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Page 1 Intentia Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solution: The Fully Integrated Solution Kevin Thomas Intentia Central Europe

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1 Page 1 Intentia Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solution: The Fully Integrated Solution Kevin Thomas Intentia Central Europe

2 Page 2 Intentia Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solution: Can You Afford Not to Use IT? Kevin Thomas Intentia Central Europe

3 Page 3 Why Do You Need an EAM System? Competition is creating demands for increased asset availability Increased load on your maintenance team without any increase in the number of maintenance personnel Environmental, safety, legal and quality requirements are making compliance harder and more complex Your capital spending on replacement assets is being reduced You need to decrease expenditure on maintenance spare parts You need to make your maintenance purchasing more cost efficient

4 Page 4 What Does Intentia EAM Deliver? Improved asset availability and increased asset technical lifetime through an effective maintenance strategy Improved utilization from your maintenance resources through more effective planning Accurate, auditable information for internal, external and legal requirements Reduces your spending on maintenance spare parts replenishment by increasing the actual life of spare parts Long-term planning for spare parts requirements increases negotiation power and leads to better discounts or call-off agreements Proactive maintenance planning reduces expenditure on emergency purchasing

5 Page 5 It is FULLY integrated with your existing Movex solution Common user interface Consistent hardware and database solution Single software vendor Single point of support No interfaces Open integration with other solutions Why Should You Consider Intentias EAM Solution?

6 Page 6 Development of Intentia EAM Developed in 1998 with the following aims: Best-of-breed design Designed for full integration with Intentia ERP or other corporate systems Deep functionality – highly configurable Ease of use for maintenance – operations personnel Since 1998: 100% Java Web-based interface using Intentia Workplace Open interface for simple integration with third-party solutions (3000 interface points) Widely used in all types of industry (production plant, aviation, transportation, outsourced providers, facilities, utilities …)

7 Page 7 The Analysts View of Intentia EAM

8 Page 8 Intentia EAM Key Components Equipment & Component Structure Preventive Maintenance Work Order Processing Maintenance Performance and Costing Diagnostics Management

9 Page 9 Synchronized Maintenance & Production Planning RequestProjects Preventive Maintenance Breakdowns RequestsWork OrdersActionFeedbackAnalyze SRP ForecastActual ProposalManf. OrdersMakeReportAnalyze Financials Parts Labor Tools Purchase Maintenance Process Manufacturing Process Diagnostics Intentias Complete Solution to the Challenge of EAM

10 Page 10 Documentation Text Permits Diagnostics Technical data sheets Installation history Meter history Services/PM Work requests Work orders Work order history Statistics and costs Organization Factory 1 Factory 2 Production Unit 1 Production Unit 2 Mixer Unit Feed Pump Agitator Mixing Vessel Motor Lid Seal Bearing Outlet Valve Inlet Valve Brushes Line 1 Line 2 Costs and Statistics Extensive Asset Data

11 Page 11 EAM – Manufacturing Integration Manufacturing proposals used to forecast future equipment demand, and therefore maintenance requirements Actual manufacturing volumes used to update the equipment usage, and therefore fine tune the maintenance demand Manufacturing disturbances due to maintenance create maintenance requests Manual option to create maintenance requests from disturbances

12 Page 12 EAM – Warehouse and Procurement Management Extensive links between equipment and spare parts Long-term material requirements generated from scheduled maintenance Automatic material allocation when work is due Automated purchase proposals for non-stocked materials and sub-contract work Automated goods receiving from the maintenance planning functions with auto-work order closure after receipt Tracking of repairable equipment when sent for external repair Attribute management provides accurate costing for repaired equipment

13 Page 13 EAM – Finance Management Extensive accounting setup options Automated budget generation based on future maintenance requirements Actual cost transactions automatically fed into Movex financials Commitment costing for maintenance purchases

14 Page 14 EAM – HR Management Skills details used for automatic and manual allocation of employees to work requests and work orders Skills validity checks made Detailed employee calendars used for allocation and workload routines Personal rates can be used for work order and financial costing Skills searching from within the maintenance functions

15 Page 15 EAM – Project Management Generation of work requests directly from the Movex project module Cost updates from the maintenance application Status updates from the maintenance application

16 Page 16 EAM – Synchronized Planning Advanced maintenance and production planning with Intentia APP Download and upload of maintenance requests and work orders and associated information Full material and procurement plan simulation Automated override of the production plan for critical maintenance work Skills management from within APP Drag and drop maintenance work into the production plan

17 Page 17 Risk to My Existing Movex Installation? We are the authors and know our software better than anybody else Our consultants are experienced in implementing these types of configurations EAM mostly uses separate parameter files that do not impact your existing settings Accounting settings are in addition to your existing ones your existing ones are not changed

18 Page 18 What Are My Installation Options? < Version 11 RPG – Stand-alone version of Intentia EAM with an optional interface > Version 11 RPG – Full integrated All versions of Java – Fully integrated

19 Page 19 What About My Existing Asset & Maintenance Data? Features: Implementation is fast tracked; no need for extensive periods of data input Reduced clerical cost for input Fewer secondary errors from data input Data import includes: –Equipment / position structure –Service / PMs –Work order history Existing EAM System Data Existing EAM System Data Import into Movex Import into Movex Export to Common File Format Export to Common File Format Import to Movex Work Area Import to Movex Work Area Check and Improve Data/ Review Check and Improve Data/ Review

20 Page 20 Collect asset information (could simply be name and number) Collect preventive maintenance / service details Configuration, including numbering systems, accounting defaults, links to warehousing and procurement, maintenance-specific parameters, work order format Agreed upon procedures including: –Work requesting –Breakdown logging –Work planning –Work feedback –What analysis is required Typical timescales: –Small projects 3 – 6 months –Average projects 6 – 12 months –Large 12 – 18 months What Is a Typical Project and How Long Does it Take?

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