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Introducing IMAGE APPAREL FOR BUSINESS. Who Are We? Image Apparel for Business is a family owned and operated California Corporation. Established in 1960,

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2 Who Are We? Image Apparel for Business is a family owned and operated California Corporation. Established in 1960, IABs home office, warehouse and distribution center are located in Santa Ana, California.

3 What Do We Do? We help businesses like yours create a powerful image for your employees with apparel. In doing this we have built 200 manufacturer relationships with over 20,000 products.

4 Corporate Casual Apparel for office and sales environments Sophisticated tailored garments for professionals Hospitality collections for hotels, restaurants, casinos, hospitals, banks and security firms

5 Medical garments for hospitals, clinics, dentists and veterinarians Workwear for industry Safety apparel including high visibility, flame-resistant for flash-fire and electric arc applications Custom Designed fabrics and garments to suit your unique image

6 In House Art Department We can create a new company identity or format your existing company logo in a variety of new mediums and applications

7 Emblems Ink Jet Silk Screened Embroidered Woven EmbroiderySilkscreen Our digitizers will assist in providing the most visually appealing and cost effective image specifically for the garments or products chosen A concept we develop in our design studio or an existing design will be expertly separated to produce a high quality print

8 Companies who have historically rented are now evaluating the restrictive and costly terms of their agreements Purchasing can save 40%-60% and provide numerous options unavailable in a rental contract Purchase VS Rental

9 PurchaseRental Contract NO3 – 5 Years Expense As Needed New Garments Always Embellishment Your Choice Brand Name ApparelYes Often sizes – 6XL Tall Administration ExpenseMinimal packed, shipped, issued and invoiced by Man Laundry Home Weekly (no sick or vacation credits) prep, damage, loss & environmental charges added Installation Only Emblems Standard - embroidery available with garment buyout Limited Selection Flat Rate Billing - no relationship to delivery and shortages; garment condition and processing require monitoring weekly Service Provided & Billed whether employees use the service or not

10 Service Standards Personal Account Executive Prompt order difficulty notification RUSH delivery (including same and next day) available at N/C Consistent ten-day shipping policy

11 Service Standards Employee uniforms individually packaged by employee name Ease of receiving, distributing to employees and processing paperwork for payment User friendly return policy

12 Tailored exclusively for your business Custom Order Forms Maintains the integrity of the identity program Ease of ordering and processing Paperless email Fax Order by employee name Service Standards

13 Simply e-mail the form to your account executive and a confirmation will be sent upon receipt. Its that easy! Custom Order Forms can be created for the ease of placing orders and to reduce paper usage. These green friendly Excel forms allow you quick and easy options to place orders by employee name. Tailored exclusively for your business Service Standards

14 The Excel format is easy to use. Orders can be input directly from your computer. Descriptions, item numbers and costs are predefined. The completed form is simply emailed and paperless, or print and fax. IAB UNIFORM ORDER FORM

15 Customized Invoicing Employee name, employee number, department name and department number Any information necessary to manage your identity program Tailored exclusively for your business Service Standards


17 Customized Reporting Captures the specific information required to operate your business Integrated accounting system will produce monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and reports on demand Tailored exclusively for your business Standards Service Standards

18 Customized Reporting MONTHLY, QUARTERLY, ANNUALLY & ON DEMAND EMCOR CORPORATE EXPENSE SUMMARY ANNUAL UNIFORM EXPENSES200484,056.00 ANNUAL UNIFORM EXPENSES2005101,187.00 ANNUAL UNIFORM EXPENSES2006204,223.71 EMCOR UNIFORM EXPENSES 2004-2006 389,466.71 JANFEBMARAPRMAYJUNEJULYAUGSEPTOCTNOVDEC 159.50335.95249.40873.00 34,448.0011,674.004,368.002,979.001,842.003,065.005,122.0020,558.00 3,327.006,506.004,706.003,570.001,759.002,346.003,575.004,789.002,688.001,902.003,346.002,897.00 4,162.742,276.082,826.804,652.302,083.254,121.901,303.493,358.991,245.30336.90 29,930.2564,196.5559,234.20 73.00 76.007,798.00101.00854.003,486.007,251.00 285.00122.70854.10 19,835.007,247.003,576.004,017.003,467.001,095.00 3,066.103,341.751,971.70 150.00110.00713.00 708.831,226.95440.35557.40400.45514.70619.65171.45 2,082.00339.75 58.15908.60202.05153.704,328.00380.45133.75

19 Image Apparel for Business provides the infrastructure to successfully maintain a centralized and manageable identity program coast to coast National Account Customized Services

20 Electronic billing is provided to eliminate mailing and receiving invoices daily. The consolidated format expedites delivery verification and the accounting process. Paperless Green National Account Customized Services


22 Image Apparel for Business Fast Track is a custom designed uniform delivery solution to accommodate your growing workforce and employee turnover National Account Customized Services

23 Image Apparel for Business maintains an inventory of uniforms to support your immediate requirements. Inventory levels are monitored in real time and adjusted to accommodate your actual usage. You have no inventory expense. Your companys identity is maintained regardless of fluctuations in your workforce.

24 Orders received in our distribution center are expedited. Stock is pulled, shirts and jackets are embroidered and pants are hemmed. Uniforms are packaged by employee to expedite distribution to your workforce. All orders are shipped via UPS in five days or less.

25 National Account Services IAB provides major accounts with branded custom websites at absolutely no cost. If your business volume qualifies, we will design and host an online uniform order center.

26 Site Hosted by IAB Clients WebsiteClients Website

27 National Account Services Your branded uniform site provides easy online order forms you can submit by email or print and fax.

28 Site Hosted by IAB Clients WebsiteClients Website

29 Order Forms Hosted by IAB Clients WebsiteClients Website

30 Pop-up images Orders submitted by email Purchase Orders on account or company Credit Cards processed

31 Contemporary apparel with company logos purchased by individuals for personal use, Managers for employee recognition and Purchasing Agents for company functions. Your branded e-store will reflect your companys graphic identity, down to your corporate colors and logo standards. National Account Services

32 Site Hosted by IAB Clients WebsiteClients Website

33 Store Hosted by IAB Clients WebsiteClients Website

34 Store Hosted by IAB Your company participates in selecting store inventory Purchase Order and credit card transactions Secure online ordering Traceable order confirmation Trade shows Seasonal Promotional / Award items

35 Our business philosophy is to build long lasting, mutually beneficial business partnerships Budget conscious Service proactive Flexibility for all businesses from a single location to national concerns Let us share our resources and knowledge to become a part of your team

36 Contact Us Today Toll Free: 800.445.2929 Fax: 714.558.0887 email: details@ia4biz.comdetails@ia4biz.comWhen your people look good… your company looks even better! Image Apparel for Business visit our website:

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