis HP ranges Ref MV will be replacing old references for GmH mechanism in SF MCset4, SF F400 and SF2 fixed versions. It is recommended to replace the closing coil and relay at the same time. Level C adaptation: Separate Mail

6 Implementation Planning
Configured full product: Week 23 Week 30 LF Evolis 24 Evolis HP SF

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