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GuestWare ® The Easy Way to Track Guest Requests, Guest Responses and Defects in Service Delivery.

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1 GuestWare ® The Easy Way to Track Guest Requests, Guest Responses and Defects in Service Delivery

2 TopicsTopics Features and benefits of the application Demonstration of the software Success stories Pricing Implementation

3 HousekeepingFront Desk EngineeringPBX Guest Services Bell staff / Valet Room Service In-house Guest Request or Problem HousekeepingFront Desk EngineeringPBX Guest Services Room Service Bell staff / Valet In-house Guest Request or Problem Central Call Center ProcessProcess Opportunity: Improve Service & Lower Costs

4 Benefits of an Automated Service Response System Immediate Results Improve Service Delivery –Improve response times –Increase reliability –Improve consistency of service –Manage with accountability Long Term Benefits Process Improvement –Collect data for analysis –Pinpoint trends –Eliminate recurring problems –Make informed decisions Optimize staffing productivity Identify training deficiencies Identify service and amenity changes Identify capital expenditure needs

5 GuestWare Overview Why GuestWare? Strong Company Background –In business since 1990 –Over 220 GuestWare installations –Responsive to Customer needs Easy to implement –Simple to install and setup –Easy to learn and use –Easy to maintain and support Cost effective –Very low cost to implement –High Return on Investment (less than 1 year payback)

6 Rapid Response Comment Cards Incident Tracking Work Orders Service Quality Reports & Graphs Process Improvement Group History Guest Recognition Guest Loyalty Request & problem history GuestWare Modules

7 Top 10 Requests Drill-down detail Rapid Response Streamlined Call Logging Faster Than a Manual Log

8 Notify staff on overdue requests Convert incidents to work orders Rapid Response Reliable & Timely Follow-up

9 Rapid Response Ten Most Frequent Incidents

10 Average Time (hr:min) Runner Response Time by Runner Rapid Response Response Time Graph

11 Time of Day Incidents by Time of Day Rapid Response Time of Day Graph

12 Interface with existing systems Avoid double entry Provide checks & balances Or Implement a simple work order system Easy to use work order tracking Monitor open work orders Generate room history reports Identify recurring room problems Work Orders Use GuestWare with or without existing work order system GuestWare Espresso Maximo

13 Work Orders Entering Work Orders

14 View recurring room problems Work Orders Viewing Room History

15 Automated Letter Generation (mail merge) Comment Cards Monitor Guest Satisfaction

16 Other Capabilities Existing Modules Group History Guest Recognition Interfaces GEAC (Q2-99) Fidelio (Q2-99) Maximo (Q2-99) Espresso (Q1-99) Upcoming Modules Telephone Integration Lost & Found Tracking Package Tracking

17 Comment Cards Categorize Written Comments

18 Incident Logging Tracking after the fact service failures –Complaint report/48 hour tracking tickets –JD Power meeting dissatisfaction alerts –Shift reports –Guest letters (48 hour response) –Guest compensation

19 Record Guest Compensation Track each response Incident Logging Logging Incidents

20 Incident Logging

21 Point & click graphs Drill down by Department Drill down another level Graphing Flexibility

22 Opportunity for Savings Success Story Management used GuestWare and found... Over 500 requests for extra towels each month

23 Labor Savings = $1,125 per month Success Story Solution: Add extra towel to room –Requests dropped 80% –Reduced labor costs –Improved guest experience

24 Broken coffee makers on the rise Solution: Re-train HK Section 3 (on correct cleaning process) Further investigation Problem by Housekeeping Section Success Story Using GuestWare to pinpoint training problems...

25 GuestWare Pricing 24 Month Single Payment Payment Plan GuestWare Software License 3 User$3,150 $142 / mo. 5 User concurrent 4, / mo. 10 User concurrent7, / mo. Support & MaintenanceMin. 1 Year Min. 2 Years 3 User $696 $58 / mo. 5 User concurrent / mo. 10 User concurrent1, / mo.

26 – Comment Cards – Incident Logging – Work Orders – Reports and Graphs GuestWare Training On-site Training DaysCost Large Hotels (>700 rooms)2.5$2,000 Small – Mid. (<700 rooms)21,600 Group Training (2 or 3 hotels) 2 Hotels (<700 rooms)2$800 3 Hotels (<700 rooms)2533 Training Topics – Overview – Configuration – Rapid Response

27 ImplementationImplementation Standardized reports – demonstrating the use of the reports with typical outcomes Documented step-by-step procedures for optimum performance

28 Hotels with GuestWare Over 220 Hotels have purchased GuestWare –Starwood Hotels with GuestWare Sheraton Berkshire Hotel Reading Sheraton Boston Hotel Sheraton El Conquistador Sheraton Gateway Hotel Sheraton Hotels of New York Sheraton New Orleans Hotel Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina Sheraton Stamford Sheraton Suites Elk Grove Sheraton Suites Plantation Sheraton Towers Rio de Janeiro Westin Park Central Hotel

29 GuestWare ®

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