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Web TPAX Submitting an Authorization: Orders/Request for Travel.

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1 Web TPAX Submitting an Authorization: Orders/Request for Travel

2 References JFTR / FTR (Policy) TPAX On-line Guide PPC (Travel) PPC (Customer Care)

3 Create New Create NewFrom the Inbox, hover over the Create New tab. Authorization RequestClick on the Authorization Request option.

4 Create this order In this section, the TONO is selected. OKIf a set of orders has not been created in TPAX, enter the new TONO, then press the OK button.

5 Type of order Grade/RankSelect the appropriate Grade/Rank. Type of Order NormalSelect the Type of Order from the drop-down menu. For standard TDY orders, select Normal.

6 Purpose of Trip Purpose of Trip Select the Purpose of Trip from the drop-down menu.

7 Funding Options FundsSelect the appropriate option from the Funds drop-down menu. Coast Guard Note: Unless otherwise directed, select Coast Guard.

8 Order Dates Next Click Next Enter the following dates: Issue DateThe Issue Date ( when the Order Issuing Authority provided the orders, must be prior to Begin Date ) Begin DateThe Begin Date ( first day of travel ) Number of DaysEnd DateEither the Number of Days or the End Date

9 Qtrs / Mess / Trans / Misc Select the appropriate items for each category: –Quarters –Messing –Transportation –Miscellaneous Next Click Next

10 Remarks Order Remarks Enter the appropriate Order Remarks. Save Click Save.

11 Transportation mode of transportation Select the authorized mode of transportation from the drop-down menu. Owner Operator of POV Check the Owner Operator of POV box if you want to be reimbursed for mileage ( for travel to and from your local airport ). Next Click Next

12 Duration of Travel Duration of Travel Select the Duration of Travel from the drop-down menu. Once you make a selection it will take you to the next page.

13 Itinerary StateZip Code Accept Enter the State and Zip Code of your departure location and then click Accept. Click in the box to enter your Departure Location Departure Location. Method of Transportation Select the Method of Transportation from the drop-down menu.

14 Itinerary Continued Click in the box to enter your Arrival Location Arrival Location. StateZip Code Enter the State and Zip Code of your Accept arrival location and then click Accept.

15 Itinerary Continued Reason for Stop Select the Reason for Stop from the drop-down menu.

16 Itinerary Continued Method of Reimbursement Select the Method of Reimbursement for lodging from the drop-down menu.

17 Itinerary Continued Lodging Type Select the Lodging Type from the drop-down menu.

18 Itinerary Continued Meals Type Select the Meals Type from the drop-down menu. Accept Leg Click Accept Leg

19 Itinerary Continued Accept Leg Click Accept Leg Enter the following: Departure Date Departure Date Departure Location Departure Location Method of Transportation Method of Transportation Arrival Date Arrival Date Arrival Location Arrival Location Mission Complete And make sure you select Mission Complete at the end of your last leg of travel.

20 Itinerary Continued Accept Changes Click Accept Changes Edit This screen will display all legs of your trip. You can Edit, InsertDelete Insert, or Delete a leg from this screen. For this example, the first leg was edited to add the lodging taxes.

21 Itinerary Complete If everything looks Next correct, click Next.

22 Begin Reimbursable Items Add/Edit Trip Expenses Click Add/Edit Trip Expenses to add your reimbursable items..

23 Expense DescriptionClick the Expense Description from the drop-down menu. Your options are provided. You must select from these items.. Reimbursable Expenses

24 Once you have selected an expense, enter the amount to be claimed then click the Accept Expense Accept Expense button.. Reimbursable Expenses

25 Each item entered can be seen itemized. To add Add Expense more items, click the Add Expense button. Reimbursable Expenses Once all items have been entered, Accept Changes click the Accept Changes button..

26 All Claimed Reimbursables This shows a listing of all reimbursable items for review. Accept ChangesIf everything is correct, click the Accept Changes button.

27 Entitlements Tab The Entitlements tab shows the TDY trip you just entered. If everything is correct, Next click the Next button.

28 Computations Tab Computations The Computations tab shows the financial summary Next with total obligation. Click the Next button.

29 Add/Modify Accounting Once on the Financial tab, click on the Add/Modify Accounting Add/Modify Accounting button.

30 Accounting String Complete the Accounting String and then Accept Line click on the Accept Line button. Once the line has been added, click Accept Changes the Accept Changes button.

31 Accounting Complete Now that the Accounting String has been Next entered, click Next.

32 Voucher Remarks Voucher Remarks Enter the appropriate Voucher Remarks, Save then click Save.

33 After Save Once saved, the Authorization will appear in your TPAX inbox.

34 Send to AO CheckboxTo select a specific TONO, check the appropriate Checkbox. Release to AOThen, click the Release to AO button.

35 Select an AO AOSelect your AO from the drop-down list. OKEnter your Secondary Password, then click OK.

36 Authorization Complete Now your Authorization is Awaiting AO Approval. LogoutClick Logout.

37 This concludes the Web TPAX Authorizations Authorizations presentation. If you have any questions, please contact PPC (Customer Care).

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