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2 Слайд 1 TYUMEN REGION IS YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER! Company nameProducts Nonprofit partnership Association of Mechanical Engineers of Tyumen Region tel.: (3452) 54-60-02, 54-60-29 tel./fax: (3452) 54-60-68 President – Viktor Grigorevich Kulchikhin 1. ОАО Tyumen Accumulator Industrial Enterprise 625000, ulitsa Yamskaya, dom 103, Tyumen tel./fax: (3452) 43-41-73 (3452) 43-46-13 CEO – Alexander Vasilevich Korelyakov Starter lead-acid battery Traction cast-in battery with multilayer electrodes (includes spare parts) Traction battery with multilayer electrodes (includes electrolyte and spare parts) Diesel locomotive battery (includes spare parts but does not include electrolyte) Stationary battery (includes spare parts but does not include electrolyte) Polyethylene film Europallet Battery body and parts Packing boxes Laundry hamper and piece-products basket

3 Слайд 2 Company nameProducts 2. ОАО Tyumen engine-builders 625019, Tyumen tel.: (3452) 54-60-02, 54-60-29 tel./fax: (3452) 54-60-68 e-mail: CEO – Viktor Grigorevich Kulchikhin Consumer goods: Clutch for Moskvich vehicles (clutch driven and clutch pressure plate, crankcase) Clutch for Zhiguli vehicles (clutch driven and clutch pressure plate) Clutch for KamAZ vehicles (clutch driven and clutch pressure plate, handwheel) Clutch for GAZ-53 vehicles (clutch driven plate) Trunks for VAZ, Moskvich, Tavriya, GAZ, Niva and UAZ vehicles Aviation equipment: Engine for aircraft RU 19А-300, production and repair Medical equipment: Hospital multifunctional beds Hospital beds for kids Log-processing equipment: Bandsaw machines Filing machines Log band saws models L-5200, 4020, 3570; production and repair Oil and gas production equipment: Increasing gear МА 054007-01 Bearing assembly for GP station Cement pump seat valve for 9GM unit UHB B1- 160/40 Protectors (lassal sleeve) Back pressure valves and air-valves Sucker rod elevator ESH-10, 15; Pipe elevator ETА-50, 60 Wellhead sealer; Elevators Small-size blowout preventers Shackle hook КP-10, 15; Crossover yoke SP-15 Tightening unit series КGО2, 1 Sucker rod wiper sealer GОSHА 000SB Seat valve F130, 80; Spanner wrench set from S 17 till S 55 TYUMEN REGION IS YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER!

4 Слайд 3 TYUMEN REGION IS YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER! Company nameProducts 3. PII ОАО Gazturboservice 625014, pl. Khutoryanskogo, dom 1, Tyumen tel./fax: (3452) 21-34-74 CEO – Vladimir Alekseevich Nemkov Full repair and maintenance of: gas-turbine engine DR59, DZH59, DG90, DTS59 gas-compressor unit series GPA-10, GPA-10-01 All types of bearing assembly for АVО gas Flexible metal hoses of different length and diameter Tubular electric heater used in gas compressor units Different types of electric wiring harnesses; Powered barrow TS-350 Spare parts and single use parts (fastening parts, metal, cooper, aluminum, paronite joint packing), mechanical rubber products Structural components and their gas compressor parts including turbine and nozzle blade Jointing insertion piece from a multicomposite materials by powder metallurgical technique 4. Experimental Factory TyumenNIIgiprogas 625019, ulitsa Vorovskogo, dom 2, Tyumen tel.: (3452) 28-43-35 e-mail: CEO – Konstantin Eduardovich Volkov Flare unit Starting and fuel gas treatment blocks Skid-mounted products Modular boiler type oil heater Gas-distribution station Gas control unit Gas treatment unit Gas filter for treatment of non-aggressive gases

5 Слайд 4 TYUMEN REGION IS YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER! Company nameProducts 5. ОАО Neftemash 625003, ulitsa Voennaya, dom 44, Tyumen tel./fax: (3452) 43-01-03 (3452) 43-22-13 e-mail: CEO – Nikolai Semyonovich Nedosekov Deputy Director of Marketing - Sergei Nikolaevich Bakhty Equipment for systems of formation pressure maintenance: Water control valve stack Du50, Ru250 Water injection station Relift pumping plant Low-voltage package module Chemical plants: Electric supply enclosure of pump batching of inhibitor Methanol batching and injection block Reactant dosage batching and corrosion deemulsifier block Fire-fighting block Oil production and distribution equipment: Jet pumping module Pumping station for wells Unit of oil production by ejector jet pump Pumping transfer station from TSNS starting from 38/132 up to 180/340 Automated booster pipeline pumping station Group Metering Station Sputnik Skid-mounted products Equipment for development of PRS and KRS: Portable multipurpose unit for exploration and development of oil wells Well-killing fluid treatment unit Well servicing portable platform Chemical injection unit Pressure manifold valve Water purification equipment: Binding unit for water supply wells Drinking water supply unit

6 Слайд 5 TYUMEN REGION IS YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER! Company nameProducts 6. ОАО Sibneftegazmash Factory 625017, ulitsa Yamskaya, dom 105, Tyumen tel./fax: (3452) 43-21-79 CEO – Yuri Nikolaevich Dudoev Parallel-faced rising-stem and not rising- stem valves ZM-65/21, ZSМ-65/35, ZPU-150/21 Cross-type Christmas tree Wellhead systems ОКК1, 2 Mechanical rotary RМ-200 Well flushing equipment set KOPS Twisted and straight reamers KS, K Well servicing tong КМ-450 Casing head ОКК1-146/219-21 Casing head with manifold Perforating valve ZPU150/21.000.ОА Adapter subs P76/76P76/76-1 7. ОАО Sibneftegazmash Tyumen, ab/yashchik 468 tel./fax: (3452) 76-23-19 (3452) 76-23-00 e-mail: CEO – Oleg Aleksandrovich Fedorovskikh Packer Cement pump TSN 26-32 Cable automatic takeup ANK Coil for heater model PTB-10 Underground drainage tank with heater EPP model and without Round-ended cylinders models PGS 3, 5 Tong KSHN-29 Shoes BКМ Gear box shaft SKN Container filling station KAZS Heat generator ТGP-1 Knee-ball (КSH2) Joint BRS2 Spring centralizer TSTS-2 Pipeline fittings Average-refining reservoir Antisiphon skirt UP-1 Well swabbing equipment set SVAB

7 Слайд 6 TYUMEN REGION IS YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER! Company nameProducts 8. ОАО Factory of Geology- prospecting Equipment and Machinery (ОАО GROM) 625031, ulitsa Druzhbi, dom 130, а/yashchik 1590, Tyumen tel.: (3452) 47-28-98 fax: (3452) 47-29-22 e-mail: CEO – Aleksander Pavlovich Fedin Manager of Marketing and Commerce Department - Leonid Pavlovich Kiselyov tel.: (3452) 47-25-80 Oil and gas production equipment: Preventers (rod BOP and small-sized) Stabbing valves for prompt shutdown and hermetization of drilling tool tubing line Throttle locking device Vertical sludge pump Well drilling rig complex with circulating system Shale shaker Heating equipment: Steel water boiler High-pressure burner for liquid fuel Storage containers for light and dark oil products 9. ОАО Tyumen Ship Building and Repair Facility 625038, ulitsa Sudoremontnaya, dom, 1а, Tyumen tel./fax: (3452) 45-91-79 (3452) 45-91-67 (3452) 45-95-63 e-mail: CEO – Yuri Alekseevich Fillipov Floating pumping station Heating pavilion Construction jacks Fishing boats Budarki B-7 Prefabricated window units of metal profile Berthage unit Vessels repair Vessels propulsion shaft Blades (right and left ones) Hot elevators conveyer bucket of asphalt mixing plant (DS 117--2к. 4103010) Asphalt mixing plant ABZ (DS- 158.451028/83) Hand-held tube bender D= 15-25 мм Products for oil and gas recovering facility: Oil-storage tank V 70,50,100 м 3 Barge with weight limit from 100-1000 ton Non-self-propelled oil transfer station

8 Слайд 7 TYUMEN REGION IS YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER! Company nameProducts 10. NPP SibBurMash 625031, ulitsa Veteranov truda, dom 58а, Tyumen а/ya 2997 tel.: (3452) 47-25-86 CEO – Bulat Yusupovich Khairullin Oil-field and drilling equipment: Small-sized pipe preventer Estuarine sealer Junk retriever Stabbing valve Shutdown valve Hydraulic jack Well casing equipment Emergency tools Services in sphere of deep drilling including core screening and its analysis 11.ОАО Factory of Block and Unit Devices 625014, ulitsa Respubliki, dom 252, Tyumen tel./fax: (3452) 21-48-28 (3452) 21-34-00 e-mail: CEO– Aleksander Vladimirovich Mukhametkulov Sales Department tel.: (3452) 21-26-16, 21-36-46 Marketing Department tel.: (3452) 21-42-56 e-mail: Pumping constructions: Circulating pump system Pump block with pump machine Block and unit devices: Gas filter enclosure box, gas regulating point Heating facilities and supplies: Boilers, burners, boiler houses Water treatment plant, water piping plant and fire fighting plant Sewage treatment plant and treated sewage pumping station Power supply objects Transformer substations Vehicle air heating unit Air compressor Diesel power station Cottages, hostels with 20-80 rooms

9 Слайд 8 TYUMEN REGION IS YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER! Company nameProducts 12. ОАО Neftemash Factory 625013, ulitsa 50 let Oktyabrya, dom 63, Tyumen tel./fax: (3452) 41-67-49 (3452) 41-67-30 e-mail: CEO – Azad Kamalovich Babaev Products for oil and gas recovering facilities: Cylindrical reservoir for oil products (products storage temperature ranges from +194 F to -40 F. Outside air temperature limits range from 86 F to -85 F) Casing head Christmas tree and discharge fitting High-pressure fitting Angel valve Turbine spare parts DOD spare parts (gear-type clutch, VDN) Feeding pump spare parts Rubber-technical products Orders for Tyumenenergo, TEAR Air conditioner КТА2-5 model Ball cleaning system Chipping-milling machine Heating unit АО-1000/750 Instruments and fittings Labor-saving tools Repair of electric equipment 13. ОАО Zavodoukovsky Machine Building Factory 627100, ulitsa Zavodskaya, dom 1, Tyumenskaya oblast, Zavodoukovsk tel./fax: 8(34542) 23-239, 23-478 e-mail: CEO – Sergei Alekseevich Gordeev Products for oil and gas recoverig facility: Portable houses series Kedr; more than 500 modifications

10 Слайд 9 TYUMEN REGION IS YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER! Company nameProducts 14.ОАО Testing Factory Electron 625016, ulitsa Novatorov, dom 12, Tyumen tel./fax: (3452) 52-11-00, 52-11-01 e-mail: CEO – Vladimir Vladimirovich Zhezhelenko Marketing Department tel.: (3452) 52-11-11 e-mail: Cold and hot water meters Rubber-technical products Heat and water meters Dimetik 9415 model Gas and steam meters Dimetik 9421model Products for oil and gas recoverig facility: Repair and maintenance service units KRTO Control and monitoring station PKU for oil industry project sites Automated group measure unit АGZU А-400 Automation unit BА Automation post PVST plug Flow sensors DRS.М и DRS Vortex ultrasound water meter SBU including flow sensor DRS Portable unit model Sever Checkpoint unit; MPU-1,2 Rotational complex of 26 units (unit measurements are 3m/9.8ft² x 5m²/16.4ft²) Oil fluid phase indicator IFS Fuel station AZK 15.ОАО IPF Sibnefteavtomatika 625014, ulitsa Novatorov, dom 14, Tyumen tel./fax: (3452) 21-07-50 (4352) 21-13-39 e-mail: CEO – Genrikh Saakovich Abramov Deputy Director – Vyacheslav Renatovich Zulkarnaev Instrumental products: Liquid flow sensor Cold and hot water flowmeter Gas flow sensor, steam flow sensor Gas flow sensor evaluator Installation elements Gas meter Spare parts for meter and sensor Modular equipment sets: UZM, UUN, RU-200, UZM Equipment to measure while drilling SIB-1 Products for oil and gas recoverig facility: Oil quality control unit Group metering station Bottom hole inclinometric system Repair unit ZIS-4, МАК-01

11 Слайд 10 TYUMEN REGION IS YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER! Company nameProducts 16.ОАО Tyumen Experimental Plant of Geology-prospecting Equipment 625031, аb/yashchik 1587, ulitsa Druzhbi, dom 124, Tyumen tel.: (3452) 47-25-93, 47-25-94 e-mail: CEO - Aleksei Pavlovich Okunev Downhole hardware and equipment Logging unit Mega Geotechnological research and gas logging unit MEGA AMT Grouting process control unit SKTSМЕGA-ТАМPОNАZH Perforation equipment Equipment for graphical information system (GIS) Densitometer Welding equipment 17.ОАО Geotron 625013, ulitsa Energetikov, dom 53, Tyumen tel./fax: (3452) 32-34-23 e-mail: CEO – Aleksander Sergeevich Savelev Products for oil and gas recovering facility: Well module (primary, transitional, for flow meter, neutron, engineering, for densitometer) Offset digital display unit BTSI Magnetic mark detector (DMM) Measuring wheel sensor DМR Tensiometer DN Nose piece NKB Borehole tool of nuclear logging Borehole equipment Swabbing wellhead equipment UOS, UOG Integrated unit for technical control of wells and borehole equipment (without surface instrument) Perforation control equipment (without surface instrument) 18. ОАО YUTair-Engineering 625025, Airport Plekhanovo, Tyumen tel./fax: (3452) 43-23-73, 43-21-51 CEO – Gennady Vafayevich Galiakhmetov Repair of helicopters and aircrafts

12 Слайд 11 TYUMEN REGION IS YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER! ОАО Zapsibgazprom 19.ОАО Ishimsky Machine Building Factory 627400, ulitsa Lenina, dom 81, Tyumenskaya oblast, Ishim tel./fax: (34551) 2-36-70, 2-16-60 e-mail: CEO – Rashit Muzagitovich Sabirov Products for oil and gas recoverig facility: Tractor trailer based water reservoir (GSМ) Transportable loading gangways Relocatable houses (mobile houses: sauna, bathing rooms, drying rooms, doghouses, tools) Tractor trailers and semitrailers Special-purpose trailers and others Excavation machinery and its spare parts (Vibratory cable layer) 20. ОАО Tyumen - Diesel 625026, ulitsa Kharkovskaya, dom 72, Tyumen tel./fax: (3452) 41-56-86 CEO– Sergei Mikhailovich Khvesko Different purpose steel constructions Boiler houses Котельные with capacity up to 1МВт and higher Different purpose enclose-boxes Water purifying systems 21. ZАО Sibshbank 625059, Velizhansky trakt 6 th km, Tyumen tel.: (3452) 59-28-65, 59-28-62 e-mail: CEO - Sergei Viktorovich Menshchikov Infrared emitters 22. ZАО SIBS Welding Electrodes Factory 625059, Tyumen, аb/yashchik 2860, North-Eastern Industrial Hub, 6 th km Velizhanskogo trakta tel./fax: (3452) 28-45-03 e-mail: CEO – Oleg Petrovich Ostapchuk Production of the following brand electrodes: BH- 02-00, ОК 46.00, ОК 48.04, ОК 53.70, BH-01- 00, SЕ-03 (stainless steel), SЕ-04 (cast iron). Different brands nails.

13 Слайд 12 TYUMEN REGION IS YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER! Company NameProducts 23. ZАО Sibgazapparat 625059, аb/yashchik 2836, Velizhansky trakt 6 th km, Tyumen, tel./fax: (3452) 28-45-73 CEO – Andrei Vladimirovich Peregontsev Polyethylene pressure pipe Angel for underground gas pipelines T-bend for underground pipelines Flange sleeve for underground pipeline Coupling with embedded electric heaters Underground pipeline blind joint Underground pipeline crossing Gas boiler 24. ОАО Tisma 625034, ulitsa Kamchatskaya, dom 198, Tyumen tel.: (3452) 48-22-84, 48-25-92 CEO – Mikhail Yurevich Erin Heat-insulating products made of glass rayon staple (mats, slabs) 25. ZАО Sibpromkomplekt 625014, ulitsa Respubliki, dom 250, Tyumen tel./fax: (3452) 21-15-05 e-mail: CEO – Gennady Aleksandrovich Razmazin Pipe insulations (different diameter, length 29.5 – 39.4 ft Corner elbows from 15˚ to 90˚ with 5˚ step Z-shaped elements Equal and unequal tees, crossings Fixed and slide bearings Starting compensators Isolation valves End plugs for steel pipes Isolation components for butt joints Rubber sleeves for passage of pipelines in walls and fundamental building constructions Custom order shaped objects

14 Слайд 13 TYUMEN REGION IS YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER! Company NameProducts 26.ZAO Alkor 625017, ulitsa Akkumulyatornaya, dom 8, Tyumen tel./fax: (3452) 43-45-13 CEO – Vladimir Nikolaevich Galanov Accumulator Reinforced concrete structures: Floor structure Slab plate Internal partition Water wells concrete rim Water well lid Double-layered wall Garage wall panel Semi-frame base Foundation block Pile retaining wall Road slab Premixed concrete and mortar 27. ООО Sibir Trailer 625014, ulitsa Chekistov, dom 2а, Tyumen tel./fax: (3452) 21-44- 42 e-mail: CEO – Eduard Oskarovich Nett Trailer and semi-trailer type trucks for transportation of wheeled caterpillar and road-building machinery, oversized, heavy and long items, pipes, lumber and bulk materials 28.ОАО Tyumengazstroimash 625014, ulitsa Chekistov, dom 2а, Tyumen tel./fax: (3452) 21-44-42 CEO - Eduard Oskarovich Nett The overhaul of road-building machinery centers: Tandem hydraulic pumps Hydraulic control valves Motion gear Track roller EО-4125 Engines А-01м; Track rollers Т-130 Hydraulic motors Engines Kamatsu Caterpillars Kamatsu Track rollers and carrier rollers Kamatsu Hydraulic cylinders Kato Track rollers and carrier rollers Kato Caterpillars Hitachi

15 Слайд 14 TYUMEN REGION IS YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER! Company NameProducts 29.ZАО Tyumen Equipment Production Factory 625023, ulitsa Odesskaya, dom 23, Tyumen tel./fax: (3452) 41-40-89 CEO – Marat Anvarovich Azamatov Sales Department tel.: (3452) 41-53-73 OMTS tel.: (3452) 414-218 Grocery scale RN-10TS13U (weight limit 10kg/22lbs) Digital grocery scale (weight limit 6kg/13.2lbs) Weighbridge (weight limit from 100kg/220lbs up to 1t/2200lbs) Dial scale (weight limit 200кг/440lbs) Gauge pressure transmitter GAZ-DI Roman balance Set of scale weights Connection case SHPN-04 Medicine cabinet (physio) Surgical shield SHHR-1 Different technological equipment Switching units, NKU, АVR AVRE (by pieces) Nonstandard equipment and accessories High-voltage shield SHV-1 30.ООО PО Tyumen Machine Tool Factory 625014, Gilevskaya Roshcha, dom 4, Tyumen tel./fax: (3452) 52-22-69 e-mail: CEO – Kim Kimovich Dubasov Woodworking machines: TSDK5-4 machine tool TSDK5-3 machine tool TSKB40-01 – crosscut table-saw TSA-2А-1 machine tool TS6-3 – radial saw machine TSMKD-28 –Multiple saw for logs SFSH-1Т – milling machine SFSH-17 – manufacturing machine SPF4-40 – panning and milling machine SKN-1 – table-based combo machine Boiler equipment: Boilers models КVzhТ and КVТ Hot-water shell boiler model КVТ with PКR heating system Hot-water boiler model КVТ with deflagrating heating system Other products: Iron casting (grilles, furnace casting, drain covers, machine tool casting) Gas pipelines fittings

16 Слайд 15 TYUMEN REGION IS YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER! Company NameProducts 31. ОАО Yalutorovsk Automobile Factory 627013, ulitsa Sovetskaya, dom 9, Tyumenskaya oblast, Yalutorovsk tel./fax: (34535) 22-575, 23-215 e-mail: CEO – Denis Grigorevich Kaigorodov Cars repair Auto engines repair Production of repair parts for vehicles GAZ-51, ZMZ-53, UAZ, GAZ-24, 52, 53: Bent shafts, cylinder sleeves (without bucket, with bucket, with bucket and annular collar) Cylinder gaskets, wheel disks Driven clutche, gearbox housing Assembled transmissions for UAZ, hand break drum Upright drill press 2N125L Table-based machine unit SN-10 Table and machine vices Turbine pump Manholes (for gas transmission networks or Sewage purposes) Disk roller ZKKSH-6 and its repair parts Iron casting, furnace casting and ironwork Products for oil and gas recovering facility: Cylindrical reservoirs for storage of oil products (capacity from 10 to 75 м 3 ) 32. Tyumen Shipbuilding Factory; Branch of ZАО Uralmash Drilling Equipment 625048, ulitsa Novgorodskaya, dom 10, Tyumen tel.: (3452) 28-90-03, 28-90-04 fax: (3452) 44-52-93 e-mail: tsz@tsz Director – Vladimir Vladimirovich Ermoshenko Ural understructure based machinery unit 1LSG-10 for borehole works Ural understructure based machinery unit APRS-40У for performance of round trip operations during the repair works AMYR understructure based machinery unit 1LS-6-01(diesel engine) for pressure transient tests Trailer model FP9 for 8 people Steel constructions

17 Слайд 16 TYUMEN REGION IS YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER! Company NameProducts 33. ОАО Tyumenremdormash 625061, s. Utyashevo, Tyumen tel./fax: (3452) 46-16-82 (3452) 59-32-51 CEO – Vyacheslav Vasilevich Ragozin Grader knife Traffic sign Road sign Zinked guard railing Broom Road marking paint Sand spreader Node for asphalt-mixing machine USA-50 34. Branch Ishim Mechanical Factory ОАО RZHD 627755, ultsa Krasina, dom 2, Tyumenskaya oblast, Ishim tel./fax: (34551) 66-276 CEO – Evgeny Aleksandrovich Fedorenko Locomotive repair parts: Gear Fan Radiator section Heating section of calorifier and other items Electromotive repair parts: Gears (6 kinds) 35.ОАО Ishimselmash 627400, ulitsa Osipenko, dom 35, Tyumenskaya oblast, Ishim tel./fax: (34551) 73-260 CEO – Pavel Vladimirovich Suprun High-pressure hose for hydraulics Spring Clutch coupling base Garden watering pot Ironing board Flask trolley Harvester tape ZHVN-6 Garage lock Repair parts for vehicle Moskvich and Zaporozhets Wooden headboard bed 36.ZАО Tyumentorgtehnika 625032, ulitsa Pakhomenko, dom 54, Tyumen tel./fax: (3452) 24-34-23 CEO – V.A. Sidelnikov Repair, mounting and technical support services for commercial equipment

18 Слайд 17 TYUMEN REGION IS YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER! Company NameProducts 37.ООО Tyumen UPP Sibir of All Russia Association of Blind 625048, ulitsa Melnichnaya, dom 19, Tyumen tel./fax: (3452) 44-26-94 CEO – Aleksei Feodorovich Gubanov Cardboard and paper made products (pizza boxes) Mattress Metal strainer FS-15 Window corner FM Multi-angular cap Cap screw Cord PVS 3х0,75m Cable 101 Resistor B115 Inserts; packaging materials and plastic bags 38. ZАО Vodolei tel.: (3452) 46-90-54 fax: (3452) 46-92-13 CEO – Georgy Georgievich Chistyakov Offset Bottom Extension bar Tee joint 39. ООО Yugson-service Moskovsky trakt, 149/3, Tyumen tel.: (3452) 30-69-73, 30-69-74 CEO– Anatoly Mikhailovich Kireev Traffic center Bag PRG 40. ОАО Golyshmanovoremtekhpred 627300, ulitsa Komsomolskaya, dom 179, Tyumenskaya oblast, Golyshmanovo tel.: (34546) 25-734 Director – Vasily Petrovich Buzankin Knives 2m, 1m, 5m Needle GVK-6 Rake GP-6 Wheel GVK PKU-0,8 Agitator needle Conveyors (KSS2,6, KSK100, KTU-10) Conveyer chain Boots for continuous seeding Rake tooth for GP 14 Screens for combine harvester Niva and Enisei Platform tape ZHVN-6

19 Слайд 18 TYUMEN REGION IS YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER! Company NameProducts 41. ZАО Kedr-Marketing 627100, ulitsa Zavodskaya, dom 1, Zavodoukovsk CEO – Andrei Anatolevich Ryabov tel. 8 (242) 2-12-04 Spider billet 42. ZАО Tyumensudokomplekt 625047, p. Antipino, аb/yashchik 2196, Tyumen tel.: (3452) 28-44-44 CEO – Yury Anatolevich Zlobin Push towboat Official-use, recreational and special needs yachts Dumb barges Fish processing factories 43.ООО MashTrade 625014, ulitsa Chekistov, dom 37А, Tyumen tel.: (3452) 21-38-95 Director – Oleg Nikolaevich Gorbunov Equipment used in transformer power stations Valves and parts used for oil well production and assembly of gas turbines Components for metallurgical rolling mills Metal production units for reinforced concrete structures Well sealing devices to maintain isolation valves Coast protecting structures Bases for rotating platforms of radio- controlled cranes Residential and business buildings stairways 44. ZАО Leader 625002, ulitsa Tsiolkovskogo, dom 1, Tyumen tel.: (3452) 24-13-96 fax: (3452) 46-17-87 CEO – Sergei Vasilevich Semenets Pre-start electric heaters Engines for passenger cars, medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks

20 Слайд 19 TYUMEN REGION IS YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER! Company NameProducts 45. ООО Experimental Factory TyumenNIIgiprogas 625047, p. Antipino, аb/yashchik 1497 tel.: (3452) 28-43-35, 28-43-92 e-mail: CEO – Konstantin Eduardovich Volkov Gas fitting Flare unit Modular gas-distribution point Gas-distribution station Oil and gas heater Gas treatment facility Drinking water preparation station 46.ОАО Tyumen Factory of Medical Equipment and Instruments 625035, ulitsa Respubliki, dom 205, Tyumen tel./fax: (3452) 32-08-18 fax: (3452) 21-15-97 e-mail: CEO – Natalya Gennadevna Pozdnyakova Head of Foreign-Economic Affairs Department – Vladimir Andreevich Foteev tel.: (3452) 32-07-82 e-mail: One-time use medical syringes Luer One-time use medical needles Luer Sterilizers and sterilizing unit One-time use catheters (all kinds) Blood collection and transfusion unit Treatment table Medical-treatment cabinet Distiller Household purpose polyethylene products Metal tank 47. ОАО Tyumen Chemico- pharmaceutical Factory 625005, ulitsa Beregovaya, dom 24, Tyumen tel.: (3452) 46-19-74, ф. 462-350 E-mail: More than 60 kinds of medicine 48. ОАО YugraFarm 625059, 7 th km of Velizhanskogo trakta, dom 2, Tyumen tel.: (3452) 28-45-50, 28-45-52 e-mail: CEO – Sergei Fedorovich Valigun Pharmaceutical manufacturing

21 Слайд 20 TYUMEN REGION IS YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER! Company NameProducts 49.FGUP Prosthetic and Orthopedic Appliances Enterprise 625023, ulitsa Odesskaya, dom 35, Tyumen tel.: (3452) 41-15-93, 41-17-76 Director – Andrei Vyacheslavovich Smirnov Prosthetic and orthopedic appliances

22 For further information contact: Vladislav Leonidovich Chernov Head of Department of Foreign and trans-regional Affairs Tel. (3452) 296-315 Fax (3452) 296-486 E-mail Our address: 625003, ulitsa Respubliki, dom 24, Tyumen


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