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+ Svarn Pranali.

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1 + Svarn Pranali

2 Jewellery Retail Management Solution
+ Jewellery Retail Management Solution for Tally.ERP 9 Introduced By +

3 Welcome to Apex Family and The World of Tally Tally.ERP 9 + +
Together let’s explore the beneficial ways of using Tally.ERP 9 +

4 + A typical jewellery retail outlet has to handle many activities on a given business day. This includes: Selling and Purchase of Precious Metals like Gold and Silver Exchanging old ornaments for making new ones Accepting Pure Gold or Ornaments against Loans Accepting EMI (Bhisi Schemes) for consolidation purchase etc. Traditionally this business has kept all its records on paper, lately software solutions are helping modern jewellers to manage these. Yet a need is always felt for a solution that can manage business, inventory and accounts in an integrated manner. Here Svarn Pranali from Apex, a Tallly.ERP 9 based solution plays a vital role Business Overview +

5 + Apex’s solution Svarn Pranali, for jewellery retail management is a very practical answer to many questions. It involves:- Creation of Gold and Silver as stock items with purity Capturing daily rates of these precious metals Purchasing Pure Gold, Branded Jewellery as well as Old Ornaments Maintain Salespersons for tracking sales and inventory Multimode sale with Advance order, Partial payment, Cash/Credit Card payment Kaarigar Management with calculation of charges and inventory records Loan against Gold Bhisi / EMI Management for Gold Purchase Solution Overview +

6 Benefits Benefits + +
Strong default platform of Tally.ERP 9 ensures stability of the module No need to maintain two software solutions All the major functions of the jewellery retail business are covered User menu is reduced to bare minimum for the end user H.O. level consolidation for multi showroom business Benefits Benefits +

7 Retail Sales Management

8 Master Setup Stock Master Setup + Gold / Silver Rate Setup +
Jewellery Master Creation /Alteration Jewellery Image Tracking Label Creation / Tracking Barcode Integration Brand, Group and Category wise Inventory Recording Tray / Shelf Report for Jewellery Items Master Setup Gold / Silver Rate Setup Set Daily Rate Maintain Historical Rate List +

9 + Master Setup +

10 Transactions and Printing
+ Sales Invoice and Estimate Creation Dealer Purchase / Sales Manage sale and purchase in same transactions URD Purchase ( Exchange Jewelry ) Making Charges, Wastage Calculation etc. to arrive at final sale price of item Multi-Mode Payment including Cash, Credit Card and Cheques Cashier Login Creation / Allocation Printing Invoice with / without Letter Head Print Quotation, Invoice, Purchase Order, Customer Receipt etc. Transactions and Printing +

11 Maintain multiple payment as shown
+ Sales Invoice Maintain multiple payment as shown +

12 + Sales Invoice +

13 MIS Report, Taxation and Salesman Reports
+ Reports Daily Order Book ( * With Salesman Filter) Pending Sales Order Report ( * With Party and Product Filter)  Daily Sales Report ( * With Salesman Filter) Daily Cash / Bank Book ( * With Cashier Filter) Receivables/Payables Order Exchange Purchase Client Exchange Purchase  Counter Transfer Register  Stock Issue Register  Hallmark Issue Register  Commission Report ( * With Salesman Filter) Tray/Shelf Report MIS Report, Taxation and Salesman Reports +

14 MIS Report, Taxation and Salesman Reports
+ Taxation Sales Tax / Purchase Tax Summary Sales Tax Account Register & VAT Return Party wise VAT Summaries MIS Report, Taxation and Salesman Reports Salesman Management Create Salesman Masters Salesman Commission Calculation Salesman Commission Report +

15 + MIS Reports +

16 + MIS Reports +

17 Stock Management +

18 + Stock accounting of Gold, Silver, Diamond and other Precious Stones, Crafted / Branded Jewellery and other articles   Pending Sales Order Report ( * With Party and Product Filter) Maintain Stock Balance on both weight and pieces basis Maintain Stock Registers on gross wt. and net wt. basis for Jewellery Items Age wise Report and Stock Comparison Report Jewellery Item wise sale report Jewellery Group wise Summary Jewellery Category wise Summary Counter wise Stock Summary Jewellery Item - Dash board ( Stock Query ) Physical Stock Register Jewellery Item Movement Analsysis Jewellery Item Transfer Reports +

19 + Stock Reports +

20 Girvi / Gold or Jewellery Loan Management

21 Girvi / Gold or Jewellery Loan Management
+ Masters Loan Borrower Master Loan Form with EMI details Auto EMI and Interest Calculation Girvi / Gold or Jewellery Loan Management Transaction & Printing Loan Payment against Gold/Jewellery Capturing Gold / Jewellery details against Loan security EMI Receipt Auto Interest Calculation for delayed payment +

22 Girvi / Gold or Jewellery Loan Management
+ Reports Accounting up to Balance Sheet Loan Summary - Borrower wise Girvi Gold details Borrower wise Today's stock valuation report of Girvi Gold EMI Defaulter List Girvi / Gold or Jewellery Loan Management +

23 + Reports +

24 Barcode & Security Control
+ Barcode Barcode printing on any type of barcode printer Security Control Barcode & Security Control User Level Security Negative Stock Control Period Locking Facility Audit Trail +

25 + Barcode +

26 Transaction and Printing
+ Transaction and Printing Consignment Purchase Consignment Sales Consignment (Branded Jewellery) Reports Consignment Purchase Register Consignment Sales Register Purchase Bill Pending Report Consignment Stock Report Consignment Profitability Report +

27 We can define the MRP value
+ Branded Jewellery We can define the MRP value +

28 Karigar Management +

29 Karigar Management Master + Transaction & Printing +
Karigar Ledger Creation / Alteration Auto Karigar Creation for tracking Inventory Karigar Management Transaction & Printing Karigar Selection in Order Booking  Auto Job-work Order Entry ( * Karigar-wise OR Selected Lines) Auto Issue Entry  Booking Job-work Expenses +

30 Karigar Management Reports + + Job-work Order Verification Report
Job-work Register Issue Register Receipt Register Job-work Expenses Register Job Order Status ( Summary/ Detailed ) Karigar Stock ( Single / All ) Karigar Ledger Report Karigar outstanding reports Karigar to Karigar transfer report Karigar Management +

31 + Karigar Issue Voucher +

32 Scheme Management +

33 Scheme Management Master + Transaction & Printing + Member Master
Scheme Master Scheme Management Transaction & Printing Receipt against Scheme Issue of Gold against Scheme Cash Returned +

34 Scheme Management Reports + + Flawless Accounting up to Balance Sheet
Collection against Scheme Schedules – Month wise Gold Booked against the Scheme Collection Scheme wise Monthly Summary / Detailed Report Defaulter List - Scheme Wise Deactivate Member Gold Issue and Closed - Closure Scheme – Details  List of Pending Members against Closed Scheme. Scheme Management +

35 Refinery Process +

36 + Provision of recording conversion of old gold into salable items Complete transition flow of Melting, Lab Sample and Refinery Issue Receipts with provision of wastage P & L calculation based on customer old gold receipts, purity specified by labs, pure gold received from refinery Refinery Process +

37 The Tally.ERP 9 Advantage
+ The Tally.ERP 9 Advantage Apart from the above features Tally.ERP 9 helps you in multiple other ways to make your business management easier +

38 The Tally.ERP 9 Advantage
+ The Tally.ERP 9 Advantage +

39 The Tally.ERP 9 Advantage
+ The Tally.ERP 9 Advantage +

40 The Tally.ERP 9 Advantage
+ The Tally.ERP 9 Advantage +

41 Tally Related Services
+ Why Apex? Get all services under one roof; i.e. Sales, Service and Solutions Solid background of Accounts and Business Domain Knowledge We develop our own solutions and support them professionally Vast experience of implementing Tally based solutions Strong partner network to provide you help locally Reasons to consider as reliable source for Tally Related Services +

42 + + Thane Address: (Head Office): Pune Address:
8th Floor, Balaji Infotech, Plot A-278, Road 16-A, Wagle Industrial Estate, Thane (W) Maharashtra, India Phone No.: (100 lines) 699/1, Dnyansmruti, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune , Maharashtra, India Phone No.: +


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