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Order Of Operations.

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1 Order Of Operations

2 Why do we use it? This is a way to solve equations according to a set of operations like multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. There is a specific order in which to solve the equations. Remember: “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.”

3 Remember…. PLEASE- parentheses EXCUSE- exponents MY – multiplication DEAR - division AUNT - addition SALLY-subtraction PEMDAS

4 ALWAYS… Complete the expression in that order. Look out for addition or subtraction in the same expression. Always move left to right. The same is true of multiplication and division. Always move from left to right!!

5 Let’s try some together… Use your whiteboards
Name the operation that you should do first. 6 + 27/3 5 x / 6 17 – (4 +3)

6 Use the order of operations to solve…
(14 -7) + ( 3 + 5)= / 3 x 5=

7 Who is Correct? Two students completed the following problem: x 2 – 10 Student A answered with 3. Student B answered with 6. Who is correct and why? What did the student with the incorrect answer do wrong?

8 Explain Why? Test to see if the following equation and answer is accurate. ( x 5) + 6 = 29 What was the first operation that you completed? The last?

9 Center Work You will be working in 4 different centers:
Time With Teacher Order of Operations Millionaire Game Order of Operations Bingo You Be The Judge

10 Groups for Centers Group 1: Presley, Kayla, Eric, Kayleen
Group 2: Ethan, Michael, Ava Group 3: Dara, Briana, Drew, Helena Group 4: Caleb, Jonah, Hemil

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