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A presentation by Werardt Systemss P Ltd. 2 Business Management Software Solution For Distribution Management.

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1 A presentation by Werardt Systemss P Ltd

2 2 Business Management Software Solution For Distribution Management

3 3 SOHAM Finance OR ERP For Distribution Primary Sales Secondary Sales System Export To Tally Solutions at Three levels Web based - Mobile Ready ERP For Manufacturing

4 4 Three types of Main Business Activities 1.Primary Sales Activities 2.Secondary Sales Activities 3.Analyze & Control

5 5 Creation of Distributor master Distributor details Credit period and credit limit Distributor Classification based on say, Distributor Levels Price List based on Classification Linking to Sales Representative Definition of Area, City & Market Segment Defining Sales targets Primary Sales Activity

6 6 Order Booking (Order Acceptance – OA) Picks up rate from Price list and applies discount structure from Pricing policy Shows previous five transactions Shows on-line stock Auto-application of Schemes Can define delivery schedules Consignee details Credit Control Email notification to Distributor and Sales Person, and also to management based on a pre-defined criteria Generates Indent for Procurement if Stock not available Primary Sales Activity

7 7 Procurement Procurement can be just a Requirement to your Manufacturing Section or Purchase Order to an External Supplier Creation of approved Indent ( OA based ) if stock is not available All verbal decisions taken by key persons in the organization can insert Indent – Stock purpose Dispatch Schedule contributes in defining this Stock quantity Purchases would be booked and landed rate is calculated against every Batch Primary Sales Activity

8 8 Inventory Can define multiple sub-locations for Goods Storage Manufacturing and Expiry Date against Product Inventory Valuation on Running Weighted Average or At-Cost methodology Traceability of Goods Sold Goods Return and Scrap Handling Product Sample Accounting Stock shortage report against unfulfilled Orders Primary Sales Activity

9 9 Dispatches Daily Dispatch Plan based on Orders received Auto Invoice preparation based on OA Auto-effects to Stocks and Financial Accounts Keeps a Check on credit limit Email notification to Buyer and Sales Person Sales Representative linkage with every Dispatch Transportation Cost against every Invoice Product Expiry and Credit Note handling Primary Sales Activity

10 10 Analyze Quick View - Distributor & Supplier folder shows details on Due & Overdue Outstanding's, Business done, Due deliveries etc. Sales Targets and Variance Margin – Area, City, Sales Person and Distributor wise, Sales Analysis – Area, City, Distributor wise & Product wise Sales Trend – Month, Quarter, Year ( Last 5 Years trend ) Collection plan and Collection performance Stock Trend Stock Valuation Age-wise Analysis of Stock Analyze & Control

11 11 Controls Bill passing strictly based on GRN GRN strictly based on Purchase Orders Purchase Orders are based on Indents Indents are based on Distributor Order or for Stock purpose Order Approval required for Distributors above Credit limit or Overdue Outstanding Order Approval required for Samples Option to discontinue Distributor for New Orders Option to discontinue Suppliers for New PO Option to block discontinued Items Price control based on Price lists in Soham Analyze & Control

12 12 Product – wise Product - Group – wise Sales Person – wise Marketing Office – wise Area-City – wise Distributor – wise Analyze & Control

13 13 Data Security Provision of Role & Responsibility based Security Each and Every Option in the Software is governed by Security rights Provision to define Approving authorities Provision to lock data for specified period Analyze & Control

14 14 Communication through Email Notification Define your own types of Email notifications Can define criteria for generating notifications Notifications are generated at the execution of any Business Process Notification helps to communicate the next person in Business Cycle Notifications can be Dispatch Intimation to Distributor, OA copy to Distributor, Delivery details to Distributor, Approval required to managers and so on Analyze & Control

15 15 Analyze & Control RMAX Reporting Features Define your own Information Outputs Define your own Graphs Multiple Companies and multiple years data is consolidated in one output Output is generated in MS-Excel Pivot views & graphs Can define your own filters to the information outputs Outputs can be auto-emailed to defined users based on a pre-defined frequency Sales Person can see his data only Security – Role-wise and Responsibility-wise

16 16 The Mobile Ready Web Based Secondary Sales System

17 17 CONNECT – The Online Secondary Sales System Introduction If you want Real-Time visibility of your Market operations then thats precisely what CONNECT provides, by reducing the time to Track, Order and Report. It consists of a comprehensive Web based system along with a Mobile based component to reduce the time to book orders and report. Thus providing you with an excellent system to track, analyze and take action. It is a surprisingly simple tool for the Sales Representative and is clearly the missing link between The Company and its Retail Markets that is covered through its Secondary Sales operations. Can easily be integrated with SOHAM-DMS our ERP for Distribution Management that essentially covers Primary Sales.

18 18 Your Compan y Stockist or C&F Distributor Retailers Sales Managers (TSM / ASM) Stockist or C&F Distributor Distributor s Sales Representatives (SR) Retailers Please Note This structure could vary slightly depending upon your hierarchy from Werardt is a Web- based Mobile-ready Secondary Sales System from Werardt is a Web- based Mobile-ready Secondary Sales System CONNECT to your Markets … Online! http://www. Website

19 19 CONNECT – The Setup Information The Setup Information An independent Online Web based system Region, Area and Route wise Market distribution Classification of Retailers on Retail & Institutional or Modern Trade Defining your Distributors Defining your Sales hierarchy – RSM, ASM/TSM, SO/SE/SR i.e. Regional, Area, Territory and Field level persons Product SKU information – Category, Sub-category, Packing type, Packing, MRP, Item code & Description Region wise price lists for Retailers & Distributors (SKU wise) Institutional or Modern Trade Rate contract Distributor wise yearly targets distributed in Months Sales person wise yearly targets distributed in Months

20 20 CONNECT – Operational Features The Operations Secondary Sales Order Collection on Mobile Scheme entry based on Category, sub-category, Packing and MRP Goods Return and Expiry entry on Mobile for Secondary Primary Sales collection also available on Mobile Expiry entry for Primary on Mobile Mapping of Distributors Sales bill against Secondary Orders as well as Primary order Monthly Stock & Sales collection figures from Distributors – Monthly opening & closing stock, Total primary and Secondary sales figures Email to Distributors about the daily Orders received, Goods returned, & Expiry in a standard CSV or Excel format for import in their system Mobile & Web based operations for Online Market Visibility!

21 21 CONNECT – What you get out of it The Reports Sales persons reporting structure DSR – Daily Reporting of number of Calls made, number of Productive calls, Retailer wise booking, number of New Retailers added, Sales Analysis Reports based on various parameters like – Month, Quarter, Region, Area, Route, Distributor, Sales person, Category, Sub-category, Packing, etc. Salesperson wise weekly reports Target wise Achievement Comparison for Month, Quarter & Year Scheme Utilization report for Distributor Claim settlement purpose And many more … The System displays & prepares all the Reports for you Online!

22 22 CONNECT – How can it be Deployed? We offer you with two Options As a Hosted Application Here we offer a Server on which your application will be hosted. This will run on a Subscription model where we will take care of the IT Infrastructure requirements. This is a faster option considering the fact that you dont have to invest in IT Infrastructure As a On-Premise Installation Here we will install the entire system on a Server under your control. And considering the number of users who will be interacting with the system you will have to ensure a sound Infrastructure and Connectivity at all times Whichever option you choose just get … Connected !

23 23 Thank You

24 24 Contact Information Werardt Systemss Pvt Ltd Pune, India Phone : 91-20-25285256, 25285257 Website : email:

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