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Rookie A Division Procedures & Rules overview Spring 2014.

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1 Rookie A Division Procedures & Rules overview Spring 2014

2 Current Rookie A Teams Spring 2014 1. Angels – Louie Peraza 2. Cardinals – Justin Day 3. Diamondbacks – Manny Castellanos 4. Dodgers – Carson Brown 5. Dragons – Jim Lowder 6. Reds – Doug Hefflinger 7. Sun Devils – Mel Mesias 8. Yankees – Jason Stuesser

3 Current Rosters We will be taking individual pictures of each player on your team. Roster Pics – Please have players ready and in order. ALL Coaches in the dugout or on the field must be registered and eligible through EVBB. We will take roster pics of the head coach and all assistant coaches.

4 Practice Schedule/Game Schedule Practice Field Allocation Meeting –Feb. 18 th from 6-7pm at StrikeZone This will be for Espee and Pima Parks –Must call the city to reserve practice fields at any other Chandler Parks Games will be on Saturdays Rookie A - End of Season tournament? –Due to the beginner skill level of this division, we typically DO NOT have a tournament –Coaches, Board Members, and President have voted and approved a Tournament for Rookie A

5 Picture Day Sat. April 5th, 2014 ( PMI Sports) Picture packets and times will be distributed on March 29 th Have players lined up and in order with their order forms in hand. The picture company will guide your team through the picture process.

6 Fundraising/Sponsors We encourage a $500 Sponsorship from each team in EVBB. At this time it is not required in order to play in the league. But… in order to maintain the sustainability of this league, we do need sponsors and have to devise some method of bringing money into the league. (Registration funds do not cover all the costs of running the league.) This Spring season we will have a SuperFan Sports League fundraiser and hope you will encourage your parents and players to help us. We also have Gold Canyon candles available for purchase all season.

7 D-Backs Day Sun. June 1, 2014 Vs. Cincinnati Reds –Afternoon game 1:10pm $18 per ticket –Orders due by May 17 th 2014 –Tickets will be available for pickup on May 31 st 2014

8 End of Season Awards Awards –EVBB provides a Participation trophy –Add personalization for $2 East Valley Baseball Spring 2014 Thomas Fritz #6 Chandler Wolves East Valley Baseball Spring 2014

9 End of Season Awards Participation trophy Included Personalized Engraving –Add $2 dollars/player –Optional Mini Bats - $15 dollars/player Engraving – EVBB logo, Player Name & Number, Team Name, Spring 2014

10 Rules & Procedures EVBB is an Independent League… Rules and regulations are adapted by the league president, board members/advisors, and division coaches. If a rule needs to be revised or a coach would like to see a change in the rules, we will vote to accept and adopt the revised rule.

11 Game Time Rookie A – 1hr. 30 min. OR 4 innings….. (which ever comes first) If the time limit is expired, the game will drop dead and the score will revert back to the end of the previous inning.

12 Line-up Card Have a batting order to give to the opposing teams score keeper. Include: –Team Name –Order –Player # –First & Last Name

13 Unequal batting order… All players will have an at bat. Runs will score up until the number of the team with the fewest players.

14 Scoring Count all runs coming across homeplate until the last batter of the team with the fewest players… –If Team A has 10 players and Team B has 12 players, Team B will not count any runs after their 10 th player bats. –The last batter is played as if there are 2 outs (if applicable…this does not apply to the team with more players.) Runs DO NOT count if there is a force out. Runs DO NOT count if they come across homeplate after the runner is tagged out. Runs DO count if they come across homeplate before the runner is tagged out.

15 How many pitches?? 6 pitches per batter OR 3 strikes (which ever comes first) foul balls after the 6 th pitch earn an extra pitch.

16 Field Dimensions Pitching distance – no closer than 27½ ft. Base Paths - 60 ft. Home to Right Field cones ~ 130 ft. Home to Center Field cones ~ 154 ft. Home to Left Field cones ~ 130 ft.

17 Rookie Field

18 Pitching All pitches must be overhand… –Kneeling or Standing Deadball Do Over if the pitcher gets hit by the batted ball.

19 Batter/Runner A ball hit to the infield… runners may only advance to the base they are approaching. –The infielder must have possession of the ball. –If the infield player kicks the ball, bobbles the ball or just doesnt pick it up... the runner may keep advancing until an infielder has possession. If the infielder knocks the ball into the outfield, it becomes an outfield ball and the runner may advance until the ball is released.

20 Batter/Runner NOTA ball hit to the outfield (that does NOT go past the cones,) the runner may run until the outfielder throws the ball in. –If the ball is never thrown in, the runner can advance home and score. –Once the ball is released from the outfielders hand… the runner may only advance toward the base they are approaching.

21 A ball that does NOT go through the cones… the runner may advance until the ball is picked up and thrown in (released from the outfielders hand)

22 Runners A hit ball that lands in the infield dirt and rolls through the cones… the runner may only advance to 2 nd base. (ground rule double) –A runner on 1 st base may only advance to 3 rd base –A runner on 2 nd base may advance to Home Runners advance at their own risk. The runner may still be tagged out.

23 Ball hits the infield dirt and rolls through the cones! Max of a Double! Runner can still be put out! (must make it safely to second…)

24 Runners cont. A hit ball that lands in the grass and rolls through the cones… the runner may only advance to 3 rd base. (ground rule triple) –Any runner on base may advance to home Runners advance at their own risk. The runner may still be tagged out.

25 Ball hits the grass and then rolls through the cones! Max of a Triple! Runner can still be put out! (must make it safely to third…)

26 Homerun! A hit ball that lands over the cones is a… A defensive player must remain inside the cones when catching a fly ball.

27 Overthrow Runners may NOT advance on an overthrow! It is the intent of this division to teach the defensive players to make the throw to the base.

28 Fielders 6 players in the infield – playing proper positions. 1. Pitcher 2. Catcher 3.1 st 4. 2 nd 5. 3 rd 6. Short –Pitcher should be in the pitching position All other players play in the outfield –Outfield players need to be in the grass but not past the cones. The outfield is the grass area between the infield dirt and the cones.

29 Bats Coach Pitch bats are only allowed if they have the following criteria… 1. Approved for play in Little League, Babe Ruth Baseball, Dixie Baseball, Pony Baseball, AABC 2. If it is an official bat of Major League Baseball and has the MLB logo on it, 3. Says Official Baseball on it, 4. It has a BPF of 1.15 printed on it.

30 General Establish a start time before the game starts. (make a note of the 1:30 end time.) 5 coaches max in dugout –2 coaches max in the field on defense (opt.) –4 coaches on offense (Pitcher, 1 st & 3 rd base) Make sure your scorekeepers check with the umpire after each half inning to verify the score.

31 Umpires We have meetings every season with the umpires! We go over ALL the rules and apply many scenarios to these rules. These are odd rules designed to develop this skill level… PLEASE tell your asst. coaches and parents that the umps KNOW the rules! They are NOT biased and make judgment calls based on how they saw the play! Accept their call and move on with the game. –If you adamantly disagree with the call, see me after the game! I will discuss it with you and if the ump was wrong I will make sure they understand for next time.

32 Interested in Umping?? The umpires we use for the Rookie Division are current baseball players! Most of whom have played in the Rookie Division in EVBB! Most will currently be in their High School season. So, we may need some help umping Rookie games! Let me know if you would be willing to volunteer to help ump (not your division!!)

33 Post Game After the game –Huddle up your team and cheer for the competitors. –Have your team line up at homeplate and high five the opposing team. (or just shake their hands to show sportsmanship) –Head coach sign the umpire card agreeing on the score! Pick up the dugout… –Clipboards, bucket of balls, trash, bats, bat bags, sunglasses! Have a team meeting outside the field and go over the positive efforts of your players and any other info in the upcoming week. Please get a hold of Mike with any questions, concerns, or problems.

34 The Red Trailer at Espee The Red Trailer is our concession stand and mobile office. Please let your parents know that we will be there with Food, Drinks, & Snacks during every game. –I will try to post a link on the website so they can see the menu and prices. We will play the National Anthem before the Saturday 8:00am games. –Have your players line up on the foul line at 7:55am There will be background music playing during the games.

35 Parking Spaces Needed! If you or your parents are there before the Red Trailer gets there… I need the first 7 spaces in front of Field 3 in order to back it in! PLEASE leave them open.

36 Facebook & Twitter We will be uploading pictures and comments to our Facebook page –East Valley Baseball Scores after each game will be posted on Twitter. – @EastValleyBB

37 Coaches & Player Clinics Coaching Clinic –None (see Mike if you need assistance) MVP Zone will have a coupon for teams participating in EVBB.

38 THANK YOU Players should be learning and having FUN! Parents should enjoy the game and have fun! Heat, shade, water, snacks, etc. This is A LOT of work! Weve been there and understand! East Valley Baseball can not happen without you! Remember to have FUN!

39 MVP Zone A few words from Ron & Amber or an MVP representative about what MVP Zone has to offer your teams… Thank you MVP Zone for letting us use your meeting room!

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