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Test Preparation –Not Just for the Test Taker! Testing Center Office of the Dean of Students University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Katrina Mann.

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1 Test Preparation –Not Just for the Test Taker! Testing Center Office of the Dean of Students University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Katrina Mann

2 The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a large land-grant institution serving approximately 40,000 students 30,000 Undergraduate 10,000 Graduate We have the largest population of international students in the country at 14%

3 While providing opportunities for students to display their mastery and synthesis of knowledge, the Testing Center shares and subscribes to the mission statement of the Office of the Dean of Students. The functions of the Office of the Dean of Students are integral to the land-grant mission of the campus and contribute to students' academic and personal development. Student-centered advocacy, programs and services are designed to address students' needs and remove barriers to their success. Mission

4 University of Illinois Undergraduate and Graduate Students Faculty/Staff Other colleges and universities Transfer students/applicants Long distance learning Our Community Healthcare, government, medical, engineering, financial, and multiple other sectors for professional certification and licensure exams Skill/aptitude testing Accreditation Who We Serve

5 C omputer-Based Testing (CBT) P roctoring Services for Individuals (PSI) N ational Testing (ACT, GRE, LSAT, MPRE, SAT) P roctor Pool ( campus-wide assistance in monitoring exams during academic year ) Services We Provide

6 Test Security Adherence to strict guidelines and policies to protect test integrity Consistency in implementation of such policies and procedures to protect impartiality Customer Service Advocating for the test-taker while maintaining appropriate representation and upholding all expectations of each test-client Standard of Excellence

7 More than just a test, the exams administered at our center mark crucial turning points in life for so many individuals Admissions testing (medical college, law school, grad school, etc) Licensing for professionals (medical step exams, certified public accountancy, FINRA/NASD exams) Continuing Education and Re-certification exams The Testing Center serves individuals who are working hard to attain their goals in pursuit of the future they envision Not just a test

8 Prepare as much that can be controlled the day before test materials updates & references to policy/procedures staff assignments Thereby allowing maximum focus on what cannot be controlled the day of technical issues response/concerns of test-takers ID/admittance issues Test Preparation

9 A ccuracy and consistency R eview of next days testing E nhance TCAs preparedness and expertise C ustomization of Test Centers procedures to align with Test Companys requirements and University policies E ase in managing daily operations R econciliation and Reporting R eadiness for site audit and/or client visits at all times What is gained by such a quest?

10 Quality control measure Assures systemization of check-in throughout the day Greater consistency in procedural approach (reinforces handling of incidents when filing CPRs/IRs) Streamlines workflow and expectations of staff Test materials allocated for current day needs and fully accounted for at end of day TCA log sheet documents staff coverage Checklists assure all tasks have been completed and verified Accuracy and Consistency

11 Ability to ascertain details in advance (exam series that may require exhibits, examinees with test accommodations, etc) Reconcile inconsistencies (too many appts on roster? overlapping appts for same candidate?) Logistics for next days operations Staffing – pre-assignment of coverage (Waiting Room, Check-in, Lab Entry, Monitoring) – use of magnets for visual of such assignments Print reports for preparing next days test materials Check website for updates of client practices/sponsor guides Disseminate any updated information as it impacts next day testing Review of next day

12 Expedites a new hires autonomy and accommodates range of learning styles Reading/visual/interactive Conceptual vs. detailed Review of Test Companies websites for updated information Headlines/Announcements Revised documents/forms Updates in sponsor guides/manuals/client practices Open for Business is minimal on day of testing Enhancement of Preparation

13 Align procedures to meet requirements and policies of all parties – university, testing companies, and test clients alike Systematized approached to greeting test takers Color coded waiting room sheet to reflect necessary IDs/test aids/ATT Use of individual test taker forms Deconstruction/Reconstruction of rosters - ultimate confidentiality, individualizes information specific to each exam Multiple opportunities for quality control in doing so Use of workstation cards – predetermine seating if necessary; placement of IDs/workstation cards on desktop to discourage writing on them and make walk-throughs easier Customization of Test Centers System

14 Tremendous ease in managing the following: Multiple exams Reference sheets Disclaimer sheet Test materials (pre-packed) Administrative tasks throughout day Lead TCA Checklists Workstation cleaning sheet TOEFL break sheet (when applicable) Management of Daily Operations

15 Management cont. Proctoring Services for Individuals Electronic management of information Instructions from instructors for day of exam Disclaimer sheet Receipt for test taker Test materials (pre-packed) Confirmation of proctoring at exam completion

16 Management cont. National Exams Manuals/Binders for Staff Ease of documentation Assures dissemination of necessary information Test materials (pre-packed) Accessory Tubs Excel Sheets/Documentation/Reporting

17 Financial reconciliations Ability to reconcile 1) rosters printed prior day, 2) close of business reports and 3) end of month statements (accounts for late cancels, late additions, etc to assure proper payment from test companies) ETS paperwork - quality control measure for bi-monthly rerouting back to company (signatures and CS forms) Search for university vs. non-university clients served Final check of all paperwork for archiving files according to contractual agreement and being prepared for audits Reconciliation and Reporting

18 Assurance of being ready at any/all times for site audit Paperwork in order Prior day accounted for Next day is prepared Reporting is complete and can be accessed at any time for follow up in event of appeals for incidents/CPRs, etc Readiness for Site Audit

19 Meeting the challenge of how to achieve customer service while still assuring test security is how we strive for excellence Test security is non-negotiable so when we help test takers feel well cared for within the required guidelines, that is how we successfully accomplish such goals Ultimately, by being prepared and well informed, our TCAs achieve a higher level of professionalism in test administration Meeting the Challenge

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