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Banner Finance/SciQuest Change Order Integration

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1 Banner Finance/SciQuest Change Order Integration
Derrick Graham SciQuest

2 Session Etiquette Please turn off all cell phones.
Please keep side conversations to a minimum. If you must leave during the presentation, please do so as quietly as possible.

3 Agenda Welcome and Introductions Change Order Process
Requirements for Change Order Integration Integration Details Demonstration Frequently Asked Questions Additional Q&A

4 Introductions Derrick Graham Product Owner, SciQuest

5 Change Order Process A change order in SciQuest is referred to as a revision A user selects to create a revision on a PO and makes the necessary changes The revision causes the PO to flow back through WF A message is sent to Banner to create the Change Order History tab of the PO will reflect a change order was made The user is only required to change the PO in 1 system

6 SciQuest IFEP Banner Change Order Process
PO Revision Initiated by user SciQuest Automatic creation of Banner Change Order IFEP Change Order validated and posted Banner Revised PO sent to supplier

7 Requirements for Change Order Integration
Banner Finance Release 8.8 Requires Banner Integration for eProcurement middleware (IFEP) Release 8.2 Revisions in SciQuest must go through PO Workflow Existing PO Create Integration is used

8 Integration Details PO Revision IFEP Middleware Finance Validations
User needs specific permissions The PO must be totally approved in the SciQuest PO Workflow Authorized user performs “Finalize Revision” IFEP Middleware Middleware determines that the PO Revision is a change to an existing PO Finance Validations Finance API’s validate that the PO is eligible to be changed PO must be open, not canceled Must be posted Items to be changed must be open Encumbrance fiscal year must match PO Revision transaction date Finance Posting Completed and approved Change Order is posted to ledgers Posting process publishes a status update message Dispatch to Supplier SciQuest updates status to “posted” and dispatches the revised PO PO now eligible for further revision

9 Live Demonstration of the Change Order Integration within SciQuest

10 Before Implementing – Determine Your Business Process
PO Changes do NOT flow through requisition workflow Will need to determine who in the organization can make PO changes in SciQuest Are any additional PO workflow steps required for change orders? Should specific PO workflow steps by bypassed for change orders?

11 Change Order Process – Best Practices
Have a select group of users (buyers) that can perform change orders Shoppers/Requestors will fill out a change order form in SciQuest that will detail what changes need to be made to certain PO’s. That form will be routed to the individuals designated to perform change orders. The change order will be done in SciQuest and subsequently in Banner. The requisition with the change order request will be approved and completed. (No PO gets created)

12 Frequently Asked Questions
What SciQuest version must I be on? 12.3 released in November 4th 2012 What Banner Versions must we be on? Banner Finance 8.8 & IFEP 8.2 released November 30th 2012 What can be changed on the PO? You may change quantities, prices, and FOAPAL elements. Does the change order get sent to the vendor? Depends, upon completing the revision you can specify if it should get resent to the vendor or not. Can the change order go through requisition workflow? No, the change order flows through PO workflow. Can additional workflow steps be created for change orders? Yes, additional workflow steps can be created. Contact SciQuest for further information. Are cancellations supported in the integration? Currently the cancellation of the entire PO is not supported. However, you can cancel specific PO items by updating the unit price of the PO items to 0 within SciQuest. When the change order is created in Banner, the individual item will be removed from the Banner PO. Are any other SciQuest customers using this? Yes, several customers are using this in production today. Reach out to your client partner for further details.

13 Final Q&A Additional Q&A

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