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Pg.0 e-Procurement Pilot Programme c Office of the Government Chief Information Officer Environmental Protection Department Immigration Department.

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1 Pg.0 e-Procurement Pilot Programme c Office of the Government Chief Information Officer Environmental Protection Department Immigration Department

2 Agenda 1. Progamme Overview Benefits of e-Procurement System The Projection of The Procurement Amount of the Pilot Government Departments Demo of Account Activation Function Highlight for e-Submission Demonstration of e-Submission and Receive Purchase Order FAQ Q&A Pg.1

3 Programme Overview 3 Pilot Departments Enhance the procurement process between Suppliers and the Government Details e-Procurement Portal Launched in June 2008 e-Services Launched in September 2009 All Services were launched in March 2010 Pg.2

4 The E-services Has launched Programme Overview Account Activation Profile Maintenance Account Management Invitation for Quotation Purchase Order Enrolled to use the e-Procurement System E-Catalogue E-Submission Activate User ID and PIN. Can upload the company's products and services to the system. For new suppliers. Can read information about purchase order status and download records Master account can open up to 10 sub- account Master account - manage the subsidiary account information. subsidiary account - Upload the E- catalogue and submit the quotation. To update the information relate to the company, account, products and services. Notified via email. Classified according to department or quotation date. Supplier can read the the information easily and download the invitation details. Pg.3

5 Benefits of e-Procurement System 1. Communicate with the Government more effectively and efficiently 2. Update company profiles and products and services information which will be accessible to the three Pilot Departments 3. Extend business opportunity with the Government 4. Reduce the turnaround time for receiving invitation requests, submission of quotations, ordering and notification of acceptance 5. Enhance capability in e-commerce Pg.4

6 The Projection of the total purchase of the pilot departments for the coming year Government Department Over the past year (Total purchases less than $ 1.43M) Environmental Protection Department $114M Immigration Department$117M Office of the Government Chief Information Officer $58M The Total procurement amount (Including the three pilot departments) $4,628M Pg.5

7 Download the Application form for reissuing Activation ID and PIN. Click Download Forms and Documents. Pg.6

8 Click Application form for reissuing Activation ID and PIN. Pg.7

9 Please send the completed form to the e-Procurement Pilot programme Office (Fax 28276646 or Email Pg.8

10 Account Activation After the application data checking, you will receive information for account activation By Email By Post Activation ID - PIN [PIN will expire in 14 days] Pg.9

11 Demo of Account Activation Pg.10

12 Click here to activate the account E-Procurement Pilot Programme Pg.11

13 Click here to activate the account. Pg.12

14 If the security warning window pop up, please click Accept." Pg.13

15 Pg.14

16 Enter the code Pg.15

17 Click Continue. Pg.16

18 Please refer to the Email and the notification letter to enter the activation ID and PIN Pg.17

19 The sample of the Activation ID Notification Email Activation ID Pg.18

20 The sample of the Activation PIN Letter Activation PIN Pg.19

21 Enter the Activation ID. Enter the PIN. Click Continue. Pg.20

22 You can use the User ID or the Digital Certificate to log in the account Pg.21

23 If you choose to use the User ID login, please enter the master account User ID. Please enter your user ID Use your own password to log in the master account New password must be at least eight characters and include at least the three characters in the following four categories. Capital letters (A-Z) Small Capital letters (a-z) Number (0-9) Special characters: !@#%$ Please enter the password again to confirm Pg.22

24 23 Pg.23

25 If you use the Digital Cert to log in please click Use Digital Cert for authentication. Click Use Digital Cert for authentication. Pg.24

26 Select the type of Digital Certificate. For example If you want to use thePersonal Certificate, please click here. Enter the HKID number Pg.25

27 Click Browse to select the Digital Certificate. Pg.26

28 Select the Digital Certificate file Click Open. Pg.27

29 Please enter the PIN of Digital Certificate Pg.28

30 Click Upload. Pg.29

31 Scroll down Pg.30

32 Please select the contact person for the master account. Click Continue. Pg.31

33 Please read the Terms and Conditions of Use and Participation of the E-Procurement carefully. Scroll down Pg.32

34 Tick I/We have read, understood and agreed with all the above terms and conditions. Pg.33

35 Click Accept to agree the terms and conditions. Pg.34

36 Scroll down Pg.35 Confirm the company details

37 Click Confirm to continue. Pg.36

38 You have successfully activated the account.You can choose login or exit. Click here to exit. Or, click here to login Pg.37

39 Please use the master account user ID and password defined during the account activation. Pg.38

40 The home screen after login Pg.39

41 Function Highlight for e-Submission e-Submission The e-Submission function has been progressively rolled out by end March 2010 You can save your traveling time for submitting paper quotation Can submit quotation at anytime, anywhere Pg.40

42 Demo of e-Submission and Receive Purchase Order Pg.41

43 Demonstration of e-Submission 1.Receive Invitation to Quotation Notification 2.Login to the system 3.Search Invitation to Quotation 4.Submit quotations 5.Receive Purchase Order Pg.42

44 (1) Receive Invitation to Quotation Notification Pg.43

45 Email Notification Click this link to login to e-Procurement System. Secret Code will be used when submitting quotation, details will be covered in Pg. 75. In case you have any question about this Invitation to Quotation, please feel free to contact the following people. Invitation to Quotation will be sent together with Email & Fax Notification Pg.44

46 Fax Notification The sample of Fax Notification Department Name The website link If you have any questions about this offer invitations, please contact the following people. Invitation to Quotation No. Pg.45

47 (2)Login to the system Pg.46

48 Click Login. The e-Procurement Pilot Programme website Pg.47

49 Click Accept. Pg.48

50 Enter User ID and Password Enter characters as shown in the picture on the left In case you can t view the Security Code clearly, please Click Regenerate If you have registered to login by Digital Certificate, please press Login by Digital Certificate to enter the login interface. Details will be shown on Pg. 50 Click Login. Login by User ID and password Pg.49

51 Enter User ID In case you can t view the Security Code clearly, please press Regenerate Choose the type of Digital Certificate, Enter HKID No. or Certificate of Incorporation Registration No. Select the file of Digital Certificate and enter password of Digital Certificate. Click Login to login by Digital Certificate Enter Security Code Login by Digital Certificate (Only applicable to supplier that has registered to login by Digital Certificate) Pg.50

52 (3) Search Invitation to Quotation Pg.51

53 List of Invitation to Quotation Invitation to Quotation No. Subject Matter Issue DateClosing Date Search Invitation to Quotation Interface after Login to the System Pg.52

54 By Department By Invitation to Quotation No. By Closing Date and Issue Date Searching Interface that you can enter different searching criteria After entering searching criteria, click Search By Subject Matter Pg.53

55 Search Result If you select this Invitation to Quotation Click View Pg.54

56 (4) Submit quotations Pg.55

57 Basic information of the Quotation Details for Invitation to Quotation Subject Matter Information of Contact Person Delivery Address Scroll Down Pg.56

58 Item Description Quantity Documents available for download Download individual documents of Invitation to Quotation Download editable document Download full set of quotation document Click Prepare Quotation to start Pg.57

59 Select Offer or No Offer for specific item. Pg.58

60 If you select Offer, please enter Proposed Item Description Enter Quantity and Unit Enter Unit Price Pg.59

61 If maintenance service is provided, click Input Detail. Pg.60

62 Enter maintenance charge Click OK Pg.61

63 62 The sum of maintenance cost If there is more than 1 item, press + Sub-items Pg.62

64 Enter details of the newly added sub- item. Pg.63

65 64 Scroll Down Pg.64

66 Upload additional document for quotation Enter Prompt Payment Discount If you want to submit later, press Save As Draft to save the document to your computer. Details will be shown in Pg. 66 Pg.65

67 Press Save As Draft If you want to submit later, you can save the draft to your computer Click Save Pg.66

68 Select appropriate folder and click Save to save the draft to your computer Pg.67

69 Click Close. Downloaded Successfully Pg.68

70 Enter file name of the draft file Select the draft saved earlier Or Click Browse. Click Open If you want to continue to edit / submit the draft saved before Pg.69

71 Click Load Draft Pg.70

72 Click Continue to submit quotation After editing, confirm Terms and Conditions. Pg.71

73 72 E-Submission 72 Please check if the quotation details are correct. Scroll Down Pg.72

74 73 E-Submission 73 Select proposal authentication method. Pg.73

75 You can select Digital Certificate as authentication. Pg.74

76 75 E-Submission 75 Or use the Secret Code as authentication. Secret Code has been sent to you before via email notification. For details, please refer to Pg. 44. If you forget the Secret Code, press Click Here. After you click OK, the system will resend the Secret Code to your registered email account. Pg.75

77 76 E-Submission 76 Enter Secret Code Enter Login Password Click Submit Quotation Select Save and Submit to save a copy in zip format (include attached document) and submit quotation. If you select Save and Submit, please click Browse first. Pg.76

78 77 E-Submission 77 Select the folder for saving the copy, then Click Open. Pg.77

79 78 E-Submission 78 Click Save and Submit. Or Select Submit to submit quotation only and not to save a copy Pg.78

80 79 E-Submission 79 Acknowledgement will be shown if the proposal is submitted successfully To save this acknowledgement, press Save. Click Save. Pg.79

81 80 E-Submission 80 To print this acknowledgement, Click Print. Pg.80

82 81 E-Submission Sample of Acknowledgement Pg.81

83 (5) Receive Purchase Order Pg.82

84 Purchase Order Number Click the website link to login to e- procurement system. If you have any questions about this purchase order, please contact the this person. Purchase order would be sent out by email and fax notification simultaneously Department Name The sample of Email Notifcation Email Notification for PO Pg.83

85 The sample of Fax Notifiation Purchase order number Department name Website link If you have any questions about this purchase order, please contact this person Fax Notification for PO Pg.84

86 The list of Purchase orders Purchase Order number Content Login Home page Issued date of invitation Click the purchase order number Or Click here to enter the home page of Purchase Order Pg.85

87 P.O search result Home page of the e-Procurement Pilot system Click here to download the purchase order file. Pg.86

88 Sample Purchase Order (Page1) Pg.87

89 Sample Purchase Order (Page 2) Pg.88

90 The Demonstrations of e-Submission and Receive Purchase Order are completed Pg.89

91 FAQ Pg.90

92 FAQ 1. Will the Government send Invitation to Quotation to all Suppliers or Suppliers of related products/services only? Pg.91

93 FAQ 2. Apart from the three Pilot Departments, can other departments also view the Suppliers information online? Pg.92

94 FAQ 3. When will other departments join in e- Procurement System? Pg.93

95 4. Are Suppliers able to read the information of other suppliers in the e-Procurement system? Pg.94 FAQ

96 To help you more easily find answers for frequently asked questions,they will be divided into 6 categories, general questions asked, digital certificate, account login, Downloading Quotation Specification, technical questions asked and E-submission.. Pg.95

97 e-Procurement Pilot Programme Website: Pg.96

98 Enquiry Tel: 8107 0608 Fax: 2907 0755 Email: Operation Hours :8:00am – 9:00pm (Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays) Pg.97

99 Q&A Pg.98

100 Thank You! Pg.99

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