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Elena Sipria-Mironov Project Manager University of Tartu Library Estonia.

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1 Elena Sipria-Mironov Project Manager University of Tartu Library Estonia

2 Conquest of Ararat in1829 Reise zum Ararat. Th. 1-2 / von Dr. Friedrich Parrot … (Berlin, 1834)

3 The main goal of Estonian language textbook project fulfilling students need for textbooks which are sold out not to bring students away from printed books, but rather to fulfill the lack of availability of textbooks in the library

4 What is the difference between an e- textbook and a paper textbook? E-textbook offers much more possibilities: a search-in-the text function it is easy to mark or copy the text an e-textbook the reader can use an electronic bookmark internal and external links in the text and various multimedia possibilities

5 The government is paying three times for the same textbook: I.The authors are usually faculty members whose salary comes from a university budget II.Funding publishing by paying entirely or partially for the printing, editing, authors fees etc III.Librarys book buying budget consists of universitys and governments funds

6 The options of how to provide Estonian language textbooks to students in University of Tartu 2008 - Tartu University Library chose to use the Ebrary platform publishing in institutional repository on DSpace receiving the feedback offering professors statistics about the usage of their digital study materials Library is willing to help university authors in order to make their textbook publishing more effective and successful

7 Negotiation and submission process Author + publishers agreement questionnaire ContractE-textbook

8 A compensation system we cannot afford paying for the publishers we are paying for authors for their book license three paper books prices

9 E-textbooks Ebrary IR on DSpace

10 Problems Positive aspects copyright issues agreements with publishers potential cases of plagiarism an access of special-needs students to textbooks E-textbook: saves resources is easily accessed offers a flexible option to modify the text would resolve the issue of a chronic lack of textbooks

11 Cultural value a small language can be a benefit it could also be a national pride long-term preservation guarantees

12 A textbook has become a valuable part in an academic CV An e-textbook must be edited and peer-reviewed An e-textbook has a systemic structure It is advisable to include exercises that support learning and guidelines for teaching in an e-textbook An e-textbook incorporates links for navigation between different chapters and parts of the textbook It is advisable to use multimedia possibilities in an e- textbook An e-textbook must be in the most universal format (EPUB, PDF, HTML etc.).

13 We believe that It might be beneficial to migrate or develop from closed institutional collection to nationwide Open Access collection in order to receive financial support from the government

14 The University of Tartu Press has new directions towards OA academic publishing


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