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Steps to a Successful Graduation Office of the Registrar

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1 Steps to a Successful Graduation Office of the Registrar

2 What do I need to graduate with a Bachelors degree? Your undergraduate degree consists of four basic parts:

3 7 Basic Requirements for a B.A. / B.S. / B.F.A. 72 GE units including 12 upper division Major/Minor/Option requirements University Writing Skills Requirement – should be satisfied after reaching Junior standing. Minimum of 45 units in residence enrolled at East Bay Total of 180 to 186 units (not including remedial). At least 60 of these units must be in upper division courses. Attain a grade point average of at least 2.00 on a 4.00 scale in all units you attempt at Cal State East Bay, all the units you attempt including transfer units, and all units you attempt in the major regardless of the department in which they are taught.

4 What do I need to graduate with a Masters degree? Your masters degree consists of four basic parts:

5 Questions about Degree Requirements?

6 What to do BEFORE you file for graduation Review major/minor/option progress with your departments, and make sure your majors/minors/options are recorded. Undergraduates: Review your General Education requirements in your CSU Academic Advisement Report in MyCSUEB or with an academic advisor. (AACE, EOP, EXCEL or GE) Graduates: Review your degree requirements with your major advisor

7 When should I file for Graduation? Spring 2013 – Jan 22, 2013 Summer 2013 – April 16, 2013, 2012 You should file for graduation the term prior to finishing your degree requirements. Undergraduate students require 135 earned units to be eligible to file for graduation. The deadline is the end of the late add period for the prior term.

8 How do I apply for Graduation? File for graduation in MyCSUEB

9 Click on the Apply for Graduation Link. You will also see your degree and major on this page

10 Select the graduation term. Only the term we are currently accepting applications for will be displayed.

11 Verify your information, read and print the instructions and select Submit Application

12 You will receive a confirmation that you have successfully filed for graduation. A confirmation e-mail will also be sent to your Horizon account after the filing period has ended.

13 Graduation Status Once you file you can click on the View My Graduation Status link in MyCSUEB to view information such as your graduation status, your name as it will appear in the Commencement program and on your diploma, major, etc


15 Graduation Status 1. Applied – indicates your graduation application has been received 2. Pending - major check has been received by graduation evaluations. This is an acknowledgement that your evaluator has received your major check and will begin the review of your file in the order received.

16 Graduation Status 3. In Review – verification of degree requirements in progress. Your graduation evaluator is reviewing your file and will e-mail a review to your Horizon e-mail account. The evaluator will then review your file again at the end of your graduating term to verify all requirements are met and then post your degree. 4. Awarded – your degree has been posted and your diploma ordered. You can view your degree posting on your transcript immediately.

17 Major and Minor Checks Once you file for graduation you should visit your major/minor departments to make sure they submit a major/minor check to the graduation evaluations office. The deadline is the fifth week of the term prior to graduation. Once the major check is received, your graduation evaluator will begin to review your file. They cannot begin a file review before this document is received. Check your unofficial transcript in MyCSUEB to make sure all your majors, minors, and options are recorded properly and if not, complete a Change of Major/Minor/Option form (undergrads) or Request to Change option for Graduate Students (graduates).

18 Questions about Filing for Graduation?

19 Transcripts and Grade Changes Make sure you have submitted all official transcripts from other institutions you have attended. They should be received by the end of your final term. If you complete any work, tests, or assignments after the end of the term you will NOT be eligible to graduate in that term. Grade changes are also NOT permitted after your degree is posted. Contact your graduation evaluator if you have a grade change pending.

20 Names and Addresses Make sure your address is correct in MyCSUEB so you receive your diploma. The diploma is mailed to your permanent home address (not your mailing address) approximately 4-6 weeks after your degree is posted. If you have a legal name change or your legal name is not appearing as it should, submit a Personal Data Change form by the end of your final term.

21 Priority Registration Seniors will receive priority registration if they have filed for graduation and have 150 units earned (not including work in progress) at the time appointments are set. Graduate students will receive priority registration if they have filed for graduation or have been advanced to candidacy. You must update your term of graduation at least one week prior to appointments being set in order to qualify for priority registration. Summer and Fall 2013 enrollment appointments will be set on May 13, 2013.

22 I filed for graduation but I am not done with all my requirements. If you do not complete your requirements in your graduation term, you may request an update to a future term. Students can update for 3 consecutive terms after which they must re-file for graduation and pay a new filing fee. Send an e-mail to the Records office at from your Horizon account to request the update. Please keep in mind that once your graduation term has been updated it cannot be moved You will not receive an enrollment appointment for the next term until you update your graduation term. Your graduation evaluator may automatically update your graduation if you have not completed all requirements.

23 Updating Graduation If you are a current graduation candidate and update your graduation term to Fall 2013 prior to May 16 your name may not appear in the June 2013 printed commencement program. If you wait to update your graduation term until May 16 you will not be eligible receive priority registration as a graduating senior. You must choose between receiving priority registration and having your name in the program. All Fall 2013 graduation candidates will have their name in next years commencement program.

24 How do I verify my degree? You can print an unofficial transcript or order an official transcript which shows your degree posting as soon as your degree is awarded by your graduation evaluator. Your diploma will be mailed to your permanent address on record 6-8 weeks after your degree is posted.

25 Questions ???

26 Honors at Graduation Undergraduate and second baccalaureate students will receive Honors at Graduation (Latin Honors) if they meet all of the following criteria when their degree is awarded: 60 graded units taken at East Bay AND Minimum East Bay GPA of 3.65 AND Cumulative GPA: 3.85 – 4.00 summa cum laude 3.75 – 3.84 magna cum laude 3.65 – 3.74 cum laude All graduation candidates who qualify for honors as of the end of the Winter term will be invited to the Honors Convocation ceremony in on May 18. Check the Commencement website for up to date information. Graduate students do not qualify for Honors at Graduation.

27 Commencement All graduation candidates from Fall 2012 through Summer 2013 will have their names listed in the printed commencement program. Names will be printed exactly how they appear in the students official record. Students with a FERPA privacy block on their record will not have their name printed in the program. The deadline to file or remove a privacy block is April 15, 2013. Having your degree posted is separate from Commencement. You do not need to have your degree completed or conferred to take part in the ceremony.

28 Concord Commencement Students who have taken any units in Concord will be invited to their commencement ceremony and will require an RSVP in MyCSUEB. You do not have to attend at Concord if you are invited, you may still choose to participate in the Hayward ceremony. There is no RSVP required to attend the Hayward ceremonies.

29 Alumni Association The Alumni Association is here to serve you! Stay connected through: Alumni LinkedIn Group (Students can join now!) Alumni Facebook Page Email news - make sure we get your preferred email address. Alumni networking events around the Bay Area Career preparation services and workshops through Academic Advising & Career Education (AACE) - free the first quarter after graduation; then $50 per quarter. For more information, visit the Alumni webpage, just a click from the University's homepage or contact or

30 Bookstore - Commencement Caps and Gowns – Pre Orders begin online February 2013: Announcements Custom announcements – order online February 2013 Regular announcements – available in the Bookstore May 2013

31 Grad Info Days When: Tuesday May 7 and Wed May 8, 2013 Where: New University Union Multipurpose Room Time: 10:30 am – 6:30 pm Pick up pre ordered caps and gowns or purchase caps and gowns (special discounted packages) Diploma frames, class rings, portraits (no sitting fee), order custom announcements, alumni membership If you cannot attend, caps and gowns and regular announcements will be available in the bookstore from May 9 until Commencement day while supplies last!

32 Commencement Dates Graduate ceremony Friday June 14 5:00 pm University Stadium Undergraduate ceremony Saturday, June 15 10:00 am University Stadium Concord ceremony Saturday, June 15 6:00 pm Concord Campus

33 Arrival time for Saturday morning: 7:30 a.m. – Soccer Field Admission tickets for your guests Parking and alternative transportation Attire Length of ceremony Food and Drink College Receptions Accessibility Commencement Day Information

34 Questions about Honors Convocation or Commencement?

35 Resources Graduation Webpage studying/graduation/ Commencement Webpage Office of the Registrar: 885-2784 or AACE (Academic Advising) – 885-3621, Student Administration Building Suite 2300

36 Contact Information You can e-mail the Records office at for questions about graduation filing or updating your graduation Graduate evaluator: Patricia Koenig Undergraduate evaluators are assigned by alphabet of your last name: A-Dd Che Meneses De – I Tachesha Bowman J – MJacqueline Gittens N – ShLynn Clement Si – ZGarrett Moriguchi

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