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ProtoBase Suite : ProtoBase UI On Line Training

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1 ProtoBase Suite 6.01.06: ProtoBase UI On Line Training
Sections 5 and 6: Settlement Process Settlement and Batch Reports Next

2 ProtoBase Suite 6.01.06: ProtoBase UI
Created by: Elavon Training Department Back Next 5. Settlement Process

3 Settlement Process The purpose of this video is to present a thorough “How To” process related to presettlement and settlement procedures. It is constructed in chronological order, step by step in order to provide a clearer picture of the complete process and all related elements. Back Next

4 Pre-Settlement / Database Display
Instructions After logging in, click on Active Transactions Tab to access the active transaction database. The transactions will display (below). Note the column headings to define order of visible transaction data. Clicking on headings will sort the order of the display by the heading information (chronologically, alphabetically or numerically). Navigation arrows at the lower left of the window will assist in navigating between pages of transactions. Back Next

5 Pre-Settlement / Database Display
Instructions Selection Display. a. Edit. To edit a transaction, click on the pencil. Transaction Detail will display with boxes that may be edited. b. Transaction Log. Click on the document symbol to see history of each transaction. This procedure is also available for all transactions in the History Data base. c. Click Manual Selection box for manual transaction selection. a b c a. Edit Transaction b. Transaction Log Back Next

6 Settlement Process: Pre-Settlement
Instructions Selection Process (follow sequence – red circles) Presettlement Reporting. The purpose of this report is to reconcile transaction details and credit card deposit totals with the POS / PMS reports. Click on Green button containing white check mark (upper left). This will open the window below. Type date in selection screen below. Click Select. Note: There are other choices. You may select by any column heading listed, or terminal chosen. You will then receive a prompt showing the number of transactions selected and the total dollars. Click OK. 2/8/10 Back Next

7 Settlement Process: Pre-Settlement
Instructions Presettlement Report (follow sequence – red circles) Click on book Icon located next to the green selection Icon (upper left). Window will open (below). Select “Terminal” for Report Criteria from the dropdown menu. Under Sub Total By: Select Report type: Detail Select Transactions: Selected Click OK Back Next

8 Settlement Process: Pre-Settlement
Instructions Presettlement Report Pre Settlement Report will display. NOTE: Presettlement report will be organized by Location / Terminal. It will be further displayed by cc type alphabetically. Only the last four digits of the cc number will display. Credit Cards cannot be decrypted. There will appear a summary by totals for each credit card type at the bottom of the report. (shown below). Back Next

9 Settlement Process: Instructions Create a Batch
General: No versions prior to 6.01X ProtoBase have a batch window. A Batch Window was created for this software specifically to manage the functions of creating, naming, settlement, and tracking batches created in the Active Database.. Steps are follows: Once transactions are selected, and presettlement reporting is reconciled, click on Money Bag (upper left) to begin settlement. After Batch Window opens, click “Click On Create A Batch From Selected Transactions.” Back Next

10 Settlement Process: Instructions Settlement Process (Continued)
A small window will open and ask you to name batch. Type in batch name click in box Note: This feature is optional. If you choose not to name batch, make no entry and click on save. Another prompt will come up. Click on Close Window. Batch will then appear. Select batch manually or click on the “Select All Batches” bar. Click on “Settle Selected Batches” Back Next

11 Settlement Process: Instructions Settlement Process (Continued)
You will receive another prompt: “Start Settlement?” Click OK and launch settlement. After a few seconds another window will display. The message therein is directing you to close the window and check back later for report. Click OK Click Close (above OK prompt) Read Caution Click Next When the window is closed you will see a blue curved arrow on the picture tool bar. Click on the blue-curved arrow (version 17), or the document with the check mark (version 21). To the left of that arrow, you will see the word “NEW” in red, blinking. Click on “NEW” NEXT PAGE CAUTION: If you click the close immediately after the OK, you may discover that your settlement has not completed. If this has occurred, there is no foul and there is no report. There will be a few changes to the next several steps. The “NEW” (which will display next) won’t say new, It will say SIP. This is not a classic SIP, but specifically means the settlement has not completed, and is in progress. It does not shut down the settlement. Simply wait a while longer, refresh the screen again and eventually the “NEW” will display. NEXT Last Next

12 Settlement Process: Instructions Settlement Process Continued
Another window will open displaying Unviewed Settlement Reports. Click on Report line anywhere and open. This is the final settlement report for the batch in question. It will say passed at the bottom left. Right click on report and print. Back Next

13 Settlement Process: Instructions Settlement Process Next
Occasionally, a settlement may fail. Do not try to troubleshoot what has occurred, and do not resettle transactions that may have been left unsettled in the Active Database. CALL ELAVON HELP DESK. Elavon Help Desk is in operation seven days a week, the year around including Holidays. Phone Numbers are: or Back Next

14 ProtoBase Suite 6.01.06: ProtoBase UI
Created by: Elavon Training Department Back Next 6. Settlement and Batch Reports

15 Settlement and Batch Reports
The purpose of this video is to provide a step by step process for retrieving batch information. Batch information is particularly useful for replacing lost settlement reports (older than seven days), researching past settlements and comparing settlement totals with funding reports. Three types of reports will be discussed in this video: Settlement Report Archives Batch Summary Report Detail Batch Report Back Next

16 Settlement Archive Reports
Instructions Archives From time to time you will need to find previous settlement reports. How do I find a past settlement report that says passed at the bottom? Select the money bag superimposed over documents on the Picture Tool Bar. This is the archive. The report list will display in chronological order. NOTE: Archive reports are retained in the ProtoBase Archives for seven (7) days. After seven days, reports must be retrieved from batches stored in History. Archived reports say “passed” at the bottom. Batch reports do not say passed . Back Next

17 Settlement Archive Reports
Instructions Archives (continued) Click on date of report required. Appropriate settlement report will display. Note: Message will say passed. Back Next

18 Batch Summary Report Instructions Batch Summary Report
Finding a specific batch is a two step process. This report is generally used to retrieve batch reports beyond the archive limit of seven days, and is also used to compare ProtoBase totals with on line bank deposit statemets. Note: The specific order of instructions presented here must be observed in order to run a Processor Batch Summary. Click on History Tab Click on month in question, or change month of the “Database to Display” from the dropdown menu. The transaction display will then display all the transactions for the month chosen. Back Next

19 Batch Summary Report Instructions Batch Summary Report
Click on Report Icon Report window will open Populate window exactly as seen below (with month desired). Click on OK Last Next

20 Settlement and Batch Reports
Instructions Batch Summary Report Batch Summary Report will display. This report will be organized by location (underlined in red on the left). Each location will contain a list of all batches settled for the month in question. The batch summary list will be in chronological order. The Processor Batch Number is circled on the left (please ignore zeros. The batch number circled is actually 545). This report can be used to compare totals with bank statements, and is a cross-reference from date to batch number, and to batch total. It is also used as a tool to navigate to any specific batch older than seven days (by processor batch number). The details of each batch can be reviewed separately by accessing the Detail Batch Reports (instructions on next page). Back Next

21 Detailed Batch Reports:
Instructions Detailed Batch Report Click on report ICON. Report Criteria Window will display. Populate window exactly as seen here. NOTE: Select month in question AND enter batch number (without the zeros). Click OK Back Next

22 Detailed Batch Reports:
Instructions Detailed Batch Report Detailed Batch Report will now display. This report is a detail report with summary of all transactions settled in the batch selected (545 in this demonstration). The detailed Batch Report may also substitute as a Final Settlement Report, excepting it will not say “Passed “ at the bottom of the report. Back First Slide

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