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Boston Pizza: EXPOSED! Kayla, Michele, Farah, Kelsey & Franco.

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1 Boston Pizza: EXPOSED! Kayla, Michele, Farah, Kelsey & Franco

2 Introduction We looked at this company with a critical eye to see what level of service they provide to their customers. All five of us are familiar with Boston Pizza. We have all been customers over the years and two of us have had extensive work experience with BP. Join us as we delve into a critique of this company and when we have concluded our presentation, we will be drawing for a $20.00 Boston Pizza gift card.

3 Moments of Truth 1 st Moment of Truth – Greeting at the hostess station. Warm friendly and genuine. 2 nd Moment of Truth – Server arriving to take our order. Sharp, abrupt, no patience and no suggestions offered from the menu. 3 rd Moment of Truth – Different server bringing our order to the table. Quickly depositing our food in front of us with an incorrect statement about the special allergy information we provided. Next 3 Moments of Truth – more of the same sharp quick responses from original server as she refilled our drinks, cleared our plates and brought us our bill. 7 th Moment of Truth – a complete change of attitude from original server. She noticed us playing 4PICS1WORD on an iPad and she became animated and friendly explaining how she loves this game. Last Moment of Truth – a very friendly Have a good night from the hostess at the hostess station upon our departure.

4 Moments of Truth Cont.

5 Customer-Centric Service Program People: - different and wide variety of internal and external customers - equal opportunity employer Process: - makes customers happy to ensure future business - all bases are covered for proper service - methods to get customers response Environment: - enticing exterior with bright and colourful lighting - clear and clear website - uniform appropriate for internal and external customers

6 Internal & External Customer Internal Customers may include all house-staff, managers and any higher ups that come into the restaurant. – The majority of the internal customers are usually in their later years of secondary school, pursuing post- secondary education or are their mid-twenties to early thirties. External Customers may include business workers on lunch, family and groups of friends for dinner, and sport fans during and after games. – These customers usually have a mid-level working income, retired, or are with their parents. – Vegetarian and Gluten-free menu items are available for guests with special dietary needs.

7 Social Styles of Customers Social Styles – Types: Driver, Expressive, Amiable and Analytical Hostess – warm, welcoming and friendly greeting from hostess - EXPRESSIVE Server – curt, sharp, flat order taking from the server - DRIVER Secondary Server – fast, inaccurate information from additional server –DRIVER???? All social styles found in the staff as well as the customers. An area for Boston Pizza to improve – training staff on social styles and the ability to adapt to differing social styles

8 Customers with Disabilities Boston Pizza handles their customers with disabilities well. – They have large print menus for visually impaired customers and handicapped washroom stalls with easy accessible sinks. – At a particular location downtown Toronto it is a longer process for patrons with a physical disability to access the dinning room that is on the second floor as the restaurant has to wait for permission to use the freight elevator.

9 Customer Diversity Age: children, teens, young adults, middle-aged, and seniors. They were all present and accounted for: – Sex: males and females check and check – Ethnicity: many races and cultures present – Marital status: married, single and divorced – UNDERTERMINED – Income level, gender identity, religion, education level, and sexual orientation. – BP caters to a wide range of people. I believe every diverse group is among their target market.

10 Teamwork Boston Pizza would be classified as a relay work team Each job position relies on the other in order to be successful Their team consists of bartenders, hostesses, dining room servers, kitchen cooks, dishwashers, delivery staff, and managers Boston Pizza demonstrated the three main characteristics of a successful team: 1. They have a team mission statement: Serving great food to great people for over 45 years. 2. The dining room manager acted as Boston Pizzas team leader overseeing the staff 3. Like many other profitable businesses Boston pizza does include a code of conduct that each staff member is required to follow

11 Communication Process There are three key elements of communication: verbal, vocal, and non- verbal The server was very bubbly, enthusiastic, and friendly Her uniform was ironed and clean, she had her hair pulled back in a ponytail and off her face Eye contact was made with the table while greeting us, and taking the order She spoke loud and clear so that everyone at the table could hear what she was saying The server made suggestions and answered all of our questions regarding menu items before taking our order The server understood what we told her and she communicated that properly to the kitchen to ensure the order was prepared the way it was requested

12 Sales & Service Process Hostesses are friendly and smiling as we enter. The server is understanding and listens carefully as we order our food. The food is delivered on time and correctly. The manager checks on our table to ensure we are having a good time and everything is okay. As we leave, we are thanked and asked to come again. As a guest I feel appreciated and would want to come back.

13 Service Recovery Process Complaints or ideas are brought up to management or even staff. Staff and management listen carefully, apologize and sympathize with the guest about the situation. Compensation is given to the guest and a follow up is done after to ensure the guest comes back again.

14 Customer Satisfaction Measurement Boston Pizza uses its online survey(PULSE) to measure customer satisfaction. In the store the manager on duty will go around and personally check on tables to get feedback of quality of service.

15 Conclusion We feel that even though Boston Pizza is a successful company from time to time their service my not be as excellent as it always should be We felt that there biggest area of improvement lies within their service process We feel they need to ensure that the staff is really listening to their customers Overall, we felt that Boston Pizza provided successful customer service, however, there is always room for improvement.

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