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2012 - 2013 Lacrosse Season Fall Players and Parents Meeting November 7, 2012.

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1 2012 - 2013 Lacrosse Season Fall Players and Parents Meeting November 7, 2012

2 NamePosition Liz WollmuthPresident Dan RappVice President Charles MorrisVolunteer Coordinator Katherine FandreyTreasurer Leslie ThomasAdministrative Coordinator Tom FavoritoHead Coach

3 1.About Westerville South Boys Lacrosse Club 2.Volunteer Opportunities 3.Fundraising 4.Apparel and Equipment 5.Coach Presentation NOTE: This presentation is available on the team website:

4 Boys Lacrosse is a Club Sport at Westerville South High School –School provides access to facilities, announcements, etc. Total financial support provided by the players and their families Operated according to the same rules as the Athletic Department (Eligibility, Discipline, etc.) Increased interest in Lacrosse (growth in numbers, parental support) will help the sport become part of the schools athletic department

5 OHSLA – D1 Central Region –Ohio High School Lacrosse Association –3 Divisions –D1 – 4 Regions – Central Ohio has 2 Regions –D2 - 4 Regions – Central Ohio has 1 Region –Club – 4 Regions – Central Ohio has 1 Region –Lacrosse is not recognized by OHSAA OCC – Ohio Capital Conference –3 Divisions : Buckeye – Ohio – Central –Westerville South is in OCC Central –OCC Central includes – Big Walnut, Delaware Hayes, Westerville North, Westerville Central, Pickerington Central, Pickerington North

6 Our Volunteer Coordinator is: Charles Morris This organization is run by volunteers. Without us, and you, the boys would not have a team! Sign-up sheets are all around the room. Westerville South Boys Lacrosse is totally supported by volunteers, and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

7 Volunteer for at least two committees/jobs Some jobs are a one shot deal: –Senior Night Coordinator, Year End Banquet Coordinator Coordinator jobs are more involved and carry larger effort: –Program Book Coordinator, Apparel Coordinator, Fund Raising Coordinator, Field Maintenance, and Concessions Coordinator. Some jobs require work at every game: –Game Field Operations, Ticket Sales, Game Photographer, Home Game Announcer, Game Films, Concessions Helpers, 50/50 raffle

8 Many positions are held by Junior Parents. Step up now so you can shadow and learn the role. –President (Liz Wollmuth) - Junior –Vice President (Dan Rapp) - Junior –Volunteer Coordinator (Charles Morris) - Sophomore –Treasurer (Katherine Fandrey) - Sophomore –Administrative Coordinator (Leslie Thomas) - Junior –Team Meals - (Michael Love's Mom's (P), Liz Wollmuth (A), Leslie Thomas (A)) –Concessions - (looking for Primary & Alternate) –Field Prep & Stats Coordinator (looking for Primary & Alternate) –Kroger Rewards – (Katherine Fandrey)

9 EventTimeframe Candy BarsNow through end of season Poinsettia SalesNovember – December Advertisement SalesJanuary – February MulchMarch – April Coupon CardsMarch – April Along with other fundraising, such as concessions, gate fees, 50/50 raffles, the Westerville Classic Invitational, Kroger Rewards, and apparel sales, these events support our expenses throughout the season and help keep player fees low.

10 Kroger has an awesome fundraising program called Kroger Community Rewards! All you need is Kroger Rewards Card and to sign up at: –Annual signup is required, runs from May 1st to April 30 th. Sign up now and then again on May 1st for the following year. –Doesn't impact points earned towards fuel rewards. –Westerville South Boys Lacrosse #81786 Get your friends and families to sign up – this is like no-effort free money for the club!

11 Player fees and all forms, including physical form, are due by the Meet the Team Dinner –February 7, 2013 We can accept partial fee payments beginning now until the official season start date (K-Mart doesnt have a monopoly on lay-a-way!) Send fees to Treasurer Katherine Fandrey. Fundraising participation is REQUIRED.

12 2013 FeeAmountNew Player Returning Player Player Fee$150 US Lacrosse # (includes player insurance) $35 Lacrosse Helmet$60 Apparel Fee (practice shorts, sweats, shooting shirts) $85-$100 (TBD) Varies ( depending on existing gear)

13 1 st year player, new helmet = $60 Subsidized by club Players must return the helmet if leaving the program before senior year.

14 GearApparel Team Helmet (ordered through the club) Game Jersey (provided by club) Mouth GuardGame Shorts (provided by club) Chest Protector / Shoulder PadsRed & White Shooting Shirts (ordered through club) Arm PadsPractice Shorts (ordered through club) GlovesPractice Reversible (provided by club) Lacrosse Stick (crosse) (short, long, goalie) Cleats (no metal or worn spikes – suitable for grass or turf)

15 Laxworld New Player Package - TBD –Shoulder pads –Gloves –Lacrosse Ball –Lacrosse Stick –Mouthguard

16 TBD – January Season Kickoff Meeting 2/7 – Meet the Team Dinner (Fees and Forms Due) 3/4 – Non-Contact Practice Starts 3/11 – First Practice w/Physical Contact 3/25-3/29 – Spring Break 4/5-4/7 – Wildcat Classic Tournament 5/18 – Last Regular Season Game 5/22-5/23 – Tournament Play-In Games 5/24-5/25, 5/29 – Tournament – 1 st Round, 2 nd Round 6/1 – Tournament – Regional Finals TBD – Tournament - Semi Finals and Finals

17 2 Orders: –Order #1 – must in by December 3 rd for holidays –Order #2 – turn in at February Meet the Team Dinner Order forms will be provided by 11/15 Apparel is for players and parents, gifts, etc. Apparel Order Items Practice shortsShooting shirtsHoodies Sweat pantsGolf shirtsHats JacketsLong sleeve TsBlankets BagsSeat cushions

18 Also available on Coaching Staff Tom Favorito – Head Coach 551-265-0804 Tony Nieto – Assistant Coach Ben Morhac – Assistant Coach

19 Board Members Liz Wollmuth – President 614-561-6607 Dan Rapp – Vice President 614-406-2044 Charles Morris – Volunteer Coordinator 614-296-5503 Katherine Fandrey – Treasurer 614-354-1728 Leslie Thomas – Administrative Coordinator 614-579-2387

20 Westerville South Boys Lacrosse US Lacrosse Ohio High School Lacrosse Association

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