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Patent Pending WINNER LOGISTICA 2012 AWARD. We like to have the opportunity introducing to you the i-Collector a patented intelligent dynamic item-order.

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1 Patent Pending WINNER LOGISTICA 2012 AWARD

2 We like to have the opportunity introducing to you the i-Collector a patented intelligent dynamic item-order picking system which can be integrated in both new or existing situations. Extreme suitable for E-Commerce meaning immediate availability of the products, short delivery and high service quality. Despite the apparent high degree of automation, order picking is still one of the most time-consuming and labour intensive activities in the warehouse. The i-Collector reduces your operational costs in the picking zone with 40 to 80%, Non Movements and Localization, Non Picking or Counting mistakes or Backorders, High Speed and faster time to Ship. The i-Collector fully processes the whole order in one operation, Batch-in / Mixed-out or the other way around regardless size, shape or the type of packaging of the item. With the i-Collector labour- intensive systems have become a thing of the past! This system automatically feeds items as per order requirements to be automatically placed into the delivery totes or boxes and ReadyToShip to customer. The key distinguishing features of the i-Collector are the automatic supply on the input side with automatic item picking on the output side. Remarkable is that it would still be very productive with manual labour input! The system is built using standard industry components resulting in a Green- Line Automation, Low Cost of Ownership and a high ROI. The i-Collector also provides a high capacity in a compact unit ensuring maximum space utilisation, compared with other systems we easily save 40 to 50% floorspace. Multi-Year development process, solid market research, many studies and test cases created the ultimate missing link in warehousing and distribution creating ReadyToShip and resulting overall customer satisfaction. The fully automated order picking is a very profitable solution for the A and the higher part of the B assortment. The i- Collector can also be used for bringing goods to man. This can be a profitable solution for the lower B assortment and the C assortment. We are not hooked to standard totes 400x600mm. In the i-Collector the items are on a tray with optimized dimensions for the group of products, in this way the i-Collector is a very compact quick system bringing smaller goods to Man or go beyond that to Robot. The possibilities of the i-Collector are almost limitless. INTRODUCTION Patent Pending


4 1- right actuator 1- left actuator 2- storage 3-out feed index belt - out feed pusher 3- in feed index belt - in feed pusher BASIC COMPONENTS Patent Pending

5 Barcode BASIC SPECS Organized Buffer System MAX. 12 CARRIERS ON LIFT (L=1250mm) MAX. ITEM WEIGHT 5 kg MAX. ITEM DIMENSIONS 300x350mm (LxW) CAPACITY 2.000 ITEMS PER HOUR IN & OUT Patent Pending

6 BATCH IN & MIXED OUT ITEM PICKING BATCH IN MIXED OUT Patent Pending carrier cartons/totes


8 dimensions (mtr) (total floorspace) width: 15 length: 15 height: 6,6 item dimensions (mm) length: 200 width: 130 height: 85 storage capacity SKUs: 1.440 Items: 42.624 capacity Items Batch in / Mixed out per hour: 5.000* MEDICINE I-COLLECTORITEM PICKING Patent Pending

9 dimensions (mtr) (total floorspace) width: 2,9 length: 7,2 height: 8,4 item dimensions (mm) length: 150 width: 150 height: 15 configuration Columns: 10 Layers: 144 Trays per Channel: 24 storage Capacity SKUs: 1.392 Items: 33.408 Capacity Items Batch in / Mixed out per hour: 1.180 MEDIA I-COLLECTORITEM PICKING Patent Pending

10 dimensions (mtr) (total floorspace) width: 20 length: 62 height: 9 Item Dimensions (mm) length: 150 ~ 350 width: 130 ~ 230 height: 80 ~ 120 Storage Capacity SKUs: 5.000 Items: ~ 100.000 Troughput Capacity Items batch in / Mixed out per hour: 18.000 GROCERY I-COLLECTORITEM PICKING Patent Pending

11 reserve storage & pallet picking case picking receiving accumulation, sortation packing broken case picking shipping direct put away to reserve replenishment cross-docking replenishment CASE & BROKEN CASE PICKING Patent Pending

12 FROM PALLET STORAGE (Delayer) to CASE TRAY (Random Storage) to AUTOMATED ITEM PICKING Patent Pending


14 No Counting Errors No Picking Errors No Back-Orders High ROI & Quick Recovery Green Line Automation & Low Cost of Ownership Ready to Ship Optimal Order Fulfilment Higher Margin & Increase Overall Customer Satisfaction Reduce Operational Cost with 80% in the Picking Area Floor Space Reduction with 40 ~ 60% The i-Collector brings out the Complete Order in One Operation (item picking) Flexible & Scalable It lends itself to robotic automation on both the input and the output side USP Patent Pending

15 CONTACT: PALMPOLSTRAAT 58 NL-1327 CH ALMERE P.O. BOX 22090 NL-1302 CB ALMERE THE NETHERLANDS T +31 36 537 6405 F +31 36 546 8647 WINNER LOGISTICA AWARD 2012 Patent Pending

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