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We have designed a new style of database that we create entirely on your behalf. By using this database you will have access to a range of features to.

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2 We have designed a new style of database that we create entirely on your behalf. By using this database you will have access to a range of features to enable you to complete many business sales and administration tasks without taking forever and with little effort. You can use it standalone if you have some database skills or we can complete the data entry and administration tasks on your behalf. You can have as much control over the data as you want and all data is secure. Some people will have several different programmes to complete each individual task and will need staff with many software skills. 04/07/2013All material copyright NFBO2 Read More Move on

3 04/07/2013All material copyright NFBO3 Once you have the database you will be pleased to be able to see that you can complete all the tasks below. Keep up to date accurate records of your customers/clients. Keep in touch with past customers and use their details to send out sales literature by email or postal service. Send annual maintenance or service letters. Send out newsletters for marketing and sales. Complete quotes, customer orders. Create invoices, monitor payments and issue past due letters. (We do have credit checking and debt recovery service too). Keep supplier information and stock control Keep records of suppliers and shippers you use. Monitor and check purchase orders. Keep records of stock with inventory control and maintain stock levels. View print and send quotes, orders, invoices, reminders letters, purchase orders and stock levels. You can decide by the level of service you subscribe to by choosing the correct level of service and support from us. Read More Move on

4 This is the first screen you will see when loading the database. This is where the user signs in and selects their profile from the list. After highlighting your name you can click Login to continue 04/07/2013All material copyright NFBO4

5 After login in this screen will be shown the first time you open the database and is a security feature that asks you to confirm that the source files are secure and dont contain any viruses or other malicious programmes. As the database is secure you should press Enable Content to allow you to continue. When you click the enable content you will get back to the login screen to re-log in as a user. (This will only occur the first time you open the programme.) Second use is just select your employee name. 04/07/2013All material copyright NFBO5

6 This is the opening screen when you start the Database. Lets take a look at the screen areas to see whats what. 04/07/2013All material copyright NFBO6

7 The section at the top is known as Tabs and you can clearly see that each task is grouped within a heading tab that shows the areas that the database can work in. Dashboard is the opening screen and is set to show the current active orders and any purchased supplies. This will enable you to clearly see the current sales situation. You will also notice the smaller sub-headings below the tabs, I have shown these sub headings below. Using this tab and the sub headings below it you will see your log in name and can choose to enter a new customer order or a purchase order to a supplier 04/07/2013All material copyright NFBO7

8 Click to the sub heading New Customer Order and the screen shown on the right will appear. This will be the order screen where you can identify the items for sale, quantity and so on. The order screen will allow you to input any details on your order. If you are using the stock control as well it will automatically deduct any items from stock and if the stock is below your re-order level it will automatically suggest you re order that stock 04/07/2013All material copyright NFBO8

9 04/07/2013All material copyright NFBO9 If you look at the dashboard screen you will notice the tabs across the top of the page and these are used to navigate to each task. Starting with the next tab from Dashboard you will see Here is where you can view, add/delete products/services inventory, stock control Use this tab to create a new order, invoicing, shipping and credit control Here you can enter purchase orders and order details with full monitoring of progress and delivery Enter, alter or delete your employee records from this screen. The report centre is where you can run reports of sales, purchases, employees details and so on. Use this tab at first to help you

10 04/07/2013All material copyright NFBO10 From the purchases tab, select New Purchase Order Use this splash screen to enter all the info needed for the purchase order. You can e-mail or print and post this order when completed.

11 04/07/2013All material copyright NFBO11 There are two very important features of the stock control screen. Not only can you added/edit or delete stock from your list, you can keep current stock levels and costs of stock.

12 04/07/2013All material copyright NFBO12 The report screen allows you to check data on a regular basis, you can view important data and details of your business by viewing current month sales, last quarters sales as well as current orders and their progress through your business

13 04/07/2013All material copyright NFBO13 Hopefully you will have seen the potential of using one programme to complete most of your business tasks and the real beauty of this system is that we do all the programming and set up of the system so you dont have to. We can remotely monitor and back up the data for you as well as make any changes or future upgrades free of further charge. All you have to have to use this software is a computer running Windows XP or above. The database is supplied with Microsoft Access Reader so you dont even need Microsoft Office). We have several purchase/user/subscription payment services to help you spread the cost of payment as we realise that cash flow is vital to any business. With our scheme you have continuing product support, full back up of data weekly and all updates are included. All your data is secure whether it is saved on the cloud or on your own local PC. We give full assurance and protection for your data and complete peace of mind that we will keep any information about your company secure and will never disclose any information about you to any third party.

14 04/07/2013All material copyright NFBO14 To take this further why not click on the link below to subscribe to our monthly newsletter and receive more details and a demonstration of this remarkable software design. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We are happy to work with you to find out just what you can do with this software and show you how easy it is to use. We take all the headaches and mystery out of using a database Click here to finish Click the world for more details

15 04/07/2013All material copyright NFBO15 What use is a database? A database is a unique collection of data that is saved in a certain way that enables you to search and assemble various saved data to suit the task in hand. Say that you have set of data for a client database. You will also have a set of data that represents the quotes and invoices you have sent. Often this will be tied into a different programme. You might want to find this months/quarters/annual top sellers, cheapest supplier, cost of sale, work in progress and similar seemingly very different data and programmes. You might have some office software such a word, you might need to send out regular or annual service reminders, use the addresses to send printed material for sales drives. Some people will have several different programmes to complete each individual task and will need staff with many software skills. A database will do everything shown above as well as much much more: Yes, BUT I think they are very difficult to use and design. It is true they are difficult to design but that is the feature of our master database, every user has it tailored exactly to suit their business model. Best of all we show you how to use it and we can even access it on your behalf and complete any extra work needed to suit you.

16 04/07/2013All material copyright NFBO16 With a monthly subscription from NFBO you can complete all the tasks on the previous slide You can store data on your customers, suppliers, carrier, accounting details, reminders, service letters, due debt, past due debt, statements. You can print out data, quotes, invoices, statements, reports for current orders, supplier purchase orders, stock control and inventory. We design our databases with communication and input from you so each database is unique and responsive to many of your marketing and daily business tasks that would normally take up lots of valuable time and effort. Best of all and the most unique selling point is that we write or adapt it to suit your needs and we show you how to use it. We can import any data you may have from many forms, Lotus approach, Microsoft Excel, or Word and any data that can be converted to CSV. In other words all data. We even have staff to enter the data for you. As part of your package some or all of these benefits can be yours

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