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Confidential Marketing Tactics January 17, 2012. Confidential Current Hostess Promotion 2 Januarys Hostesses receive: – A free personalized key chain.

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1 Confidential Marketing Tactics January 17, 2012

2 Confidential Current Hostess Promotion 2 Januarys Hostesses receive: – A free personalized key chain – Free shipping on your order Paperlys standard Hostess Rewards continue to apply! Retail value: $14.95

3 Confidential Free Shipping 3 For the foreseeable future, spend at least $100 & we will ship the order directly for free!

4 Confidential Retiring Products 4 Certain products/designs will be retired when Paperlys new catalog is launched: Available in Border Collection Napkins still available, just icons disappearing

5 Confidential Starter Kit: New & Improved 5 More value, lower price: $99 Personalized samples at 40% off for 40 days $30 towards personalized marketing materials 12-Week Roadmap to Success

6 Confidential 12-Week Roadmap to Success 6

7 Confidential New Active Definition 7 An "Active Consultant" is one whose PSV is greater than or equal to $200 over the past three (3) months (i.e. a rolling quarter) True intent: To prevent demoralizing new enrollees The greatest impact of being Inactive? It eliminates your downline commissions!

8 Confidential Business Development Leaders (BDL) 8 Will support the growth of Paperlys existing and future leaders businesses by allocating inbound leads to BDL members Stringent qualifications (see PDF below) Consultants need to qualify each and every month – Leads need to be earned – Prevents an over-reliance on HQ for leads

9 Confidential Upcoming Conference 9 Welcome reception New product introductions DSAs President: An insiders view of the direct selling industry Networking & brainstorming Awards & recognition Lots and lots and lots of fun

10 Confidential Cruisin Into 2012 10 Earn a 3-day, 2-night cruise with Paperly, plus a $250 travel allowance Qualification period: 01/01/12 – 04/30/12

11 Confidential Tonights Topic: Marketing Tactics

12 Confidential At Parties / Multi-Vendor Events 12 Stickers / contact info on your order forms – Ask: Are you interested in hosting / joining? Leads Sheets – Virtual Office Downloads Printable PDFs Business cards Signs on your table – Open Date Calendar – Help Wanted Banners / Placards Customer enthusiasm is greatest at purchase. Be sure to take advantage of this!

13 Confidential Never Underestimate the Delivery 13 Stickers /contact info on products – Many purchases are gifts where the recipient knows little, if anything, about your business Handwritten notes in bags – Next months Hostess promotion Personalized delivery – In the most public place possible, preferably with lots of friends around Customer enthusiasm runs extremely high at delivery. Dont miss out!

14 Confidential E-Newsletters 14 Paperlys e-newsletter service starting March 2012 Paperly will contribute 2-5 pieces per newsletter You control the sidebar, including a photo, welcome message, contact information and links. Sneak Peek will occur at Conference next week

15 Confidential Social Media 15 Facebook, Twitter, blogs, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. If you dont know what to do, review others pages for best practices Can be beneficial, but also can be a big distraction Suggestions – Quality beats quantity – 10-15 minute commitment every day – no more! – Its a dialogue, not a monologue – Product images generate the greatest response – Giveaways and contests can help build an audience

16 Confidential Paperlys Marketing Portal 16 Personalized materials, professionally printed, reasonably priced – Business cards – Banners / Placards – Postcards – Gift labels – Car clings (magnetic & vinyl) You can use Paperly Dollars – ask for promo codes Check it out if you havent already!

17 Confidential Networking Groups 17 Create & practice your 30-second elevator pitch Need ideas? – Women-only networking groups are often most beneficial – Ask other small business or direct sellers in your community what they do – Ask your local Chamber of Commerce for ideas Bring plenty of business cards and samples Be prepared to ask for referrals – Doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, etc.

18 Confidential In Your Community 18 Set-up a table one weekend a month at a local retail store Sponsor an event for your favorite charity Hold a thank you note event Connect with your schools PTA – Offer products in your schools color or using their logo Other ideas???

19 Confidential A Few More Announcements…

20 Confidential Thursdays Opportunity Call 20 Is Paperly Right for You? 30-minute call, no cost, no obligation Open to Recruits & Consultants Need to register…

21 Confidential Launch of Spring 2012 Catalog 21 Early February – Sneak Peek at Conference New Consultants will receive catalogs as an extension of their recently purchased Kit – If enrolled after 09/01/11 and your 2011 PSV > $0 – If enrolled after 01/01/12 automatic New sample set 33% sample sale Youll be able to order catalogs & samples VERY soon!

22 Confidential Februarys Hostess Promotion 22 Host a Paperly party in February and earn a free personalized note cube Retail value: $26.95 / Hostess price: FREE

23 Confidential Questions?

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