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1 TechnoTracker Android App uses GPS Technology to help you achieve More per Person by reconciliation of data to reality. 1.

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1 1 TechnoTracker Android App uses GPS Technology to help you achieve More per Person by reconciliation of data to reality. 1

2 2 About TechnoPurple 2010 VTS Launched Team Building Customizable Tracking Platform Launched TechnoTracker Launched M2M Solutions Amit Jain Managing Director B.E IT VJTI 5 Years in Management, Sales Amol Ambekar Solution Architect Mechanical Engg. 12 years GPS, RFID, Java Kishor Pingale 4 Years Mobile Applications 2011 2012 2013 Passionate team of 25

3 3 Need Solutions Pain Points Lack of Real Time Location of on-field staff Dynamic work allocation using maps Tracking Deliverables No visual proof to verify accountability Geo-tagged images & notes as verifiable proof Image Memo Lower Sales / Service Calls per day per person Automatic reports of places visited & duration Geofence Unknown geographical reach of product Geo Tagged address of known places MyPlaces Order Booking Manual Order Booking Forms Order Booking Mobile Order Booking & Live Consolidation

4 4 Market DomainVerticalsMinimum Conditions Sales FMCG More than 50 Employees On-Field Manual Order Booking Salary > Rs. 10,000 Pharma IT Sales Cement Jewellers Service Security More than 100 Employees On-Field Attendance by Call or Senior Visit Transfer of High Value Goods Courier Facility Management Logistics IT/Consumer Durable Services Telecom Government Municipal Corporation – BMC More than 200 Employees On-Field Reconciliation by Documentation Media Tracking - DAVP Surveillance - GAIL

5 5 Tight integration with phone features like GPS, Camera, Texting, Memory, Battery Level, Google Maps Data & Image Storage in GPRS blackout zones or Offline mode Login Module Customized Forms to on-field sales or data entry User-friendly interface Mobile Application

6 6 Web-based software integrated with Google Enterprise Maps Easy integration with Client ERP Real time location data with historic trail record, acts as a proof of visit Alert configuration Geo - Fencing and related triggers Create User Hierarchy and assign rights In-depth analytical Reports Tracking Portal

7 7 Single status update to the entire hierarchy without sending SMS to all Geo tagging of Text Memo helps in quick action by to co-relating message content with location information Uses Phone camera with all controls to ensure best picture quality Geo Tagged Picture Memo with proof of location about work status Memo recorded to convey more about what the picture is about Geo Tagged Placemarks can be added on visiting a place of interest Personal Placemarks get priority over Google address Density of placemarks indicate the penetration of product or service in a geographical area User friendly marking of virtual boundaries on Map by App or Portal Alerting concerned people when staff enters - exits the boundary Instrumental in tracking attendance, clients visited with duration of each visit, send to-do reminders SOS alert is sent to predefined people as SMS, Call or Email Important safety tool for kids, employees in need of help Placemark Geofence SOS Image Memo Text Memo Value Proposition User ManagementReportsConfiguration Tools

8 8 Gas Authority of India Ltd (GAIL) Focus : Improving Safety > Track total KMs travelled > Geo-Fencing pipelines > Deviation alert > Emergency Leakage SOS Geofence Deviation Alert Directorate of Advertising & Visual Printing (DAVP) Focus : Accountable spending > Picture Memo as advt. proof > Track villages visited > Reporting as per size type of advt. Case Studies Liberty Oil Mills Ltd. Focus : Improving Sales > Geo-tagged retail outlets > Order Booking via Mobile > Track store visits

9 9 FeatureVentyxClick Google Latitude Google CoordinateTelogis Techno Tracker Live Tracking Historic Data GeoFence Point Of Interest Image & Text Memo DSR / Customised Forms On-Field Data Entry Low Battery Alert User Hierarchy SOS No Network Data Storage Live Notification Workforce Schedule Social Network Friend Finder Work Order Manager Other Small Apps : Mobilize | MyTracks | Skylab | TOA Tech. | Trackr | InstaMapper Competition Analysis

10 10 Portal & Application

11 11 Feature >> Tracking

12 12 Feature >> POI CIIE

13 13 Feature >> POI Live Case of Client who has marked all his franchised retails

14 14 Feature >> Geo fence

15 15 Feature >> Memo

16 16 Key Customers AWARDS THANK YOU Existing Vehicle Tracking Clients using TechnoTracker New TechnoTracker Clients

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