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EBS Service Management

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1 EBS Service Management
Welcome – today we are going to talk about capabilities of Oracle to address the needs of Customer Service. Field Service, Depot Repair Overview Presentation to NOOAUG, October 14, 2008 Steven Moses Principal CRM Sales Consultant, Oracle

2 Safe Harbor Statement The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decision. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

3 Agenda Service Management – Business Challenge Solution Overview
Field Service Depot Repair R12 Enhancements

4 Agenda Service Management – Business Challenge Solution Overview
Field Service Depot Repair R12 Enhancements

5 Service Management: At-a-Glance
Resource & Parts Planning Dispatch & Repair Closeout & Billing Identify and Capture Issues Create Work Orders Optimize Technician & Resource Schedules Assign Inventory Dispatch Technicians Repair / Resolve Issue On-Site Debrief on Time and Materials Create and Send Invoice Reconcile Inventory “For manufacturing clients, product service accounts for 24% of the revenue and 45% of the profit with 20% of the IT investment of sales.” -- Research highlighting the importance of Field Service Management

6 Service Management Scope
Preventative Maintenance Lifecycle Management Asset Optimization, Availability Asset Management Inventory Management Parts Demand Mgmt Fulfilment Operations Service Parts CRM Call Center Case Management Cross-sell, Upsell Business Intelligence Repair, Return, Warranties Service Contracts Reverse Logistics Refurbish, Recall, Remanufacture Claims Processing Entitlements Processing SLAs Mobile Technician Field Service Processes Routing, Directions Content Management Escalation Support Mobile Applications Technician Process Support Workforce Management Skills, Territories Scheduling Capacity Planning Sources: Accenture, Gartner

7 Service Management– A Key Opportunity Area
Improvement Area Industry Avg Best Practice % Change Revenues per Technician $178,000 $254,000 + 43% Pre-Tax Profit 18% 41% + 128% Utilization 55% 86% + 56% Cost per Site Visit $208 $143 - 69% Calls per Repair Completion 1.4 1.1 - 21% Repair Turnaround 5.8 days 3.2 days - 45% Logistics Oper. Costs as a % of Total Cost 13% 10% - 23% Source: D.F. Blumberg Associates and AFSMI High Tech Service Business Optimization Study

8 Agenda Service Management – Business Challenge Solution Overview
Field Service Depot Repair

9 Oracle Service Management Solution
Customer/Prod Info, Knowledge Base Secure Access Intelligence Rapid Resolution Channels Proactive Service Users Self-Service Field Service Delivery Options Self-Service Agent Assisted Depot Repair Agents Service Parts Logistics Identify & Verify Plan & Schedule Repair / Resolve Close & Bill Analysts Analyze Prioritize Debrief Workflow Automation Phone Contract Entitlements / Warranties Customers In Person Shipping / Receiving Orders & Cases Marketing Offers Inventory Invoices & Payments Mobile

10 Self- Service Enable Self-Service Allow Customers / Employees to Quickly Resolve Issues Capabilities Benefits Access at any time (24x7) View transactions (e.g. orders, returns, shipments, invoices) Update contact and product info Solve issues using forums and knowledge base Request live help Log issue using flexible service request options (e.g. employee service request against assets) Present marketing offers / up- & cross-sell Quickly resolve issues and inquiries Reduce number of issues logged Decrease call center interactions Ensure accuracy of customer information Promote lower cost service channels Increase service options Reduce support costs Today’s customers expect to be able to reach a company via phone, , or the web; they want 24x7 access to online views of their service request status, the ability to search for solutions to their issues, and the ability to update their own information. Providing such access for your customers with the Oracle iSupport product reduces the number of calls entering your call centers, increases customer satisfaction by allowing them to solve their own issues quickly with access to a knowledge base of solutions, and improves customer data accuracy by allowing them to update their own information. Additionally, self-service has been shown to cost 80% less than service through a call center.


12 Agent Assisted Response Simplify and Speed Resolution
Customer Customer Value Security / Access Routing and Assignments Rules & Policies Common Repository Customer Service Customer Info Transaction Info Knowledge Base Repair History Capture Issue Phone Resolve Issue Identify Solution / Web Match customers and agents based on business rules and policies Support any customer service need such as bills, orders, info requests, etc. Support efficient guided interactions with comprehensive scripting Effectively manage issues to meet contractual response time Provide CSR context and data for up- and cross-selling

13 Integrated Email Response
Multi-Channel Interaction Center Utilize Best-In-Class Tools and Technologies Agent Assisted Customers / Employees Web Collaboration Integrated Response Integrated Telephony Quickly and accurately provide response for seamless, “one touch” resolution Optionally hosted via Siebel Call Center on Demand Optionally integrate directly with 3rd party telephony systems Enable real-time agent access to remotely control customer’s PC desktop to diagnose and resolve issues Agents Scripted dialogue

14 Field Service Improve Field Operations Address Needs at Customer Preferred Place and Time Spare Parts Identify Resolution Needs Create Field Work Order Dispatch Field Technicians Optimize Schedule Resolve On-Site Allow Connected and Disconnected Mobile Capabilities View Customer and Issue Information Remotely Capture Product Usage from Field Debrief via Voice Invoice Customer Debrief

15 Agenda Service Management – Business Challenge Solution Overview
Field Service Depot Repair

16 Support Multiple Business Processes Address Virtually any Field Service Request through any Source
Self-Service Break-Fix Agent-Assisted Preventive Maintenance Sales Order Maintenance Schedule Deliver / Install Project Request Upgrade / Change Field Change Order Move Machine-to-Machine

17 Example: Break-Fix Minimize Customer Downtime
Track Promise Date, Manage Issues, Verify Entitlements Defective Product Self-Service Agent-Assisted Machine Notification Optimize & Dispatch Inspect & Repair Invoice and Bill Key Benefits: Correct part & skilled technician arrive together Quality service using predefined processes Bill customer properly factoring contracts Minimize repeat visits Return Parts

18 Dispatch Technicians & Perform PM
Example: Preventive Maintenance (PM) Support Advanced Scheduling Needs, Reduce Breakdowns Define programs (default schedule, resources, items) Sell program coverage through Service Contracts Forecast maintenance schedules Create PM Programs Auto-generate maintenance requests for execution Auto-schedule resources, including spare parts and equipment Optimize Schedule View customer and preventive maintenance work information remotely Execute maintenance work against established procedures Dispatch Technicians & Perform PM Remotely debrief time, labor and materials Invoice customer Feedback results to plan to adjust timing of next PM activity Debrief & Invoice

19 Resource Availability
Advanced Resource Scheduling Increase Customer Satisfaction and Service Output Business Processes Scheduling Criteria Field Repair Preventive Maintenance Inspections Installations Deliveries Field Change Orders Asset Location Resource Availability Resource Skills Schedule Optimization Spares Inventory Contracts/ Priority Travel Time Scheduling Options Dynamic Schedule Rebalancing Automatic schedule adjustment based on actual field activity Spares Inventory Check Real-time visibility to supply chain Appointment Booking Window-to-Promise Batch Scheduling Batch Optimization Optimized Schedule

20 Utilize Digital Maps to Route Reps Minimize Drive Time, Maximize Customer Face Time
Optimizing street-level routes enables you to: Drive service revenue by enabling maximum number of service visits for each service representative Drive cost reduction by reducing mileage, travel time, and cost Visualize via a rich map user interface

21 Intuitive cell nomenclature
Dispatch Center for Exception Scheduling Perform All Scheduling Activities in a Single Location Plan Board View Context sensitive menu options & pop-up screens Time zone toggle Alternate Gantt view Intuitive cell nomenclature Intuitive Cell Nomenclature CONFIDENTIAL: All capabilities and dates are for planning purposes only and may not be used in any contract

22 Dispatch Center for Exception Scheduling Perform All Scheduling Activities in a Single Location
Gantt View Icons for visual display of critical information Interactive Gantt (drag ‘n’ drop) Tool Tip for task details Alternate Plan view CONFIDENTIAL: All capabilities and dates are for planning purposes only and may not be used in any contract

23 Mobile Access for Technicians Communicate and Conduct Business Remotely
PDA Cell Phone Laptop Smartphone Rapidly access critical customer & product data Resolve issues quickly Increase efficiency Meet customer expectations Ensure accuracy of issue / repair status Enable escalations Connectivity Options Wireless Real Time Wireless Store & Forward Voice / IVR

24 Field Service Technician Portal HTML-Based, Easy to Use and Configure, Low Cost
Receive & complete job assignments Order, return, and receive spare parts Record labor, material, and expenses View & update installed base configuration Update SR info real-time Create SR and follow-up task

25 Interactive Information Capture Record Results of Key Service Request Tasks
Signature Capture Additional Tasks: Obtain driving directions and maps Access knowledge base View on-hand inventory Self-Scheduling Task Debrief Task Completion

26 Service Parts Management Reduce Inventory Costs and Resolution Time
Requirements Tracking Delivery / Reverse Logistics Service Parts Planning Supplier Purchase Orders Parts Production Equipment Planner Warehouse Technician Part Req’s Move Order Parts Assignments / orders based on: 1st: Excess inventory 2nd: Defective part repair Last: New buy of parts Automatic replenishment Advanced parts search Multi-echelon, multi-org considerations Emergency / priority part orders & tracking Parts recovery Technician usage Installed base Customer svc levels Delivery costs Lead times Safety stocks

27 Other Recommendations
Service Parts Planning Ensure Parts are Available Where and When Needed Input Output On-Order Forecast Planning Parameters Usage History Defective Returns Supersessions Inventory Planned Orders Excess Repair New-Buy SPP Engine Other Recommendations Excess on-order Reschedules Unutilized inventory Review superseded parts

28 Warehouse Replenishment Planning Utilize a Time-Phased View of Planning Recommendations
Recommendations made by Spares Mgmt -- Transfer excess parts from other warehouses; Repair parts; Buy new parts What is currently on order and how it will affect the future balance Total forecasted requirements for part at this warehouse Time-Phased View

29 Integrated Reverse Logistics Effectively Return Broken / Used Parts for Disposition
New Buy from Supplier Usable Parts Flow to Technician Central Warehouse Usable Regional Warehouses Usable Metro Warehouses Usable Field Technicians Usable Supplier Repair Execution Customer Installed Base Excess Parts Flow Central Warehouse Defective Regional Warehouses Defective Metro Warehouses Defective Field Technicians Defective Defective Parts Flow Defective service parts first consolidated Planning / demand triggers repair of parts Support for one-off product repair Supersessions to repair down-level parts Advanced exchange repair option Enable repair order tracking

30 Demonstration Dispatch Center Debrief

31 Agenda Service Management – Business Challenge Solution Overview
Field Service Depot Repair

32 Manage Product Returns Support Complete Logistics & Repair Processing Needs
Depot Repair Direct Product Return Identify Resolution Needs Generate RMA Depot Repair Receive and Inspect Estimate and Approve Plan and Schedule Repair, Refurbish, Reclaim Debrief and Bill Store, Ship Exchanges Identify Resolution Needs Send Loaner or Exchange Shipping / Receiving Contracts Mfg & Inventory Human Resources Billing Leverage Proven Processes & Procedures to Ensure Quality Enable Third Party Repair Processes Track Repair Status and Actual Costs Automatically Update Product Configuration and Repair History

33 Example: Loaner, Repair and Return Minimize Customer Downtime
Track Promise Date, Manage Issues Receive Defective Product Ship Loaner Inspect & Repair Ship Product Receive Loaner Key Benefits: Quality Repairs Using Predefined Processes Maintain Customer Productivity Track All Product Activities Within a Single Repair Order

34 Example: Advanced Exchange Resolve Customer Product Issue
Customer Involvement Depot Internal Processing Receive Defective Product Ship Exchange Bulk Process Return to Inventory Refurbish Key Benefits: Resolve Customer Issues Quickly Process Defects in Bulk for Scrap or Refurbishment Scrap

35 Estimate and Approve Work Ensure Agreement Between Customer and Depot
Initial Estimate Provide an estimate to customer before receiving product Leverage historical repair information Receive and Inspect Product Receive customer product Perform visual inspection Revise Estimate Provide an updated estimate to customer after receiving product Obtain customer approval before starting repair work Repair Product Repair using predefined procedures Compare Charges Compare estimate to actual charges Notify customer of concerns

36 Execute Repair Steps and Procedures Use Proven Processes to Ensure Quality
Create repair job leveraging proven repair procedures List sequence of steps to be performed Identify associated material and labor hours Assign resources (personnel and equipment) Refer to technical reference documents for assistance Update inventory for accurate product tracking

37 Example: Centralized Repair Processing Perform All Functions through Single Workbench
Customer initiates service request Auto-create logistics lines based on repair type Support multiple repair orders per service request View repair order details CONFIDENTIAL: All capabilities and dates are for planning purposes only and may not be used in any contract

38 Example: Role-Based Repair Execution Evaluate, Execute and Debrief Repair with Minimal Clicks
Select and complete repair steps Evaluate Debrief Act on most common requirements Issue materials and resources CONFIDENTIAL: All capabilities and dates are for planning purposes only and may not be used in any contract

39 Manage Logistics Execute and Monitor Product Movement Efficiently
Monitor product status (returns, exchanges, loaners, and replacements) Auto-create RMA (Return Material Authorization) and ship lines using repair types Track serialized products to prevent product mix-up Process RMA and ship lines Automatically update installed base upon shipping and receiving

40 Depot Logistics Tab Track Product Movement and Status
View latest product status Auto-create RMA and ship lines based on repair type Receive and ship products seamlessly Enable cradle-to-grave tracking using serial numbers and installed base

41 Bulk Receive with Exceptions Processing Track Product Movement and Status
Get items in house Automatic ownership transfer at time of receipt Exceptions processing Auto-create SR, ROs and RMAs Scan item information Resolve warnings before further processing

42 Invoice Customer Process Charges Quickly and Accurately
Understand Repair Effort Leverage knowledge base for historical information Ensure agreement between customer and depot Verify Contract Effectivity Apply appropriate discounts Update warranties Estimate Charges Process Entitlements Invoice Customer Debrief Record Repair Charges Debrief material, labor & expenses Compare actuals to estimate Notify customer of discrepancies Timely Billing Review charges Submit charges for invoicing Update Repository Update repair steps based on new data Modify resource requirements

43 Depot Repair – Bulk Orders
Demonstration Depot Repair – Bulk Orders

44 Agenda Service Management – Business Challenge Solution Overview
Field Service Depot Repair R12 Enhancements


46 Field Tech Admin Portal










56 Agenda Service Management – Business Challenge Solution Overview
Field Service Depot Repair R12 Enhancements Questions and Answers?


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