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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) 20 – 22 May 2003.

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2 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) 20 – 22 May 2003

3 Agenda Learning Points Definition of EDI EDI usage in UTi Case Studies EDI process Potential problem areas Summary

4 Learning Points What is EDI ? EDI adds value to our customers and our operations. Our EDI product is called uConnect. Most EDI solutions are unique due to the different demands from customers. Providing an EDI solution follows a well defined process in UTi and requires teamwork.

5 Definition of EDI Electronic Data Interchange is the exchange of data between computers in a pre-defined format agreed upon by both parties.

6 Formats used in UTi solutions ANSI X.12 Mainly US implementation 856 ASN 214 Status 850 Order 210 Invoice EDIFACT IFTMIN Shipping Instruc IFTSTA Status Update ORDER Purchase Order XML IDOC SAP systems Cargo-Imp Cargo Community Systems USI

7 EDI Usage Statistics




11 Case studies: Shipping instructions Regional System Shipping instruction uCONNECTuCONNECT uTrac Create shipment Client eMpower UTi Operations Status trigger Status update Pending shipment USI Cost & time savings : Eliminate Faxing of Instruction Improved Data Quality : Reduce Data Capture Visibility : Client has status on own system

12 Case Study : Reebok uOrder Client Purchase Order uCONNECTuCONNECT uTrac Link PO & HB Reebok eMpower UTi Operations Shipment info DA Status Despatch Advice Create PO EDIFACT ORDER EDIFACT DESADV 134 man hours

13 Case Studies : Dow Corning (Inbound) Pick Confirm uCONNECTuCONNECT uTrac Create Job Dow Corning eMpowerUTi Operations Goods Issued eSys uOp2000 Delivery Order Create HB USI Delivery Order Create TM ANSI 856

14 Case Studies : Dow Corning (Outbound) uCONNECTuCONNECT uTrac Dow Corning eMpowerUTi Operations Actual Delivery Date PODDelivery Road Carriers POD ANSI 214 1666 man hours

15 Case Studies : Apple Computers (In) Warehouse Shipping Advice uCONNECTuCONNECT uTrac Apple OEMs eMpower UTi Operations Finalize HB & Assign to MAWB Create HB ANSI 945

16 Case Studies : Apple Computers (Out) uCONNECTuCONNECT uTrac Apple eMpower BridgePoint BO Status Advance Shipping Notification RV, DA, AR, DC Status Status Update ANSI 856 ANSI 214 772 man hours

17 EDI Process Client contact report Confirm process and data correctness with the client Develop SOP & train operational staff Deploy and activate the interchange Manage and monitor the interchange Evaluate client requirement Assign IT project leader Business Requirement definition & analysis Message specifications & Client EDI Agreement Project planning and scheduling Develop & Testing solution Business must give the green light to go ahead with the project.

18 Potential problem areas No clear definition of the real requirements –Incomplete analysis phase –Changes in specifications/requirements mid-stream Data quality –Timeliness of correct and complete data –Incomplete or inaccurate data requirements Customer SOPs –Non existent or out-dated –Not addressing real data requirements from a business perspective –Non compliance by operations

19 Summary A successful EDI solution depends on a partnership between the client, UTi operations, regional and global IT teams


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