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2012 CAMP MASTERS ® & Gulf Coast Council Program, August 6-9,2011 RAMSEY POPCORN COMPANY.

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1 2012 CAMP MASTERS ® & Gulf Coast Council Program, August 6-9,2011 RAMSEY POPCORN COMPANY

2 Items you picked up Leaders Guide Commitment Sheet Show and Sell History for 2011 Show and Sell Order Form Order Forms Prize Brochures if you are doing Prizes

3 Top 5 Selling Packs & Troops by District for 2011 Choctawhatchee Pack 540, Pack 553, Pack 528, Pack 799, Pack 50 Troop 544, Troop 52, Troop 773, Troop 157, Troop 509 Lake Sands Pack 321, Pack 356, Pack 324, Pack 317, Pack 339 Troop 366, Troop 82, Troop 356, Troop 317, Troop 321 Long Leaf Pine Pack 42, Pack 232, Pack 224, Troop 42 Pensacola Bay Pack 104, Pack 105, Pack 400, Pack 102, Pack 626 Troop 400, Troop 417, Troop 102, Troop 106, Troop 692

4 Important Pages in Your Book 1. Table of Contents 2. Contact Information 3. Different Methods of Popcorn Sales 4. Fund Your Best Year of Scouting 5. Fund Your Best Year of Scouting (continued) 6. Tips from a Pro 7. Tips for Leaders 20. Kernel Popcorn Skit 21.Popcorn Safety and Sales Tips 24. Popcorn Time Line

5 Types of Sales Show and Sell Is the BEST WAY TO GET NEW CUSTOMERS!!! Booth Sales in front of store fronts. Online Popcorn Ordering this is the easiest method of selling popcorn. Military Popcorn Donations Take Order is the traditional form of selling popcorn.

6 Changes and Upgrades

7 Page 8-10 in the leaders guide




11 Unit Take Orders will be submitted to the council online. (Instructions are in your leaders guide Pages 11-19) This is were scout online accounts will be set up also. Unit Take Orders will be done by the item and not by the case. You can Clap now.

12 2012 Website Upgrades! 34

13 CAMPMASTERS Product Mix Components 16

14 5 way Chocolatey Treasures Tin A chocolate lovers dream. 20 oz. Chocolatey Caramel Popcorn, 20 oz. White Frosted Caramel Popcorn, 18 oz. Chocolatey Pretzels, 18 oz. White Frosted Pretzels, 12 oz. Chocolate Covered Peanut Brittle Not for Show & Sell

15 3 way Premium Tin 10 oz. Supreme Caramel w/whole and crushed Almonds, Pecans & Cashews 20 oz. Chocolatey Caramel Popcorn 10 oz. Butter Toffee Caramel Popcorn Not for Show & Sell

16 3 Way Cheesy Cheese Tin Celebrate Scouting with a simply sensational collection of White and Yellow Cheddar Cheese along with a zesty Cheesy Salsa (3 BIG Bags!) – 18 oz. total

17 Supreme Caramel Crunch with Almonds, Pecans, and Cashews Buttery sweet gourmet caramel corn with whole and crushed nuts.

18 Chocolatey Caramel Corn Delicious gourmet caramel corn liberally covered with rich chocolate. Not for Show & Sell

19 CAMPMASTERS $25 Suggested Retail 22 #1 SELLING FLAVOR IN THE COUNTRY! 24 Pack Movie Theater Extra Butter Microwave 24 Pack Variety Microwave 6 Bags Kettle Corn 6 Bags 94% Fat Free Butter6 White Cheddar Cheese 6 Bags Movie Theater Butter

20 24 Pack Movie Theater Extra Butter Microwave Popcorn Popcorn perfectly seasoned with EXTRA Buttery flavor just like the movie theaters. Americas #1 selling flavor!

21 24 Pack Variety Pack Microwave Popcorn 6- Movie Theater Extra Butter 6- 94% Fat Free Butter 6- Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn 6- White Cheddar Cheese

22 CAMPMASTERS $20 Suggested Retail 25 GREAT ITEM FOR SHOW & SELL 100 Calories and trans fat free! 20 Pack Snack Size 94% Fat Free Microwave

23 CAMPMASTERS $15 Suggested Retail 26 SCOUTING SPECIFIC PRODUCT CANNOT BE FOUND IN RETAIL STORES! 15 Pack Extra Buttery Roasted Summer Corn Microwave 14 Pack Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn Microwave #1 NON-BUTTER FLAVOR IN THE MICROWAVE POPCORN CATEGORY

24 CAMPMASTERS $10 Suggested Retail Tins 27 Great caramel flavor Carmel Corn Natural Goodness!

25 Since the program began in 2007, contributions have amounted to over $1,400,000 Together with scouts in your area and CAMP MASTERS, you can become a part of the effort to show our support for the U.S. Military by making an extra purchase of CAMP MASTERS Popcorn. Because of your generous donation, you will help the Scouts earn money for their scouting programs. PLUS CAMP MASTERS Popcorn will be shipped to U.S. military personnel serving our country at various military facilities throughout the U.S. and around the world, including product shipped to Operation USO Care Package ( SUPPORT OUR TROOPS Make an extra purchase of $25 or $40 (order Item Z or W) & CAMP MASTERS popcorn will be shipped to the Military. 70% AND SCOUTING, TOO! of all proceeds benefit local scouting 28

26 2012 Popcorn Timeline August 6-9 - District Kickoffs/Trainings- Check your district calendar for exact dates. August 23 - Show and Sell Popcorn is picked up. August –Early September - Units hold popcorn kickoffs. Make it Fun! October 26, 2012, Show and Sell Popcorn Due Back to Council - Turn in Show and Sell Popcorn and Show and Sell Money Due to Council. November 1, 2012 Turn in Take Order Popcorn Order, and Camp Master High Achiever Bonus Prize Form, Sportsmans Day Sign up. November 15, Popcorn distribution: December 7, 2012 close out unit account to ensure bonus commissions December 8, Sportsmans Day for all boys that filled up a sheet or sold $600 or more in popcorn. December 31, 2012 Last Day to submit prize order for popcorn.

27 Cub Scout Prize Orders must be placed online by December 31 st ! Prizes orders will not be received after December 31 st ! ALL PACKS MUST ORDER PRIZES NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

28 Sportsmans Day 2012 December 8, 2012 A reward day at Spanish Trail Scout Reservation for those Scouts that were top sellers in their unit. It is a day of Archery (All Scouts) BB gun shooting (Cubs & Webelos) Rifle Shooting (Boy Scouts) Shotgun Shooting (Boy Scouts) Fishing Tournament (All Scouts) Tomahawk throwing Climbing Wall Bass Fishing with Bass Pro pro-staffer Larry Gaines and crew! There will also be door prizes for the Scouts that sold $600 or more.

29 Sportsmans Day 2012 December 8, 2012 To attend you must Fill up an Order Form Or Sell $600.00 worth of Popcorn For every $600 you will get another drawing into the Sportsmans Day Door Prize Drawings.


31 FILL IT UP DRAWINGS Every weekend of Fall Fam Camp there will be a Fill it Up Drawing. Fill-IT-Up! Fill–IT-Up District Drawings #1 Sept 29 – $25.00 Wal-Mart Gift Card #2 Oct 6 – $50.00 Wal-Mart Gift Card #3 Oct 13 – $150.00 Wal-Mart Gift Card #4 Oct 20 – $150.00 Wal-Mart Gift Card #5 Oct 27 – $200.00 Wal-Mart Gift Card Fill up all 30 lines on your popcorn order form to enter in the district drawings for the great prizes below! And also come to Sportsmans Day. To enter, simply fill each line of your popcorn order form with orders and mail or fax a copy of it with your leaders signature to the Gulf Coast Council office address listed above. There will be three drawings each week; Pensacola Bay / Long Leaf Pine Districts, Choctawhatchee District and the Lake Sands District. To enter, forms must be received at the council office by 2:00pm on the dates listed above. Every form you fill up gives you another chance to win! Drawings will be held during the Family Camp Weekends at Spanish Trail Scout Reservation.

32 District Top Salesman Prize Family Pack for 4 to a Pensacola Ice Flyer Home Game Subject to change, due to availability from the Ice Flyers. If changed will be given prize of equal value. Page 29 of the Leaders Guide

33 Council Top Salesman Prize Top Cub and Boy Scout will get a fishing trip out of Destin, FL On the Fish Finder with Capt. Phil Rooks

34 CAMP MASTERS Sales Incentives CAMP MASTERS Incentive –To reward high sales performance, CAMP MASTERS offers ONE of the following Achievement Program levels


36 CAMP MASTERS $1500 Sales Incentive $50 Gift Card 54

37 AUGUS Awesome Camping Package 1 7x5 Sun Dome Tent 1 Quad Chair 1 Sleeping Bag 1 9 Can Soft Sided Cooler CAMP MASTERS $2,000 Sales Incentive OR Remote Control Helicopter READY TO FLY – frequency independent; controllable in all directions, 4-channels controller with attachable joystick extensions; 3,7V- 120mAh rechargeable LIPO battery with Carrera RC plug system 5V – 550mA stationary & portable charger in one; turbo charger;8AA Mignon batteries, LiPo rechargeable battery & charger; lanyard incl. 55

38 American Express Gift Cheques* * For each $1,000 in sales above the $3,000, the scout qualifies for a US Savings Bond that is 5% of their sales plus the original $50 AMEX card. Sales achievement must be verified with each Council. CAMP MASTERS $3,000 Sales Incentive OR 56

39 CAMPMASTERS Ful-Filled Program 57 Fill up a sheet and turn it into the Council to receive a current year CAMP MASTERS Ful-filled Patch 2011 Example

40 2012 Popcorn Sale Commission Structure Cub Unit Standard commission is 30% + prizes. (NO EXCEPTIONS) Troops and Crews may choose between the 30% commission + prizes or select a straight 35% commission. UNIT MUST ATTEND DISTRICT POPCORN KICKOFF TO QUALIFY FOR BONUS COMMISSIONS Page 25 of the Leaders Guide

41 Bonus Commissions that your unit can earn! Above and Beyond Commission – 10% bonus commission on all sales over last year sales. Must be greater than $2,000. 1 st Time Unit – receive a 10% commission on all sales over $2,000. $20,000 Club - If a unit sells $20,000 in popcorn they will earn an additional bonus check of $1,000. Unit number will be listed on Council Web Site. Big 10 Club - If a unit sells $10,000 in popcorn they will earn an additional bonus check of $250. Unit number will be listed on Council Web Site. Over the Edge Bonus - Top Leader in the Council of the unit with the highest per boy average sales will get to be a part of the 2012 OVER THE EDGE VIP experience on NOVEMBER 16th at the Hilton on Pensacola Beach. ($1,000 value) Page 25 of the Leaders Guide

42 POP QUIZ 1.When can you get more Show and Sell popcorn? What do you have to do to get more show and sell popcorn? 2.What is due on October 26, 2012? 3.What is due on November 1, 2012? 4.What must happen by December 7, 2012? 5.What is the last date to order campmasters prize? 6.What is the commission structure for Packs? 7.What is the commission structure for Troops and Crews?

43 CAMP MASTERS EXCLUSIVE UNIT TRAINING PROGRAM © The ROAD TO $10,000 & MORE! © Copyright 2009 – no reproduction in part or in whole can be copied, produced, or shared without written permission. Unauthorized use is prohibited. How to obtain the best locations The best way to present and merchandise the product Developing Sales Principles and Skills Supervision and Control Money and Inventory Control Incentives 59

44 Questions Time to start turning in the show and sell order forms.

45 THANK YOU! 61

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