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Current Recall Listing

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1 Current Recall Listing
POC CDR Seth Abbott

2 Current Recall Billets
Last Updated: 1 Dec, 2008

3 BUMED RECALL Billet duties continued on the next slide
Point of Contact Regarding Billet Details: CDR Rick Smith, BUMED M1-0, , Point of Contact Regarding Application Procedures: CDR Seth Abbott, PERS-92, , Billet Title: REGIONAL OPERATIONAL SUPPORT OFFICER (OSO) Supported Command: Navy Medicine East (NAVMED EAST) Billet Location: Portsmouth, VA Grade / Designator: 2XXX/LCDR or LCDR Select Number Required: 1 Application Due Date: 16 Jan 2009 Board Convene Date: 02 Feb 2009 (on or about) Selection Notification: 17 Feb 2009 (on or about) Start Date: 01 Apr 2009 Billet duties continued on the next slide

4 BUMED RECALL Duration: 2 Years Clearance Required: None
Order Type: 24-month orders filling RPN-funded full-time Support (FTS) billet Billet Description: Regional Operational Support Officer (OSO) Eligibility requirements: Performs the following tasks on a routine or special assignment basis: 1. Plan and coordinate all reserve component (RC) medical personnel sourcing with the NAVMED regional commander, Operational Health Support Unit (OHSU) commanding officers (COs), military treatment facilities (MTFs), and BUMED. 2. Act as regional liaison and action officer for Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) directives, guidance, and requests. 3. Analyze data from various systems and prepare reports and briefings, as necessary. 4. Provide oversight and guidance to the MTF OSOs within the region. Special Qualifications: 1. LCDR or LCDR Select with significant knowledge of active duty and reserve medical and administrative processes and functions. 2. Knowledge of Reserve Headquarters System (RHS) Global and IS/IT systems maintenance. 3. Functional knowledge of the Medical Reserve Utilization Program Management Information System (MEDRUPMIS), Navy Reserve Order Writing System (NROWS), and Navy Reserve Readiness Module (NRRM). 4. Strong interpersonal, communications, customer service, and public speaking ability.

5 NALO / New Orleans Billet duties continued on the next slide
Point of Contact Regarding Billet Details: LCDR Michael Leachman, or Point of Contact:CDR Seth Abbott, PERS-92, , Billet Title: IT Director, N6 Supported Command: Navy Air Logistics Office Billet Location: NSA East Bank, New Orleans Grade / Designator: 1XXX / LCDR thru CDR Number Required: 1 Application Due Date: 4 February, 2009 Board Convene Date: 18 February, 2009 Selection Notification: 25 February, 2009 Start Date: April 2009 Duration: 2 Years Clearance Required: Secret Order Type: 24-month orders filling RPN-funded full-time Support (FTS)billet Billet duties continued on the next slide

6 NALO / New Orleans Billet Description: Information Technology and Software Development Management Eligibility requirements: Performs the following tasks on a routine or special assignment basis: Duties: Provide daily management and oversight of the Joint Air Logistics Information System Program Management Office and the Information Technology Systems Department located at Navy Air Logistics Office. The incumbent will liaison and interface with Navy, Army, USTRANSCOM and COCOMS providing status, direction and recommendations concerning the JALIS program objectives and milestones. The incumbent is to provide budgetary oversight, military and civilian personnel management and manage contract support when needed. The incumbent should also have a thorough knowledge of Software Development and Information Technology Management. The ability to communicate both orally and in writing is a must. Special Qualifications: * Information Technology Management experience required, MS or related MA preferred. * Knowledge of, and expertise in Software Development preferred. * Project Management experience required. * Knowledge of, and expertise in, network operations, and protocols. * Knowledge of, and expertise in, Information Technology Infrastructure.

7 RECALL FAQ’s PERS-842 Officer General Assignment Recall Branch
What is a recall? PERS-92 advertises jobs / billets that PERS-4417 (FTS Detailers) cannot temporarily fill. PERS-92 only fills Fulltime Support billets. PERS-92 is not authorized to fill active duty billets. PERS-92 does not write ADSW orders. What instruction governs recalls? MILSPERMAN The instruction can be found on the webpage. How long will the orders last? It depends on what the FTS Detailer is temporarily trying to fill. Some fills might be only for six-months and some could be for three years. Can PERS-92 bring me into sanctuary? PERS-92 is not currently authorized to bring a member into sanctuary. If a SelRes desires to go back to Active Duty they should contact the following POC: PERS-842 Officer General Assignment Recall Branch (901) (Comm) (DSN)

8 RECALL FAQ’s Will these orders be written as voluntary or involuntary?
PERS-92 is only authorized to write voluntary orders. While I am on a recall can I be called pulled to fill an IA? Yes, while you are filling a FTS billets, you are eligible, just like a FTS, to fill an IA requirement. What will happen to my PRD if I am sent on an IA? PERS-92 will work with the member and extend their PRD for an equal amount of time that they were gone. For example, if you are sent on an IA for six months, we will extend your orders for six months to ensure that you have a chance to complete the entire set of orders. Who do I contact if my command wants me to extend the current set of orders I’m on? Call the PERS-4417 detailer responsible to fill that Billet Sequence Code. It is not within the purview of PERS-92 to extend SelRes filling FTS billets, unless the FTS detailer authorizes it, and end strength can accommodate it.

9 RECALL FAQ’s What are the leave sell back limitations for Reservist Recalled to Active Duty? A military member is entitled to receive payment for no more than 60 days of accrued leave during a military career. Exceptions to the 60 Day Career Leave Payment Limitation for Recalled Reservist on Voluntary Recall orders that are not in direct Support of Contingency Operations are as follows: Active Duty of 31 to 365 days. The 60 day leave payment limitation does not apply with respect to leave accrued by a member of a reserve component while serving on active duty during a period of more than 30 days, but not in excess of 365 days. If the orders are for 365 days or less there is no limit to sell back of leave. However, if the orders are greater than 365 days or are extended passed the 365 day period then the 60 day limitation applies Ref: DOD FMR Volume 7A, Chap. 35

10 RECALL Guidelines Officer and enlisted personnel assigned in IDT pay status, and who are ordered to AD or ADSW for more than 180 days in a progressive 12 month period will be reassigned to in assignment processing IAP) status in their current unit upon check-out on orders. CAPTs and CDRs in apply selected billets may be retained in their billets if requested by the Unit’s supported command and if approved by COMNAVRESFORCOM (N12). If AD/ADSW is completed prior to their PRD they will complete their billet assignment. If their PRD has expired by the end of AD/ADSW, and the officer has not been selected for another Apply billet, the officer will be assigned to the VTU upon release from AD/ADSW. Personnel who are ordered to active duty and their active duty orders will result in serving more than 1095 days out of the preceding 1460 days, 3 out the past four years, will be transferred to Individual Ready Reserve (IRR).

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