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Providing Nationwide Services to the Moving Industry WelcomeMove Management Group to.

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1 Providing Nationwide Services to the Moving Industry WelcomeMove Management Group to

2 We are now offering quality control and background checks, concierge and maid services, Changing the way the moving industry does business In 2005, we created an innovative program matching movers to pre and post move service providers on a nationwide basis. We began by providing surveys to movers for their corporate accounts. At their request, we initiated debris pick up services. We are now offering quality control and background checks, concierge and maid services, and service for small shipments.

3 A message from Move Management Groups founder… I knew getting quality surveys and debris pickups completed was often problematic for moving companies needing coverage out of their area. By providing groundbreaking services, we have enabled moving companies to provide better and more cost effective services to their accounts.. The response to the availability of these services has been tremendous. As a salesman, I saw the trend toward relocation services which gobble up corporate accounts and eat up sales commissions, and I needed to make some career changes.

4 Were ready to share our success Please take a few minutes of your time to see how our software works and how we can work together to successfully meet the changing needs of the moving industry. Developing a unique software program has been the key to our success. Craig Aaland, founder

5 Your ticket to freedom Provide needed services in your local market. We have all the tools you need to attain independence and freedom. Move Management Group is now offering the use of our software to enable you to successfully manage your business. With reasonably priced set up fees, our software will be customized for your needs. After that, there is a small fee per order. Be your own boss in a rapidly changing industry

6 How we can help you Business start up assistance for necessary business permits, licenses, insurance Complete web set up, hosting and training in the use of our software All services you offer are managed by your own website, without having to hire any employees Ability to interface with QuickBooks software to manage accounting with minimal time and effort Additional technical assistance and support Account development and ability to acquire immediate revenue

7 We made it simple And heres how…. Account accesses your website and enters a service request Automatic emails notify you and respond to your account All information you upload to your website, for each order, is available for your account to access immediately Invoices go out to your account at the conclusion of each order Ability to send email through the website Access orders, forms and information 24/7 anywhere with internet availability No office or employees required! 100% mobility!

8 View our website Home Pre-Move Services Post-Move Services Service Request Become a service provider Contact Us Login A user name and password will be set up to access your orders

9 After login, choose Main Menu screen Our website is simple to use and help is always available

10 New order entry screen Your account submits shipper information along with any special instructions Local moving companies populate your database with requests for your services.

11 Your feeyour fee These are text boxes Work Order Screenshot (top of the screen on web page) Ability to set notes, reminders and calendar in Schedules (separate screen) Ability to make hot orders requiring immediate attention. Ability to generate maps for each location Status and detail information reminds you where you are at with the order and describes additional information Access account information and E-mail directly out of the order Ability to change fees on any order. Usual fee for each account is automatically shown

12 Automatic e-mail is sent to you signaling an order has been received Automatic e-mail sent to your customer to reaffirm the information they entered and to thank them for their business E-mail will be customized with your information and verbiage Now, our automation goes into action Customer Service, Thank you for your service request. Here is the information you provided. We will set up the service you requested and confirm this to you within 24 hours. If you have any questions please give me a call at ….. CONTACT INFO Your name Requested by: customer service representatives name SHIPPER INFO Service Type: Survey Your Reference#: 12345 Shipper: Brooke Trout Origin: 5918 Lake Street St, Lakeland, Fl 00000 Home: Work: 504-000-0000 Cell: 504-111-1111 Other: Service Date: Special Instructions: Please call ASAP, customer is going fishing Thank you for your business, Your name and contact information

13 Work Order Screenshot (middle of screen on web page) Area available for customization for your needs Software keeps all records electronically

14 Our software is smart! and have the ability to sort and view service requests in different ways: Choose view to see any order in its entirety By…order number, date, service type, shipper, city, or state You can view a list of all work orders….

15 Work Order Screenshot ( bottom of screen ) Automatic record of paperwork you upload, i.e. invoices, photos survey results, and cube sheets Availability to review, edit, and download within each order Automatic notes keep history of each order with time & date

16 Up load your own, or our electronic, cube sheet Note the excel format which also includes crating, and other services An automatic e-mail is sent to notify your account Paperwork is uploaded to your website for your account to view and download 24/7

17 Your information will be formatted to your specifications Accounting, simplified! An invoice can be generated with each order and -----automatically e-mailed Invoices can interface with --------- software

18 The big picture Move Management Group is committed to effecting change in the industry. New regulations have affected requirements and profitability. Moving companies must make changes. Foreseeing the needs of movers and providing a way to meet them, we have built a successful niche market. Future plans for growth and additional services are built into our business plan, allowing us to continually improve and add needed services within the industry.

19 We hope you enjoyed seeing an overview of our software and how we work. We will be happy to consult with you at your convenience. Thank you for your timeMove Management Group For additional information, please contact Craig Aaland on his cell at 714-319-1362 or, call our office at 951-279-1035.

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