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Increasing the Business Value from your Line 500 System Sage User Network - Birmingham 11June 2009 Mike ORiley; Anya Wagenaar.

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1 Increasing the Business Value from your Line 500 System Sage User Network - Birmingham 11June 2009 Mike ORiley; Anya Wagenaar

2 Sage Professional Services - who we are

3 S1000 L500 BI CRM & SLX S200 Construct Retail Complex Projects UK and international focus 25 strong Staff in continental Europe and across the UK Over 200 years combined experience with Sage products and Services Professional Services Group Manager – Mike ORiley

4 Reduce time to value and help you get the best from your Sage investment Keep a long term relationship with you in whatever form you want Jobs range from 1 day to multiple 100s Full System implementations, upgrades, migrations, enhancements, specific training, usage advice Sage core product and customisation/personalisations, integrations to your in house systems, Sage added value modules, integration of selected 3 rd party components Use our Accelerator project methodology Sage Professional Services – what we do

5 Quick run through of 4 examples where customers have applied simple to complex changes to their L500 system to gain business advantage Highlight some other potential areas of benefit Please ask questions though time is tight, we can carry on discussion in the breaks Over to Anya…………… Tried and tested solutions - practical examples

6 Document Scanning Customer: VisitScotland - Edinburgh Profile: Scottish Tourist Board, offices and website Issue: Lack of accessibility to purchase invoices for sign off in decentralised purchasing department

7 Document Scanning The solution: Central scanning and storage of documents for use by several hundred staff in head office and satellite offices Actual invoice rather than posted item available for viewing/approval by invoice authorisers / budget holders Phase 2 posting by authoriser / budget holder Storage of documents in.pdf format Functionality makes use of standard Line 500 TCR installation

8 Document Scanning

9 Development effort 2.5 weeks, comprising development, test, installation and training What did VisitScotland say? Were very happy with the solution that was delivered to us – it does exactly what it says on the tin Derrick Thomson – Project Manager

10 Sales Order Pricelist Update Customer: Tosoh Bioscience N.V. - Belgium Profile: Multi-national developing reagents, instrumentation and software for the molecular biology industry Issue: Due to the nature of the industry, price fluctuations occur regularly, resulting in many pricelist and promotional price updates which were taking a lot of time using the standard pricelist maintenance program

11 Sales Order Pricelist Update The solution: Significantly less keystrokes: no F8 Add or multi-select boxes Enhanced stock information in product browse Option to update price per product or product group Retain product – customer relationship Facilitate simpler promotional price entry Automated updates to sales orders awaiting production

12 Sales Order Price List Update

13 Sales Order Pricelist Update Development effort 3 days, comprising development, test, installation and training What did Tosoh say? We use this application every day, it makes life a lot easier! Frank van Opstal – IT Manager Tosoh Bioscience

14 Purchase Order Receipts Automation Customer: R&D Systems Europe Ltd. - Abingdon Profile: European representative of R&Ds Biotech Division, distributor of biotechnology products Issue: Purchase order receipts are delivered to R&D on an Excel spreadsheet, hundreds of lines long, all of which were manually entered in Line 500 – a daily, arduous job.

15 Purchase Order Receipts Automation The solution: Spreadsheet upload facility Validation on product / customer / order line quantity Provides feedback on missing items / discrepancies via report Receives the correct order lines Updates order with additional information such as lot numbers, datasheet information, and expiry dates (added to batch queue)

16 Purchase Order Receipts Automation

17 Development effort 3 weeks, comprising development, test, installation and training What did R&D Systems say? The automation saves us on average 18 hours each week ! Carole Donne – IT Manager

18 Formula Entry Customer: RPC Cobelplast N.V. – Belgium Profile: Part of the RPC Group; RPC Cobelplast is the world leader in co extrusion of multilayer sheet used for form–fill–seal applications Issue: RPC Group roll-out of Sage Line 500 would not have been possible without a facility to administrate product formulae and pricing structures based on Bill of Material / Route information.

19 Formula Entry The solution: Product version controlled formula administration system Automatic generation of Line 500 Bills of Material / Alternative BOMs Automatic generation of Line 500 Routes / Alternative Routes Facility to calculate sales price for custom made products Facility to produce formulae based on more than one bridge (link between machine and formula)

20 Example: Formula Entry

21 Formula Entry Development effort 6 weeks, comprising development, test, installation and training What did RPC say? Our price calculation process would be incredibly complex and very time consuming without it, so we use it every day Philippe Mees – Project Manager

22 System Control Used by: SAGE Professional Services & Support To alleviate: Repetative implementation tasks, and provide enhanced system administration and setup checking facility

23 System Control The Solution: Enhanced user activity functionality System key compare facility Cross server project copy & compare facility Print to file facility to freeze & report on status Simplified report copy functionality – across different servers Database trigger & view control Database sizing information

24 System Control

25 .. AND A FEW MORE EXAMPLES Purchase orders: Purchase Order Price Control POP Invoice Enquiry from Purchase Ledger Production & Manufacturing: Works Order Archiving Product Label Printing Sales Management: QAS Integration Treasury and Cash: Bank Statement File Format Conversion Tool

26 UK VAT Reporting functionality VAT reports per VAT Box in line with HMRC guidelines Flexible configuration to allow use of current VAT setup Compliant with European Tax project Available on all currently supported platform/database combinations Current delivery scheduled for this summer!

27 THANK YOU Hopefully this has stimulated your thinking Please catch up with us during the event Pack contains –The slides –Some useful information –Some goodies –A feedback form please complete before you leave, and return to us And finally if youve got any business issue or problem and would like to discuss further please contact us

28 Contacts Mike ORiley +44 (0) 7717 224 609 Anya Wagenaar +44 (0) 7841 496 016 Arie Koppenhol +31 653 878 724 Or mail:

29 Was your interest peaked? Please provide contact details if you would like us to call you to discuss your requirement: Name:………………………………………………… Company:………………………………………………… Mail &………………………………………………… Interested in : SOP pricelist updateSystem Control Auto POP receipts VAT reporting POP price controlScanning POP invoice enquiry Formula Entry WOP ArchivingLabel printing Cashbook file format toolQAS integration Other, pls specify ……………………………………………………

30 Please return to: or send to Sage (UK) Limited Sage House Wharfedale Road Winnersh Wokingham Berkshire RG41 5RD FAO: Professional Services Or for more information, call +44 (0) 1189

31 Increasing the Business Value from your Line 500 System Sage User Network - Birmingham 11June 2009 Mike ORiley; Anya Wagenaar

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