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If you come directly to nuskin. com you will see this page

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1 If you come directly to http://lto. nuskin. com you will see this page
If you come directly to you will see this page. If you follow the link from you will go past this page into your market page.

2 Enter your promo code and click "Order Now"
Enter your promo code and click "Order Now". Each promo code can be used for 1 order of up to 2 products. If you are on the site before 10:00 am MDT on April 23 you won't see the promo code box and order now button. If you are on this page before 10:00 it will automatically refresh when you can begin ordering.

3 If you didn't login previously on the market webpage you will be prompted to login at this time. Use your normal Nu Skin web username and password to access the site.

4 Select if you are purchasing the product for yourself or placing the volume under someone else. You will not need their login information to place the order under a different ID.

5 If you have selected to purchase the product for yourself, you will not see this page. You will be directed to the product selection page. If you are placing the order for someone else your information will still be listed in the top section so that you can track and update the order. The buyer ID and fields under Shipping Information is where the volume will be placed and where the product will be shipped to.

6 Please review all the information to ensure the product is being sent to the correct person.

7 Choose your package and quantity
Choose your package and quantity. Each promo code can buy 2 products and each ID can purchase up to 4 products. You can mix and match your products as long as you stay within your limits. All pricing is tax and shipping inclusive.

8 Review your order and checkout
Review your order and checkout. We recommend you update your payment and shipping addresses online prior to the LTO to speed up the process. You may pay with a credit card on file (ADR payments are not included in your online profile), or you can add a new card or even pay with a second card.

9 You may now return to the start of the LTO website and place another order. No need to logout of your account since you can place the volume under any ID. All orders placed under your login will be listed on your Order Status and you will receive all communications and be able to manage all orders placed under your login.

10 To check the status of your order, on the homepage, select the Check Order Status button.

11 This page will show all orders placed under a single login
This page will show all orders placed under a single login. The Reference number is LTO specific and once an order has an Order Number we have the order in our systems. The statuses you will see on this page are: Received (cc hasn't been charged), Processed (payment has been received), Update Payment (cc has declined), Cancelled or Shipped. The update payment will allow you to edit your payment until 10:00 pm on April 25. If you still have payment issues at this time your order will be cancelled and inventory will be reallocated.

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