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January 2014 Please call: 1-877-336-1828 Passcode: 7400455 Please do not have Adobe call your phone. 1.

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1 January 2014 Please call: 1-877-336-1828 Passcode: 7400455 Please do not have Adobe call your phone. 1

2 Please mute your phone Press *6, or Press the Mute on your telephone Hold questions until the end 2

3 All documents are available for download within Adobe on the right side of the screen: 1. ISOP PPT 2. ISOP Memo 2013-012 3. ISOP Report FY 2013 4. Generate FR-002 Report 5. FR-002 Report Sample 6. ISOP Job Aid 3

4 Overview of ISOP What is the Support Order Percentage? What do we need to do to improve SO%? Auto closures Manual closures Code cases appropriately 4

5 FR-002 Report ISOP Desk Aid Review Tips for Closing Cases Monitoring Progress Next Steps 5

6 FY 2013 - Support Order Percentage (SO%) dropped from 77% to 73% PLG approved charter for an ISOP workgroup OCS – Plan/Eval, Policy and Case Mgt PA FOC MiCSES 6

7 OCSE-157 - Line 1 is all IV-D cases Background on working with IV-D cases What is a IV-D case? How are IV-D cases created? How does IV-D case closure work in MiCSES? What about duplicate cases for the same family? Who can close a case on MICSES? 7

8 OCSE-157 - Line 1 is all IV-D cases OCSE -157 - Line 2 is all IV-D cases with support orders (that count) IV-D case is open with an open order on SORD, AND Medical/Insurance ordered on SORD/MORP, or Zero support indicator checked on SORD, or IV-D debt types charging or arrears SO% = line 2 cases/line 1 cases 73.95% in FY 13 = 754,310 IV-D cases w/orders 8 1,019,988 IV-D cases

9 To improve SO%, we must: Improve numerator – or obtain and enter orders quicker in the FY (9/30/2014) and/or code cases correctly to count Decrease denominator – close cases in FY To get back to 77%, well need about 60K closures of cases w/out orders This effort will work to decrease the denominator by: Automatic case closures and Manual case closures 9

10 Automatic case closures 53K inactive cases in MiCSES JADs identified criteria for a new ACIC batch to start in MiCSES Release 8.8 (scheduled for June 2014) Cases must close by FY 14 end These cases are listed separately in the quarterly FR-002 Report sent to the counties NO manual work is needed for these cases 10

11 Manual case closures FR-002 report shows IV-D cases without orders ISOP Workgroup reviewed cases and provided instructions on how to run/sort/work report IV-D Memo 2013-012 with 3 Attachments How to generate the FR-002 ISOP Desk Aid on How to Sort and Work Cases County SO% - FY 13 End ISOP webinars and other outreach FOC User Group PAAM OCS 11

12 Many other case closure customer information guides and quick reference guides are available on mi-support See Case Closure in the Program Library Index for this material Other types of Case Closure resources are currently being assessed by the training team Work other reports – CELT, FPRO, Ad Hoc, Etc. 12

13 Business Objects>CSES Reports>New Federal Reports>FR-002 FR-002 Report – Cases without Court Orders (10/13) 13 73,797 56,782 157,656 Total 288,235 EST cases ENF cases SS cases

14 14 Run quarterly in FY 14 Sent to each county confidential email address Password sent in separate email Sorted into specific categories Excel format- training available on mi- support May be run manually

15 First Step: The FR-002 Report There are 11 tabs in the spreadsheet Work the easiest cases first–skip hard cases until last Not all cases can be closed – some are current cases that are being worked There are 50 columns in each tab Some of the main columns include: IV-D Case Status Docket Car Status Most Recent Activity Open Activity Preventing Closure 15

16 Categories on Spreadsheet (Tabs) Pending closure cases > 60 days – IV-D Case Status = M (may also be on CELT) Open cases trying to close but have open activities not allowing it to set to M (may also be on CELT) Cases with all emancipated children – over 18 or over 19.5 Duplicate cases – CP first and last name same or federal ID number is same Unknown NCP Cases – cases where NCP first or last name is unknown 16

17 Categories on Spreadsheet (Tabs) Case with a docket ID – code as non-IV-D, a support order or close Cases with a CAR date > 3 years Intergovernmental cases Cases open > 3 years All Cases on FR-002 (for reference) Cases slated for auto ACIC closures 17

18 A manually generated FR-002 will need to be sorted by the county requester It will contain some closed cases rolled up with an open case or closed when the report ran It is a point in time report Not all cases on the FR-002 report can be closed Tab 11 – Inactive Cases will be automatically closed 18

19 Excel Help mi-support > Training > Materials > Office 2010 Training > Microsoft Excel > Excel 2010 – Introduction 19

20 Lets review the ISOP Job Aid… 20

21 Intergovernmental Issues Open Locate Activities or Other Open Activities No Case Closure Letters Required Specific functional areas may not use all screens 21

22 Intergovernmental Case Issues An open inbound CSENet transaction (INBDTRNS) activity may prevent closure Resolve open INBDTRNS minor activity records on ICOR 22

23 23

24 Open Locate Activities LOCDW – Locate DW (Data Warehouse) LOCPLN – Locate PLS (Parent Locator Service) 24

25 25

26 26

27 27 Download Checkboxes

28 Other Open Activities Preventing Closures Close open activities on: AHIS/EHIS for locate (see previous screens) CPRO LPRO ENFP Refer to the Customer Information Guides on Case Closure, Case Closure Cleanup Instructions and Working CELT located on mi-support for more info on handling other open activities 28

29 No Case Closure Letters Required When it is not required to send the automatic Case Closure letter because no accurate address exists: End-date all addresses to prevent the letter from generating. Ensure that the members are not active on any additional cases before end-dating any addresses. Only use this option under special circumstances. Document the reason on the NOTE screen. 29

30 Specific areas dont use all screens All: SS: PA: FOC: 30 CLST, CASE, CASD, CELT, NOTE CPRO LPRO ENFP

31 FR-004 Report Business Objects>CSES Reports>New Federal Reports>FR-004 Used for future county incentives Can be manually generated Shows all performance factors by county Raw MiCSES cases and not rolled-up cases Each quarter OCS will run FR-004 and attach county SO% with email and FR-002 report showing cases to work 31

32 Monitoring progress Outreach to various groups (FOC, PAAM, OCS) Other resources CIGs on Case Closure and Working CELT Future training resources OCS Training Assessment on case closure Excel training at PAAM Other ticket fixes? Other ideas to improve SO%? 32

33 33

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