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Infotech Limited A Global IT Solution Company. Enterprises Resource Planning Presents.

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1 Infotech Limited A Global IT Solution Company

2 Enterprises Resource Planning Presents

3 It Provides better communication from each and every department. Represent Summarized Details. It can predict the error in an organization. Help decision maker in rapidly changing environment. Create and Maintain a custom designed software package. Cater all requirements up-to-date. Realizing the requirement of user. Why ERP ?

4 ABS is an integrated and comprehensive System that encompasses all operational and support activities of manufactures and automates the workflow processes. ABS contains several modules. Modules are designed to cater for every possible business activity It is fully customizable. It supports total quality environment. It is developed on Oracle tools, It can be integrated ABS ERP

5 ABS Integrated Information System covering all functional areas like Manufacturing, Selling Distribution, Payables, Receivables, Inventory, Accounts, Human resources and Purchases etc. ABS performs core activities and increases customer service and thereby augmenting the Corporate Image. ABS bridges the information gap across the organization. Salient Features of ABS

6 ABS provides complete integration of Systems not only across the departments in a company but also across the companies under the same management. ABS is the solution for better Project Management. ABS eliminates the most of the business problems Material shortages, Productivity enhancements, Customer service, Cash Management, Inventory problems, Quality problems, Prompt delivery etc. Salient Features of ABS

7 ABS not only addresses the current requirements of the company but also provides the opportunity of continually improving and refining business processes. ABS provides business intelligence tools, Decision Support Systems (DSS), Executive Information System (EIS), Reporting, Data Mining and Early Warning Systems for enabling people to make better decisions. Salient Features of ABS

8 Modules in ABS Administrative Module Master Module Inventory Module Account Module Operations Module Sales / Marketing Module Payroll Module Production Module Equipment Maintenance Module Quality Checking Module Export Module Transport Module Visitor Management Module

9 List of Clients Client NameVertical / BusinessLocation Client Name Vertical / BusinessLocation Lords Distillery Ltd.DistilleryGhazipur Krishna Collection ManufacturingKolkatta Chanderpur WorksManufacturing Yamunanagar K.M Sugar MillSugar & Distl.Faizabad Enkay PolymersExciseGhazibad Sagar Distillery LtdDistilleryNasik Oikos India Pvt. Ltd.Trading Delhi J P Nursing Home PharmacyVaranasi Noor e Such Herbal Pvt. Ltd.TradingGhaziabad Ramdoot tea Pvt. Ltd.ManufacturingNew Delhi Vinakku Vedas.ComOnline TutorialsModinagar Scorpio StoresGarmentsGurgaon Good Health Inc. PharmacyNew Delhi U.P Trading Co.TradingAzamgarh Family MedicareNursing Home Noida & Many More ………………

10 Client NameVertical / BusinessLocation Client Name Vertical / BusinessLocation Banaras Beads LtdExport House Varanasi,UP Alcobrew India (P) LtdDistillery Derabassi,PB Sagar Distillery LtdDistillery Nasik,MH Superior IndustriesDistillery & Brewery Bareily & Faridabad Lords Distillery Ltd.Distillery Ghazipur Chanderpur WorksManufacturing Yamunanagar K.M Sugar MillSugar & Distl. Faizabad Krishna Collection Manufacturing Kolkatta Enkay PolymersExcise Ghazibad Oikos India Pvt. Ltd.Trading Delhi J P Nursing Home Pharmacy Varanasi Noor e Such Herbal Pvt. Ltd.Trading Ghaziabad Ramdoot tea Pvt. Ltd.Manufacturing New Delhi



13 Concept ABM Infotech Limited

14 Features : From creating job orders to shipping them out the door, ABS ERP production management applications help you build your products profitably. Take a closer look at all the tools available to help you get the job done right

15 Job Orders The ABS ERP job order is a sophisticated tracking tool for both customer and internal orders that lets you manage job orders in a way that fits your process. You can quickly and easily create job orders in many ways: from a sales order, from an existing job order, from a job order template or from scratch if you want. You can also create job orders using a master job order queue or by answering Material Requirements Planning (MRP) action messages.

16 Order Costing The order costing function accumulates and reports costs as they flow through the system. You can analyze costs from inventory, purchasing, receiving and job orders and transfer them to the general ledger. Costs from material transactions, including purchasing and receiving, are transferred to job orders and inventory. Order costing also records unplanned material and miscellaneous costs. With order costing you can: Monitor costs throughout the entire production process and identify opportunities for streamlining. Review full reports on job orders, sales orders, WIP, cost of goods sold and more. Generate sub ledger transactions automatically when inventory costs or costing methods change

17 Monitoring Production The job order screen gives you the ability to view job-costing information, including accumulated job order costs, as soon as labor is recorded or material is issued. With the ability to compare accumulated cost to the estimated job order cost and the estimated sales order cost, you can better monitor the efficiency of your production facility. With ABS ERP, you can monitor your production status by: Displaying all of your jobs' key indicators in one central location. Staying informed on what's happening in real time so you can respond quickly and effectively to changing demands. Organizing job information for review at the parent job order only or at all sub-assemblies associated with the project. Monitoring production progress, including the number of required and completed units at each work center, as well as scrapped units and reworked units at each operation.

18 Main Screen

19 Break Down Reason Master Enters the Stoppage Region of Machine.

20 Transaction

21 Finished Good Details Detail of finished goods component/ sub assembly/ assembly.

22 Packing List Details Detail about packing material which will be dispatch to customer.

23 Process Machine Check Sheet Detail of Process has been done on a particular project/ job (daily basis).

24 Fab. Process Check Sheet Detail of group work done an a particular project/job (Daily basis).

25 Fitting Process Check Sheet Detail about the equipment/ assembly material which is use or fit against project / job (Daily basis).

26 Welder Process Check Sheet Detail about welding process done on project / job (Daily basis).

27 Observation Sheet Details Observation / Check is product are made according to drawing ect.

28 Observation Sheet Details Sheet of observation where enter the performance of working group.

29 Observation Sheet Details Sheet of observation where enter the person performance.

30 Observation Sheet Details Sheet of observation where enter the Vendor performance.

31 Concept ABM Infotech Limited

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