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Rotating Machines 1 1.

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1 Rotating Machines 1 1

2 Content 1 Company History 2 Facts & Figures 3 Backbone Organization 4
1 Company History 2 Facts & Figures 3 Backbone Organization 4 HC-PARTS Program 5 HC-CARGO Program

3 2008: Acquisition by Bosch Group
History of AA-RM AA-RM supplies automotive components for the automotive industry For more than 40 years we have continuously developed our concept We have strong brands for new units and spare parts and for remanufactured units 1963: Holger Christiansen A/S was established in Esbjerg Denmark 1976: First production of starters and alternators 1985: The first sales subsidiary outside Denmark was established (UK) 1991: The first production plant outside Denmark was established (Germany) 1993 – 2005: Expansion of sale and production worldwide Sales subsidiaries in UK, Benelux, Sweden. France, Italy, US, Poland Production plants in Germany, Slovakia, Ukraine 2008: Acquisition by Bosch Group

4 AA-RM is Part of the Bosch Group
We keep vehicles moving! Within the Bosch Group, we are responsible for the worldwide Automotive Aftermarket. We fulfill the needs of manufacturers, trade partners, workshops and vehicle drivers. We provide a wide range of products and services from order fulfillment to technical service and diagnostics to complete business solutions.

5 AA-RM is Part of Bosch Automotive Aftermarket (AA)
AA-RM Rotating Machines AA-RM is Part of Bosch Automotive Aftermarket (AA) Automotive Electronics Car Multimedia Gasoline Systems Diesel Systems Starter Motors and Generators Starter Motors and Generators Chassis Systems Brakes Electrical Drives Chassis Systems Control Steering Systems1) Automotive Aftermarket 1) ZF Lenksysteme GmbH (50 % Bosch-owned)

6 ET Marketing, Engineering & Production
AA-RM Rotating Machines AA-RM in the AA Family AA Management Board Business Units P Sales ET Marketing, Engineering & Production EC Finance, Logistics & Human Resources EN Regions NA, LA Spark Plugs AA Rotating Machines AA Diagnostics AA Powertrain Systems AA Brake Components AA Filter AA Wiper Systems AA / ED Responsible / Co-responsible Value chain Production Engineering Sourcing Product Marketing AA Responsibility Mixed Responsibility OE-GB Responsibility

7 AA-RM locations – We are World wide
AA-RM Rotating Machines AA-RM locations – We are World wide Denmark, Esbjerg Germany, Karlsruhe Ukraine, Krakovets China, Shenzhen Headquarter Reman A/C compressors Marketing starter Marketing alternator Reman starter Starter, alternator, DC motor Wiper blades and arms Germany, Göttingen Slovakia, Bernolákova Taiwan, Taipeh Taiwan, Taoyuan Unipoint headquarter OE-Production starter Reman starter, alternator Reman brake caliper Reman alternator Starter, alternator,AC comp DC motors

8 AA-RM Sales Companies We serve more than 13,000 customers worldwide and export to more than 80 countries. Furthermore, we are represented through sales and distribution companies Sweden HOLGER CHRISTIANSEN SVERIGE AB Denmark Germany HOLGER CHRISTIANSEN A/S HOLGER CHRISTIANSEN PRODUCTION GMBH HOLGER CHRISTIANSEN DEUTSCHLAND GMBH Great Britain HOLGER CHRISTIANSEN UK LTD Benelux Poland HOLGER CHRISTIANSEN BENELUX B.V. United States HOLGER CHRISTIANSEN POLSKA SP. ZO.O. HOLGER CHRISTIANSEN NORTH AMERICA, INC France HOLGER CHRISTIANSEN FRANCE SARL Italy HOLGER CHRISTIANSEN ITALIA SRL Sales Company

9 AA-RM Product Portfolio
High Performance – Bosch BX units With a HP-product, the customer will feel no difference compared to the OE-unit. Sometimes, the performance and durability is even better, since critical areas in the design of the OE-product are often improved when the reman unit is reengineered for remanufacturing. With a HP-product, the customer can expect, that the product will not fail during the remaining lifetime of the vehicle. Medium Performance – HC-Parts units With a MP-product as HC-Parts you will also have products (Compressors and Alternators) which are remanufactured at OE-approved plants. Offering a comprehensive program range and a high market coverage. MP-products are also suitable for older cars where the customer can benefit from a very good price-performance-ratio. Low Performance (LP) Customers, who do want to keep their vehicle only for a limited period of time or who prepare it for sale, are the target group for LP-products. Although usually cheap, these products have not a good price-performance-ratio. We offer products for different specification levels – OE, HP and MP

10 Products/Specifications/Sales Channel
Sales strategy AA-RM Products/Specifications/Sales Channel Spare Parts Reman New unit HPP MPP LPP OES Specs + OES Services IAM Specs Automotive Aftermarket Rotating Machines We sell our different brands to different customer segements – both 1 and 2 trade level – fulfilling all customer demands OES 1.TL 2.TL v Sub 1. TL v EX Independent Remanufacturers

11 The HC-CARGO Professional Backbone Organization
Product Marketing Product Line Development Purchasing Price negotiations Supplier management Quality Test sample / drawing Release products Logistics Controlling & Forecasting Inventory management Classification Order management Communication Newsletters E-Cat Printed Catalogues Brochures Trade Fairs

12 HC-CARGO Product Marketing
”The catalogue in my hands covers only a small part of the complete HC-CARGO program. In all we offer about 30,000 product numbers. On a daily basis I work on extending the programme with new product numbers so we can serve you with the right products right on time!” Anja, Product Marketing 12

13 For HC-CARGO Logistics is a Personel matter
”If you ask me, perfect logistics processes are indispensible in the automotive business. As a Logistics Manager I design the supply chain efficiently to ensure a reliable delivery to you. You can rely on both our comprehensive knowhow and on our state of the art warehouse system.” Anders, Logistics 13

14 Delievery rate: 95% General Logistics Challenges
different article numbers 400 different suppliers from 37 countries Top 50 suppliers delivers approx. 60% of purchase volume. Create purchase orders and send them to the suppliers 80% of the program is reordered weekly and the remaining 20% monthly Internal flow of goods between the different HC subsidiaries Follow up on order confirmations Follow up on overdue deliveries Urgent requests at suppliers or alternative suppliers We have a complex world of item numbers and suppliers Delievery rate: 95%

15 HC-CARGO Purchasing We have contact to more than 400 different suppliers from 37 countries ”Becoming an HC-CARGO supplier is not that easy. They have to fulfill a long list of preconditions and need to be DIN EN ISO 9001 certified. Last but not least they have to convince me. Together with the quality department I visit our suppliers and test them intensively before they deliver the first products.” Martin, Purchasing 15

16 HC-CARGO Quality Our competent and dedicated engineering team ensures reliable and sustainable processes and product quality We are ISO 9001:2000 certified and work according to automotive standard From the first delivery on, samples are taken and tested before they are put on the shelves 16

17 Efficient Warehouse Management for your satisfaction
Efficient warehouse elevators helps us get the right products to you fast and efficiently We retrieve around 120 items per hour To fullfill the differentiated customer demands we have arranged our working hours in multiple shifts We ship around 400 small currier consignments based on orders given the same day At the same time we pick and pack around 200 pallets which we ship by truck, ship or plan to our customers world wide – every day We insure picking quality by using a practical scanning system

18 HC-CARGO Delivery UPS / Courier consignment and ordinary parcel distribution orders received no later than pm will de dispatched the same day. day to day delivery all over Europe within 2-3 days outside Europe urgent express deliveries world wide Multiple weekly Airfreight consignment for world wide deliveries Truck and sea freight deliveries: no minimum or maximum restrictions deliveries will be dispatched from our warehouse within 5 days depending on size All freight offered by HC-CARGO includes full coverage on transport damages 18

19 The HC-CARGO Product Portfolio
One of the widest programs in the market, containing applications for cars, trucks, industrial machines, agricultural, marine and various outdoor power equipments All units are sold outright (i.e. no core charge) Catalogue with complete cross reference and application lists The program offers repair solutions for all kinds of applications making it the most extensive range available. The range includes all commonly used parts such as regulators, rectifiers, stators bearings and brushes, as well as frequently required components such as brackets, covers, pulleys, shafts nuts & mounting bushings. 19

20 HC-CARGO - 30.000 New Units, Spare Parts and Accessories
Starter/Alternators A/C compressors and dryers Spare Parts for Starters/Alternators/ AC Compressors 1300 p/n 1600 p/n 800 p/n 8100 starter spare parts 7700 alternator spare parts Workshop Consumables and Tools Electrical Parts and Engine Management Lighting 3400 p/n Tools, installation materials, relays, switches and sensors, sonnectors, cable and wiring 1400 p/n Sensors, diesel related relays, review cameras, parking system, ignition, wiper motors, gauges, washer pumps, axial fans and blowers 1300 p/n Work lamps, warning lights, beacons, reflex markings, bulbs 20

21 HC-CARGO Catalogues Starters & Alternators
Starters & Alternators Alternator and generator components Starter & Dynastarter components Cross reference list Alternator & Generator components Starter & Dynastarter components Electrical Parts & Engine management Lighting Application guide Workshop consumables and tools For Electrical Parts & Engine management A/C Compressors A/C Compressors Components 21

22 HC-CARGO Sales Support
Posters Brochures Sales Campaigns Promotional materials and merchandising 22

23 HC-CARGO E-Cat On the website, with its clear, modern design, workshops, drivers and wholesalers will find everything they need to know about HC-CARGO and its broad product range. The simple navigation and intuitive user interface lead you straight to the information you are looking for Search via... HC-CARGO numbers HC-CARGO product groups Vehicle Application OE-numbers KBA number Number plate (DK) Get access to Catalogues & brochures E-Commerce Contact information And much more... 23

24 HC-CARGO E-Commerce E-Commerce available 24/7 Search via…
E-Commerce available 24/7 Search via… HC-CARGO numbers HC-CARGO product groups Application list OE-numbers KBA number Get access to… Product data sheets & photos Breakdown lists / Bill of materials (BOM) Your invoices Your backorders HC-CARGO PDF catalogues Place your order directly 24

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