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ThyssenKrupp System Engineering Service

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1 ThyssenKrupp System Engineering Service
Customer Satisfaction is our Business

2 Our aim is to achieve complete customer satisfaction
Service Philosophy Philosophy Certificates We support our customers in the optimal use of their machines and equipment to ensure their commercial success. This support is founded on the continuous development of our comprehensive process model, meeting the highest quality demands and providing the flexibility of customer-specific product configuration. We live by the strong belief that long-term partnerships with our customers and employees can only sustain when they are based on trust and mutual respect. Quality DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 Management System IQNet ISO 9001:2000 International Certification Network for Quality Management System VDA 6.4 Quality Management System for production equipment TS Quality System Management for the parts supply automotive industry DIN EN ISO Environmental Management

3 The Know-how from the product departments flows back into Service Service Know-how
From the concept ... ... to the service. Know-how Transfer Customized Engineering Service ... along the realisation ... Engineering Initiation Project Management Automation Assembly

4 We speak our customers’ language
Service Centers worldwide

5 Our Service is an integral part of the divisions Product lines Service
Testing Solutions Assembly Systems Body in White Forming Dies Part Production Training Spare Parts Management Maintenance Operator Models Technology Consulting and Optimization Refitting, Relocation, C/S-KD Equipment

6 Clear processes for maximum learning success Product line Training
Performances Customer benefit Determine the Demand Profile Analyze the individual workplace Prepare the the training concept Compile the training concept Organize and execute the training activity Monitor success Training by an experienced service organization and equipment manufacturer Employee qualification meeting your demands High equipment efficiency High occuptional safety and employee satisfaction Quality Assurance Flexible staff utilization

7 Best practical knowledge for your employees Training References
Ablagepfad und Dateiname (manuell eintragen) Best practical knowledge for your employees Training References Training VW Golf IV in Uitenhage, South Africa Opel Zafira in Gliwice, Poland: Training of 800 workers in operating of control systems and systems engineering Die Maintenance Training at Vauxhall in Ellesmere Port, England Technician program UK: Training of employees in knowledge of preventive die maintenance Magna: Training of maintenance team in hemming technique (theory and practical experience) Magna: Concept- and techniques- training of project leaders ond project managers Maintenance/ Commissioning Training on Carrier assembly machines at GM in Silao, Mexiko

8 Our spare parts management reduces your needs to a minimum
Product line Spare Parts Management Performances Customer benefit Spare Parts Management Intelligent Spare Parts Management Early involvement in new equipment design phase Life-cycle oriented spare parts planning Consider semi-finished stages in spare parts production Provide overall solutions Service Contracts and Consignment Warehouse Minimized cost for spare parts management Guaranted spare part function at time of installation Identification of risk parts during pre-sales consultation Individual and customized warehousing conzept Flexible Warehouse Logistics Combine transport logistics with other customer activitys Selection and implementation of appropriate IT solutions Install spare parts warehouses with staff and qualified accounting system

9 Our spare parts management reduces your needs to a minimum
References Spare Parts Management Spare Parts Management Spare Parts Management Audi A3 Reduction of spare parts budget by more than 20% Standardizationof equipment designs; ABC part classification Service Contracts VW Lupo and Golf IV Wolfsburg and Brussels Delivery and installation of hemming steels within 48 h Consignment warehouse VW Transporter Hannover Installation of a spare parts warehouse with staff and qualified accounting system

10 To us, maintenance means to ensure your productivity
Product line Maintenance Maintenance Performances Customer benefit Develop parameters and target definitions Compile required processes for the service package Prepare implementation process Define the qualification profile and staff selection Provide the service while continually monitoring the parameters Provide feedback on experience to serve as input for process optimization Efficiency increase by availability optimization Turn fixed costs into variable costs ( personal costs) Focus on the core business Reduce complexity Flexibility in sourcing service packages Use of qualified procedures and methods Highly competent staff Transparency of performance and reults Prolonged warranty

11 To us, maintenance means to ensure your productivity
Maintenance References Maintenance Volkswagen Wolfsburg and Brussels Service contracts for hemming equipment and 48 hours spare parts service at Wolfsburg and Brussels Prepare checklists and inspection schedules. Porsche Zuffenhausen Maintenance assistance Integration of customer‘s staff into equipment maintenance. Service Center Daimler in Stuttgart 24/7 in-situ Service BMW X5 and Z4 in Spartanburg, USA Inspection Framing, Hemming technology, Lifting- and Rotating unit. Analysis of current situation. Prepare checklists and inspection schedules. Maintenance. Complete maintenance for Forming dies at Jaguar in Halewood, England. BIW equipment for Volkwagen in Kaluga, Russia.

12 Active support by central functions at TKSE for superordinate themes
Full Service Package Reference: Complete maintenance volumes / Body-in-White VW Kaluga, Russia Maintenance: BIW VW Russia Maintenance Spare parts management Service Maintenance Cleaning Attendance Training Requirement / Responsibility TKSE VW RUS Requirement / Responsibility TKSE VW RUS Central IMaintenance Decentral Maintenance IPS System - General fault clearance - Spare parts management - TPM assistance Preventive maintenance (grippers) - Repair - Training - Active support by central functions at TKSE for superordinate themes

13 Increase your operational availability through our proactive maintenance concept Reference: Die Maintenance at Jaguar, Halewood, UK Maintenance Situation 2001 Approach Current situation Reactive Maintenance – “trouble shooting” only Preventive maintenance processes not in place Significant production losses evident Die condition worsening causing quality concerns Workforce transfer (Existing - TK Drauz Nothelfer) Qualification program Shop floor reorganization Visual management implementation Moderate invest in new equipment Quality management implementation Nothelfer Preventive, Die Maintenance (PDM), Concept implementation Proactive maintenance of 390 die sets Two maintenance events per die and year Production availability >97% Parts Per Million Rejection Rate improvements clear Expanded to two futher locations with the OEM

14 New Technologies are a welcome challenge for us Product line Technology Consulting and Optimization
Performances Costumer benefit Record the current situation Identify potentials by equipment weak point analysis and process analysis Define the intended situation and parameters to achieve the target Prepare implementation activity budgets with regard to cost and timing Implement optimization according to target values Conception and implementation of activitys for productivity increase: Volume increase while reducing costs Increase process reliability Free inhouse recources through presales service: Feasibility studies, task sheets, engineering, qualified supplier selection Start-up and phase-out strategies Technology Consulting and Optimization

15 Output improvement of your facilities by optimization, refitting and service Reference: Output optimization DAF trucks XF and CF cabins in Westerlo, Belgium Scope Line optimization Automation of the stations with critical cycle time Relocation of line components / Re-organisation of the manufacturing process Integration of service package into the basic scope of performance Technology Consulting and Optimization 24/7 h Hotline Spare parts management Training Reducing of reaction time: fitter on-site in 2h

16 To us, the component quality is the indicator for success
Product line Refitting, Relocation, C/S-KD Equipment Performances Customer benefit Planning Record the current situation, layout planning, design, adjust to new environment, transport and logistics plan, risk evaluation, supplier selection Disassembly and Transportation Qualified assembly site management, resource control Setup, Refitting and Commissioning Adjust infrastructure, measure and assemble the equipment, commissioning Quality Check / Optimization Phase Record component quality, compare actual and target situation, define actions, implementation with efficient matching and QA-processes Stand-by Phase Qualified owner support by expert staff Turn-key solutions at fixed prices Technology and component competence of an equipment manufacturer Efficiency increase of existing lines and reduction of capital expenditure Productivity increase of existing lines Cost benefit by using the worldwide service network. Combine new and used components from a single source incl. warranty Refitting, Relocation, C/S-KD Equipment

17 Relocation from 4 locations in only 4 months Reference: Relocation of Opel Astra T3000 to Gliwice, Poland Challenge Relocation from 4 locations: Ellesmere Port, Antwerpen, Bochum, Eisenach to Gliwice. Relocation timeframe: 4 months Motor compartment complete, hemming equipment for doors, tailgate, bonnet and sunroof, mid-frequency controls including robots Adjust level of automation throughout all production processes Integration of 4 types (HB, NB, SW, DV) in existing line Refitting, Relocation, C/S-KD Equipment

18 With our extensive experience we help you to raise your production efficiency Product line Operator Models Operator Models Performances Costumer benefit Analyze and setup the legal framework. Determine production parameters Define interfaces (media, logistics). Prepare a staff and resource plan Prepare and determing a financing model. Setup an emergency strategy to safeguard production availability. Alternative financing models. Efficient operation (efficiency, quality) of the unit ensured by manufacturer‘s expertise. Turn fixed production costs into variable costs. Capital available to focus on core processes (product development, marketing, brand development). Focus on shareholder value/ financial key figures.

19 Service References VW Golf | Maintenance Chrysler Voyager | Relocation
Service contracts for hemming equipment 48 hours spare parts service at Wolfsburg and Brussels Relocation of BIW production of Chrysler Voyager to MagnaSteyr (Austria) VW Lupo | Relocation Ford Escort | Relocation Several relocations, e.g. Germany to Brazil Relocation of BIW production of Ford Escort from Saarlouis to Halewood (Great Britain) Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse | Optimization of BIW equipment Opel Frontera |Relocation Modification and optimization of BIW equipment Mercedes E-class Relocation of BIW production from Luton to Ellesmere Port, UK

20 We bring your requirements to the point Service Contacts
Torsten Rohlfing Tel.: +49 (0) – 518 | Testing Solutions Heinrich Lisser Tel.: +49 (0) – | Assembly Systems Thomas Laubenthal Tel.: +49 (0) – | Body in White Forming Dies Carlos Cieminski Tel.: +49 (0) – | Global Service

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